Frubites Dehydrated Chips: #FirstImpression
first impression of frubites dehydrated chips

Frubites Dehydrated Chips: #FirstImpression

Frubites Dehydrated Chips: The concept of dehydrated chips is a relatively new one in India. While some gourmet brands do produce dehydrated flakes from veggies such as potatoes, yam, and bhindi, the idea of dehydrated fruit chips which are sweet is reasonably new and innovative.

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Frubites is an all-new range of dehydrated fruit-based chips in the market that aim to provide its consumers an anytime snack that contains zero preservatives. These are chips or fruit chunks that are made by dehydrating fruits and are gluten-free. Frubites claims to be a healthy snack option, which could be a good alternative to the other fried stuff generally found in the markets. Each of the flavors contains the essence of their exotic fruits, which seems refreshing and new as per the snack-industry standards. These are not ‘candied’ and unlike other fruit-based snacks, Frubites contains no added sugar.

A Few Things To Note About Frubites Dehydrated Chips

  1. These chips are absolutely gluten-free.
  2. There are no added preservatives.
  3. Frubites snacks are 100% natural.
  4. There is no added sugar.

The Flavors Of Frubites Chips That We Tried

Though we didn’t get a chance to review all of its flavors, here are some of Frubites chips flavor that we tasted:

1. Mango

This product aims to deliver the summery goodness of mangoes throughout the year. It claims to be sweet, refreshing, and a great companion for long journeys.

Frubites Dried Alphonso Mangoes, 2×20 gm Multipack

Get that summery mango taste in a single pack.

Price- Rs 100 *Price at the time of review

2. Custard Apple

This is indeed a unique flavor among the long catalog of the Frubites flavor, which can also be consumed alongside cereals (as it says on the backside of the packaging). Custard apple or sitaphal is a real deal when it comes to its tastefulness alongside any other milk-based recipe, such as a smoothie.

Frubites Custard Apple, 2x20GM Multipack

Best enjoyed alongside cereals and smoothies.

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Price- Rs 100 *Price at the time of review

3. Banana

While savory banana chips have been part of the South-Indian tradition for a long time, and the whole sub-continent is very well aware of its salty and sweet taste, the Banana chips from Frubites are sweet, much like the real banana fruit itself.

Frubites Dried Bananas, 3×20 gm Multipack

One of the traditional Indian snacks can now be eaten anytime and anywhere.

Price- Rs 55 *Price at the time of review

4. Jackfruit

Now, thanks to Frubites, the fruity taste of jackfruit can be tasted throughout the year with absolutely no mess associated with it. It claims to be crunchy and tasteful in such a way, that you can binge eat it while watching television.

Frubites Dried Jackfruit, 2×16 gm Multipack

Now get the taste of the fruity jackfruit without all the mess and throughout the year.

Price- Rs 100 *Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of Frubites Dehydrated Fruit Chips


The concept of dehydrated chips is a relatively new one in India. While some gourmet brands do produce dehydrated chips from veggies such as potatoes, yam, and bhindi, the idea of dehydrated fruit chips which are sweet is fairly new and innovative.

The flavors in Frubites are bang on, albeit a little concentrated, which is to be expected in a dehydrated snack. Once you get past the dry, sometimes powdery texture you may just like them. What we disliked the most was its dry, powdery texture.

While we understand that as dehydrated chips these are supposed to be crunchy and have a crispy bite to them. But some of the flavors feel so dry that they stick to your palate. Frubites Mango tastes intensely sweet and very much like what fresh really sweet mango would taste like. However, the powdery, dry remnants sticking to your palate make it all a bit weird. Banana and jackfruits are amongst the nicer flavors, and not as dry.

Good use of these would be as toppings on ice-creams and puddings or a bowl of cold oats. The crunchy flavors would work well with smoothies, desserts, and cereals.

Also, make sure you store these in an airtight container once the pack is opening. Humidity can make these soggy, as is the case with most other snacks. Ours became like sticky marshmallows!

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