Indian Earth Muesli( Fruits & Nuts): #FirstImpression

Indian Earth Muesli( Fruits & Nuts): #FirstImpression

Breakfast Muesli can not only be a healthy boost to your daily nutrition, but it can also help you kickstart the day in the right way. We try Indian Earth Muesli (Fruits & Nuts Muesli) to see if the flavors work.

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Breakfast is a big business now. Indian Earth’s Muesli has entered this space with 4 flavors –  Basil, Nutty Delight, Nuts & Seeds and Fruits & Nuts. The look and feel are new with a distinct ethnic design. The Indian motifs on the boxes stand out and do give the product a premium, artisanal feel. Targeting the health-conscious, the pack says the mix is high in fiber, is a rich source of protein and is all-natural.

Muesli is primarily meant to contain a mix of grains, dried fruits and nuts, a sweetener (usually sugar or honey) and sometimes even seeds such as chia, pumpkin and melon seeds.

We tried the Fruits & Nuts variant and this is what we experienced:


Indian Earth Muesli (Fruits & Nuts Muesli) contains oats, wheat flakes, and corn flakes. Sweeteners in the muesli include: liquid glucose (2%), honey (2%) and invert syrup (8%). Invert syrup is essentially used in cereals, granola bars, candies and even sugary drinks for added sweetness. It is known to keep the product moist and clear of crystallization. There is also the addition of liquid glucose to this cereal – another sweetener that is derived from starchy foods like corn, rice, and potato.

Other ingredients include black raisins, papaya chunks, cranberries, apple, and almond slices.

Every suggested serving (30 g) contains around 112 calories and the box would give you 14-15 servings if you follow this portion size.


#FirstImpression: Indian Earth Muesli | Fruits & Nuts

We found Indian Earth’s Fruit & Nut variant a little wanting in flavor. It was bland and did not seem fresh at all.

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Texture-wise, we wished the muesli was a little crunchy.

Here, all ingredients individually and together had a heaviness to them, making the mixture feel dense. Individually too, the ingredients don’t taste fresh. Take for example the almond flakes, there was barely any flavor upon tasting.

The chunks of papaya and apple (which seem like they have been candied) were pretty sugary. We tried it both with full cream and skimmed milk – with and without added fresh fruits (diced apples) – and didn’t find the taste up to the mark.

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