Act II’s Less-Salt Diet Popcorn: #FirstImpressions

Act II’s Less-Salt Diet Popcorn: #FirstImpressions

ACT II’s new Classic Diet Popcorn that contains 60% less salt, which is made to cater to a low sodium diet to help manage high blood pressure. Here is how it tastes.

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A pack of popcorn having low-salt content could surely bring a certain cholesterol and blood pressure friendly property to the popular snack. And that is what Act II, with its new range of healthy diet popcorns, aims to do. With 62 % less salt and just 42 calories per bowl, here is our first experience and first impression of how tasteful this snacking option actually is.

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Important Facts About Act II’s Diet Popcorn with 60% Less Salt

*As per information on the pack

  1. It contains only 42 calories per bowl.
  2. It has 60% less salt.
  3. It is quite easy to make.
  4. It is best before twelve months from its manufacturing date.
  5. It is deemed to be much healthier as compared to other competitors.
act ii diet popcorn
ACT II Diet Popcorn

ACT II Diet Popcorn – Instant, 60% less salt, 70 g

With only 42 calories per bowl, this popcorn is not only heart-friendly, but it also has a great weight management property.

Price: Rs 30*

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#FirstImpressions of Act II’s Less-Salt Diet Popcorn

Act II has recently come up with a number of healthy variants in a bid to target the more health-conscious. This one has a significantly lower amount of calories as compared to similar products in the market. But more importantly, it has 60% less salt – and this for many may be a good proposition when you want to cut out salt and calories from your diet.

We really enjoyed our experience of Act II’s Popcorn with 60% less Salt. It is tasty and buttery and after the first few bites, your palate adjusts to the low salt content. At no point do you feel like this is not tasty, or that you are compromising on flavors.

So if you do feel like a little munch, while on your weight loss diet, you may want to consider Act II’s Diet Popcorn with 60% Less Salt.

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