Auric’s Anti-Ageing Beverages & Why They Don’t Work For Us: #FirstImpressions
Facts About Ready-To-Drink Auric Beverages For Anti-Ageing

Auric’s Anti-Ageing Beverages & Why They Don’t Work For Us: #FirstImpressions

There’s been a spate of coconut water or aloe-vera based natural drinks in the market. Often non-fizzy, these drinks promise substantial health benefits. Do the new anti-aging beverages from Auric have what it takes to delay aging? What about the taste?

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Aging, as some belief, is a dull process, not that it needs to be. And there are a thousand routines, recipes, exercises, and therapies prescribed to delay the onset of aging. A new set of ready to drink beverages by Auric claim to give you the goodness of best ayurvedic herbs along with coconut water, with the aim to strengthen your mind, body and bring back the glow of your skin. Drinking these will help you delay signs of aging. Basically, Auric drinks come in the wellness category.

The Founder of Zenith Drinks is Deepak Agarwal who has built this contemporary Ayurvedic brand. Though drinks based on best ayurvedic herbs are nothing new, auric drink, however, seem to come across as a healthier, even economical approach; that’s why we decided to review them and experience the taste and flavor first hand. Check out our review below.


Facts About Ready-To-Drink Auric Beverages For Anti-Ageing | Product Information


  1. It contains tender and healthy coconut water.
  2. A 250 ml bottle contains about 35 Kcal, thus it is a low calorie drink. This low calorie drink is said to have minimal amount of calories to add up.
  3. One of the most important information is that there are no added preservatives.
  4. It is sweetened with natural sugar from juice concentrates. It doesn’t have any added sugar, which makes it healthy.
  5. Auric Drink packs are powdered by Ayurveda.
  6. All the drinks by Ready to drink Auric Beverages are crafted with Ayurveda Science.
  7. The bottles are gluten-free.
  8. There are no calories in Auric wellness drink packs.
  9. The Auric drinks are keto-friendly.
  10. Auric drinks are 100% vegan. Vegan means that the drinks do not use any animal product. This means that is a vegan-friendly product.
  11. Auric drinks are crafted without artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.
  12. Ready to drink Auric beverages are 100% natural.
  13. There are no chemicals in these bottles.


How Does Auric Drink Help?


  1. Restricts the calorie consumption to  only 14 Kcal per 100ml
  2. Rich in anti-oxidants, thus it balances free radicals, which makes it an anti-ageing beverage.
  3. This chemical-free drink enhances anti-inflammatory capabilities. Its anti-inflammatory properties give its anti-ageing properties. These drinks also help rejuvenate your body cells.


The Variants


1. Auric Skin Radiance

Rich in antioxidants from Gotu kola, Auric Skin Radiance is a unique concoction crafted with 4 Ayurveda herbs and Coconut water that helps in the detoxification, restoration, and nourishment of your skin for an ageless glow. It is said to enhance your beauty by making your skin glow. This drink , as per Ayurveda science, helps in making your skin glow.

Of course, you must have healthy foods to ensure a healthy skin, along with exercises that would keep your skin glowing.

As per the website information: “We do so much for our skin. Cosmetics and skin care n general only nourish the outermost layer of the skin, while the natural glow comes from within. Those visits to the salon, drinking bitter juices, face masks- it is only for enhancing the skin, our largest organ.”


2. Auric Body Defence

Mixed with ashwagandha, Amla and moringa, auric body defence is also responsible for increasing your immunity for long and resilient life. Basically, when you body health is not at its zenith, then this drink comes to your rescue. In fact, it has amla, which is 20X more vitamin C than orange. Amla is a great way to ensure getting your daily recommended value of vitamin C.

As per the website information: “Auric Body Defence is packed with the goodness of Ayurveda Superherbs. It builds resilience and strengthens immunity. When the body is strong – it allows us to do more things, with more confidence, vigour and zeal.”


3. Auric Mind Rejuvenation And Body Defence

Loaded with Brahmi and shankhapushpi, auric mind rejuvenation also aids in the relaxation and may help calm your mind. It is said to de-stress you and make your mind less foggy, and clearer. All of these herbs including shankhapushpi help keep you calm and help in rejuvenation. These herbs are said to keep your stress away.

As per the website: “We do so much to calm our mind- from yoga to meditation. A few minutes of mindfulness each day can go a long way n defining our emotions and feelings. All those vacations, walks in the park, visits to spa, listening to music, or even indulging in certain luxuries. It is all for the nourishment of mind.”

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Auric Ayurvedic Beverage for Mind Body & Skin, Pack of 6

This is a set of anti-aging Ayurvedic wellness drinks to detox, restore and vitalize your Mind, Body, and Skin. It claims to provide rejuvenation to your mind, body and skin. You can buy these bottles on Amazon. Amazon has all three flavors you can choose from. These are available online and offline both.


#FirstImpressions Of Auric Anti-Ageing Beverages | Reviews of Auric Drinks

Currently, there’s been a spate of coconut water or aloe-vera based natural beverages in various markets in India. Often non-fizzy, these beverages promise substantial health benefits. At Mishry, we look at them as merely healthier alternatives to your daily hydration. Instead of going for modern age fizzy colas, or your 4th cup of coffee for the day, perhaps these could be opted for.

And while there is no way of knowing the real benefits – and we certainly did not consume them for many days or long enough to see any benefits on the skin or beauty, body or cognitive health – you do expect the taste to be palatable at the very least, especially when these are meant for long-term consumption. We found all three variants to taste like medicine (bitter) and hard to drink. The other problem is the quantity – if it is a ‘shot’ and you know it’s going to taste like medicine you pinch your nose and gulp the whole thing down. Here, it’s a 250 ml bottle and seems like a lot to take in. Plus one bottle has a price of Rs. 75, which we think is a bit too high for one bottle. Therefore, in the price section too, it doesn’t seem to work for us.

We are all for health beverages, and nutritionally they do make a lot of sense, especially when people are looking for healthier alternatives. But as well-intentioned as these wellness beverages are, our primary concern here is the taste – which, unfortunately just doesn’t work. Therefore, there are chances we may not order or purchase this pack of Auric wellness drinks again.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share, do let us know in the comment box below. If you wish to buy this product, you can buy it from the links given above.


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