Kritea’s Cranberry Organic Green Tea: #FirstImpressions:

Kritea’s Cranberry Organic Green Tea: #FirstImpressions:

Kritea’s cranberry organic green tea is a healthy beverage made from certified organic products and infused with natural fruity cranberries.

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At Mishry, we absolutely love fresh ideas and new products in the kitchen and dining space! Here’s a new product that is worth checking out for anyone who likes their green tea with a little bit of flavor. If you constantly complain that your green tea is ‘boring’ and flavorless, then here’s a flavor for your consideration. Kritea, a new brand in the segment claims to bring the ‘flavor of nature’ to your green teacup. The organic green tea brand has come up with Cranberry infused Organic Green Tea that is made with certified organic ingredients. We checked it out, and here are our #FirstImpressions about this new product.


Things To Note About This Cranberry Organic Green Tea


  1. Each pack contains 25 tea bags.
  2. Each tea bag contains 1.8g of green tea.
  3. The tea bags contain NO staples, which is a good thing.
  4. Made from certified organic ingredients.
  5. The pack contains Organic certifications from India Organic, USDA Organic & Jaivik Bharat.
  6. It contains natural cranberry flavor.


Kritea Organic Cranberry Green Tea Bags Box  (25 Bags)

Cranberry-infused, health beverage that is full of antioxidants and too good to resist.

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Method Of Preparation

Just follow the steps given below in order to make a cup of Kritea Organic Cranberry Green Tea (these steps are listed as per the instructions provided at the back of the packaging):


  1. Place a tea bag in a cup.
  2. Pour hot water into the cup (somewhere between 75℃ to 85℃).
  3. Leave it for 2 minutes.


#FirstImpressions Of Kritea’s Cranberry Organic Green Tea

The first thing you notice about Kritea Organic Cranberry Green Tea is the fresh cranberry aroma that fills up the room as soon as you open the pack. Yes, it is really that aromatic. So, when you are brewing the tea or sipping it, the mildly sweet fragrance of cranberries never leaves your side.

The brewed tea tastes fresh and has a careful balance of green tea and cranberry. Neither overpowers the other at any point. Yet, you never forget it is cranberry-flavored tea you are drinking. The green tea leaves appear to be fresh and green. We found more leaves and less ‘leaf powder’ inside the bags, and that’s a good thing.


The tea contains certified organic products, and they have three certifications to prove their claim. Any step towards making our product labels more transparent is always welcomed by us.

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We had noticed during our Green Tea review earlier this year, that many brands continue to use ‘staple’ pins to seal the tea bags. We are happy to report that Kritea Organic Cranberry Green Tea does not use staple pins in the tea bags.

The cooler months are approaching and if you like sipping on green tea regularly, Kritea Organic Cranberry Green Tea could be a good addition to your tea-time. With the help of the cranberry flavor, that adds a hint of sweetness to your tea, you may even be able to avoid putting honey or any sweetener to your tea, making your cup even healthier.






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