Eggless Bajra-Jaggery Cookies by Whole Foods: #FirstImpressions

Eggless Bajra-Jaggery Cookies by Whole Foods: #FirstImpressions

The box, a brown, plain cardboard case is simple, yet artisanal. But don’t mistake ‘simplicity’ for low-quality. These bajra, coconut and jaggery cookies by Whole Foods, are, in fact, delicious and boast of a healthy list of ingredients too.

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The gluten-free market is surely an exciting one these days. There is a whole range of snacks and food products that target those who may want to stay away from gluten – a protein found in wheat and barley – either because they are allergic to it, or due to some other lifestyle reasons. Either way, it is good that people who may have a genuine need for such products are now able to pick from a large variety. Whole Foods is a company that has been doing healthy and nutrition-oriented snacks for many years. Whole Foods’ range of gluten-free cookies is quite popular and so we decided to check out their Eggless Bajra-jaggery Cookies in this edition of our #Firstimpressions.


Quick Facts About Whole Foods Bajra-Jaggery Cookies. Eggless


  1. Gluten-free crunchy cookies.
  2. Prepared with the goodness of bajra, jaggery, and nuts.
  3. It contains nuts and must be avoided by people who are suffering from nut allergies.
  4. Best before 9 months of packaging.


Whole Foods Gluten Free Bajra-Jaggery Cookies (Veg)

Containing bajra (pearl millet), coconut, jaggery and made using rice bran oil, these cookies are not only tasty but can be a wholesome tea-time treat for those who want a gluten-free alternative.

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#FirstImpressions Of Whole Foods’ Bajra-Jaggery Cookies

Whole Foods’ Bajra-Jaggery Cookies offer a complete package in many ways.

The box, a brown, plain cardboard case is simple, yet artisanal. But don’t mistake ‘simplicity’ for low-quality. These Bajra-Jaggery Cookies by Whole Foods, are, in fact, delicious and boast of a healthy list of ingredients too.

There is no use of palm oil – used commonly in commercial biscuits and cookies, jaggery is used instead of refined sugar or other commercial sweeteners, there is also no use of any preservatives of any kind. The base flour comes from bajra, no refined flour (maida) is used.

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But can things be healthy, without being tasty? Don’t we often associate ‘healthy food’ with boring, bland flavors? Fortunately, that’s not the case here, at all.

Whole Foods’ Bajra-Jaggery Cookies taste really good. These are mildly sweet, and not over sugary. Texture-wise, these aren’t crisp or buttery like commercial cookies, but we aren’t complaining. There is a certain wholesome-ness you get along with every bite. While millet-based cookies can often be dry and brittle, these cookies offer a fine balance of crunch and bite.

Whole Foods’ Bajra-Jaggery Cookies are not for everyone, they are meant for a slightly experienced palate and a good find for people who are consciously looking for gluten-free cookies that don’t feel or taste like cardboard!

A great choice for the celiacs and health-food aficionados amongst us.

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