Farganic Ayush Kadha Review - Natural Way to Boost Immunity
farganic ayush kadha review

Farganic Ayush Kadha Review – Natural Way to Boost Immunity

Farganic Ayush Kadha is made using only four ingredients. Which ones are they? Read our review.

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Grandma’s words come back to you when you fall sick. Don’t they? Kadhas are the best when you want to soothe a sore throat, boost immunity, or recover from a respiratory problem. Kaadhas, even though are usually homemade, not everyone has proper ingredients at home all the time. That is where packaged kaadhas can be of help. Lots of brands have come up with immunity-boosting products, including kaadhas and drink mixes. We reviewed the Farganic Ayush Kadha for its taste, texture, and set of ingredients. Read on to know more.

Farganic Ayush Kadha – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and so on.

Sr No.



(* As per information on the pack)

1. MRP Rs 399/- (* Price at the time of review)
2. Net Weight 200 grams
3. Ingredients Tulsi, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper.
4. Gluten Free The product is naturally gluten free.
5. Best Before 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Farganic Ayush Kadha – Detailed Review

At Mishry HQ, we reviewed the Farganic Ayush Kadha for its taste, texture, aroma and set of ingredients.


It is priced at Rs 399/- for a 200 gram bottle.




The Farganic Ayush Kadha comes in a plastic tub.

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farganic ayush kadha front view
farganic ayush kadha front view



There are a total of four ingredients in this kadha – Cinnamon powder (20%), black pepper powder (30%), dry ginger powder (30%), and tulsi powder (20%). There is no nutrient label on the pack and there are no preservatives.



The aroma upon opening the pack is that of saunth (dry ginger) and pepper.


The texture of the powder is coarse and you can spot the ingredients mentioned on the pack.



How to make the kadha 

We made the kadha according to the instructions given on the pack. Boil 250 ml water, add 1/2 tablespoon kadha, boil for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve. After the kadha is made, the color of the concoction is very dark.


farganic ayush kadha instructions
farganic ayush kadha instructions



The kadha is very warming and tastes predominantly of black pepper and dry ginger. The powder blends well, though, even after straining, you will be able to spot the\ residue which settles at the bottom. The overall taste is very well balanced. Unlike some kadhas available in the market, this does not taste like medicine. It tastes natural.


ready to drink farganic ayush kadha
ready to drink farganic ayush kadha

Final Words

Farganic Ayush Kadha has four natural ingredients and no added sweeteners. Overall, this is a nice tasting kaadha that has no sweeteners, or preservatives. As there is no sweetener added to the kaadha, you can add honey or jaggery according to your preference after the kaadha is cooked.




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