17 Best FMCG Companies In India

17 Best FMCG Companies In India

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What are FMCG Companies? FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies. In simple language, FMCG companies manufacture/ produce and sell household goods like foods, consumables, personal care, toiletries under one brand, or a group name. Some popular FMCG companies in India are household names like Hindustan Unilever (among one of the top 5 FMCG companies ), Amul, ITC, and Nestlè.

 These FMCG companies own and run several brands across categories. For example, Hindustan Lever has umbrella brands like Brooke Bond-Taj Mahal, Kissan, AXE, Lifebuoy, Lux, Pears, Surf-Excel, Lakme, and Vaseline to name a few.

Here’s a list of FMCG Companies in India that rank among the top 20 and their umbrella brands to enhance your knowledge about which are the FMCG brands you use, buy, or can buy, available in the market.

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Biggest FMCG Companies in India


Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is the largest and among top FMCG companies in India, which has been in India for over 80 years. HUL is a subsidiary of Unilever, which has a shareholding of 67% in HUL and is one of the leading suppliers of Food, Home Care, Personal Care, and Refreshments Products in 190 Countries in the world with a sales turnover of €52 billion in 2019.

As one of the largest FMCG companies operating in India and across the world, HUL has 35 brands spanning 20 distinct categories such as soaps, shampoos, skin care, detergents, toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorants, tea, coffee, packaged foods, ice cream, and water purifiers. These brands are a part of life in many households in India.

Hindustan Unilever Brands - FMCG Companies in India
Hindustan Unilever Brands- Images credit: hul.co.in



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ITC is one of India’s largest diversified conglomerates and one of the top FMCG companies in India. It has a market capitalization of US$ 50 billion. ITC is acknowledged as one of the most trustworthy brands, with a gross sales value of US$ 10.8 billion (figures as of 31.03.2019). 

ITC’s FMCG brands contain a vibrant portfolio of 25 world-class Indian brands that are trusted and used by Indians. ITC’s FMCG brands include Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, B Natural, Yippee!, Bingo, ITC Master Chef, Fabelle, Sunbean, Vivel, Fiama, Engage, Savlon, etc.



NESTLÉ India is a subsidiary of NESTLÉ S.A. Switzerland, the largest food and beverage company present in 191 countries around the World. With a large number of FMCG distributors and co-workers, Nestlé India provides the consumers with standard global products to the consumer in India. NESTLÉ has more than 2000 brands to satisfy its customers’ needs across the globe.

(Portfolio) Some of its famous FMCG brands are:


Fmcg companies in India - Nestle

Nestle India Brands
Brand logo credit: Nestle India



Amul is a Gujrat-based Indian dairy cooperative society and is known to start the White Revolution in India, which made India the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products. Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) manages Amul, which has 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat at this point.



Colgate-Palmolive was founded in 1806, 214 years ago. Colgate is an American multinational FMCG headquartered in New York City. Colgate has a specialization in the production and distribution of the products like personal care, household, health care, and veterinary products.

colgate palmolive
Colgate Palmolive- Image credit: https://www.colgatepalmolive.co.in/



Parle Agro – Largest Beverage FMCG Company in India

Parle Agro, established in 1985 and headquartered in Mumbai, is the largest beverage company. Parle Agro has a motto of establishing new categories, building brands and capturing the market in the same. Its known brands are Frooti, Appy Fizz, Appy, Bailley Soda, Bailley, Cafe Cuba, Frio and Dishoom.



Parle was launched in 1929, Parle-G being the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle is India’s top manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery with brand names like Hide and Seek and Monaco.

Parle Brands
Parle Brands- Image Credit: parleproducts.com

Britannia – Oldest FMCG Company in India

Britannia Industries was founded in 1892 and is India’s oldest existing company, with a headquarter in Kolkata. It is now part of the Wadia Group, headed by Nusli Wadia.


Marico is one of India’s leading FMCG companies in beauty and wellness space. It is present in 25 countries and is the market leader of brands in categories skincare, haircare, health foods, male grooming, edible oils, and fabric care. Some of its famous brands are, Parachute Advanced, Parachute, Saffola, Nihar, Nihar Naturals, Hair & Care, Livon, Mediker, Set Wet and Revive.

Marico Brands - FMCG companies in India
Marico Brands- Image credit: marico.com


Procter and Gamble

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) was founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. It is an American FMCG company that specializes its production in a wide range of consumer health, personal care, and hygiene products which are distributed among various categories.


The Godrej Group was founded in 1897 in an Indian conglomerate managed and owned by the Godrej family. It is a company that largely produces consumer goods with a big distribution chain throughout the Country.

Godrej Brands - Godrej fmcg company
Godrej Brands- Image Credit: godrejcp.com

Patanjali – Fastest Growing FMCG Company in India

Patanjali Ayurveda is one of the FMCG companies in India with the manufacturing industry located in Haridwar and the registered office in Delhi. Patanjali is the fastest growing FMCG in India which manufactures herbal and mineral products. According to CLSA and HSBC, Patanjali is the fastest growing FMCG company in India. The estimated value of the company is valued at ₹3,000 crores.



Dabur is one of India’s largest FMCG companies and Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturers. Dabur made its separate company Dabur Pharma Ltd. in 2003 and a German company Fresenius SE bought an equity stake of 73.27% of Dabur Pharma at Rs 76.50 a share in June 2008, which made it take a step towards expanding its business overseas.


Dabur Brands- fmcg company
Dabur Brands- Image Credit: dabur.com

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson founded in 1886 is an American multinational company that develops medical devices, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceuticals. Two of its most famous products are Johnson’s baby soap and Stayfree which are used in most Indian Households.



Tata Group is one of India’s largest multinational conglomerate founded in 1868 headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India owned by Tata Sons. It is a reputed company globally due to its different companies present abroad. It has a variety of spices and coffee products in India.

Tata Consumer Products Brand, Fmcg companies in India
Tata Consumer Products Brand- Image Credit: tataconsumer.com


PepsiCo, Inc. is an American multinational company based in New York that Produces food, snack, and beverages. It has a variety of grain-based snacks like Kurkure in India, which is the most famous snack of all time!


Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser Group, formed in 1999 and based in England, is a multinational FMCG company that produces health, hygiene, and home products. Formed by the merger of British company Reckitt, Dutch company Benckiser it has the most trusted brand Dettol which is used in almost every household in India for sanitization.

We hope this list of the best FMCG companies in India helps you understand the companies behind the brands we use every day.

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