Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa: #FirstImpressions

Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa: #FirstImpressions

Kahwa (or Kehwa), is a Kashmiri tea, infused with whole spices that needs a lot of balanced brewing to achieve that perfect golden tint. Is the Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa Premix anywhere close to it?

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A piping hot cup of kahwa or kehwa after a heavy meal or a hectic day is just the right pick if you love the fragrance of whole spices. A kahwa is usually prepared by brewing cinnamon, green cardamom, saffron, crushed almonds and tender Kashmiri tea leaves. Every household has their own concoction. Some add ginger, some add cloves, some make it without the tea leaves and some even add milk. We like to reserve our judgment on the fragrance of whole spices and the beautiful golden brew. Let’s find out if the Girnar Kashmiri kahwa lives up to the expectations.


What you need to know – Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa

*as per information given on the pack


  1. The box contains 5 sachets that cost Rs 75/-.
  2. Comes with a pack of 5 eco-friendly stirrers.
  3. Ingredients include sugar, green tea extract, saffron, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and almonds.


Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa

A big thumbs up to this refreshing beverage that comes in travel friendly packing.

MRP – Rs 75/-

*price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions of Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa

We were initially skeptical to try out the Kahwa premix because no one expects premixes to taste great and similar to the original drink. Surprisingly, Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa premix did not fail to impress.

The premix comes in convenient packaging which is perfect for traveling or carrying to work. Just add hot water and you are good to go. We also love the fact that it comes with eco-friendly stirrers.

The beautiful subtle flavor of the kahwa is appealing to the palate. It’s very mild, aromatic and inviting. The warm spices make their presence felt as you sip on it. Most kahwa premixes end up being too high on the sugar content where it is hard to smell or taste the whole spices ruining the basic flavor of a kahwa.

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A 10 gm sachet provides 36.89 calories approximately, which isn’t too bad compared to the other premixes.

In winters, when you want to sip on something hot and soothing, sipping on multiple cups of tea or coffee can become tad boring. A cup of Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa will help add a delicious variety to your array of winter warming drinks.


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