Jewel Farmer California Prunes: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of california prunes

Jewel Farmer California Prunes: #FirstImpressions

Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes offer the taste of premium hand-picked prunes that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

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Prunes are dried plums that consist of 64% carbohydrates and dietary fiber, 2% protein, and are a rich source of vitamin K. Marketed as a health product that has a nutritional-dense composition, prunes are enjoyed in many ways, not just for their health benefits, but also for their distinctive taste and texture. Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes aim to bring that exotic fruity taste right to your doorstep. We picked up Jewel Farmer California Prunes for this edition of our #FirstImpressions taste test.


Facts About Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes


  1. Good source of fiber and natural potassium.
  2. These are completely fat-free.
  3. Contains essential vitamins and minerals.
  4. There is no added sugar.
  5. They have zero trans-fat.
  6. It comes in a resealable zip lock bag.


Jewel Farmer California Prunes Dry (227 Gram)

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Jewel Farmer’s California Prunes are soft and chewy, and we didn’t find any seeds in the many helpings we tasted.

MRP: Rs 240*

*price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes

The best thing about Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes is that it does not have any added sugar. Prunes are naturally sweet, but added sugar makes them unnecessarily rich in calories.

Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes are soft and chewy, and we didn’t find any seeds in the many helpings we tasted. However, the packet does advise you to look out for these.

The ingredients in Jewel Farmer Californian Prunes are 100% pitted prunes along with Potassium Sorbate – a chemical additive used as a preservative. Potassium Sorbate is generally regarded as a safe preservative and passes out from the body in the form of water and carbon dioxide.

Prunes are not liked by everyone. But if you do enjoy them, then the ones by Jewel Farmer would make for a good addition to your bowl of fruits, muesli or milk, and oats.

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