Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla Frozen Dessert: #FirstImpressions

Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla Frozen Dessert: #FirstImpressions

We tasted the new Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla, which, as the company claims, would make you forget about any other vanilla ice-creams that you have eaten. Is it truly the best vanilla-tasting frozen dessert?

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The all-new Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla claims to make you want to shamelessly dig into this creamy dessert with a complete guilt-free experience. Known for many premium desserts along with some exotic flavors, Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla aims at being a classic vanilla-tasting frozen dessert that you have ever tasted. As average Kwality walls scoop, as you might be aware, is a perfect balance of sweet, flavor and creaminess. So, keeping that in mind, we decided to taste its shameless vanilla variant and see if it has those authentic Kwality walls traits or not.

Important Facts About Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla

  1. This is a frozen dessert, not an ice cream, meaning it is made using vegetable fat, and not milk fats.
  2. It contains natural flavors as well as artificial vanilla flavoring substances.
  3. It contains 10.2% of vegetable oil and vegetable protein products.
  4. A single serving (53g) has 112 Kcal.
  5. Contains permitted synthetic food coloring.

Kwality Walls Frozen Dessert – Shameless Vanilla, 700 ml

A perfect mix of creamy vanilla goodness for a completely guilt-free experience.

Price: Rs 104 *Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of Kwality Walls Shameless Vanilla

Like we said earlier, Vanilla is mostly seen as plane-jane and usually plays second fiddle to other flavors. Shameless Vanilla by Kwality Walls can hold its own taste-wise. It is rich, creamy and tastes good. Having said that, technically Shameless Vanilla is a Frozen Dessert and not ice cream; the latter needs to be made from milk fats and not vegetable fats for it to be called so. The tub mentions this product as a Frozen Dessert on the packaging.

Texture & Taste: Shameless Vanilla

It is creamy and rich, despite no use of eggs. (The ingredients do not mention eggs, and the tub carries a VEGETARIAN tag). It is neither too dense nor too airy. It scoops easily and tasted good even after melting. It has a clean vanilla flavor, making you want to back for seconds, and thirds.

Shameless Vanilla, in our opinion, makes for a great standalone scoop and would go well with crusty pies, and gooey chocolate cakes too.

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