Epigamia Spreads Review (Blueberry & Chocolate Hazelnut): #FirstImpressions

Epigamia Spreads Review (Blueberry & Chocolate Hazelnut): #FirstImpressions

Epigamia introduces ghee-based spreads to the market. We tried the chocolate-hazelnut and blueberry flavors. Let’s find out if the ‘ghee flavor’ is overpowering or not.

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Palm oil is one of the most widely used fats in the world and with the rising awareness about health, it has gained a bad reputation. Palm oil is supremely high on saturated fats which, as per experts, is bad for your heart’s health. With this information in hand, everyone should read labels before buying their grocery staples. More and more companies are trying to find alternatives for palm oil in packaged foods.

The food industry is changing and evolving constantly. New products crop up every now and then and we make sure you are well updated. Epigamia brings us ghee based spreads. We tried the chocolate-hazelnut and blueberry variations and here is our first impression.

What is your favorite accompaniment with toast? Butter, peanut butter, chocolate spread, jam or something else? Tell us in the comment box below.

What you need to know about Epigamia Spreads

*As per information on the pack

  1. It has no preservatives.
  2. The Epigamia spreads can be used for baking.
  3. The chocolate hazelnut spread contains date syrup and natural rosemary extract.
  4. The blueberry spread contains processed blueberry pulp and natural antioxidant (rosemary).
  5. Both Epigamia spreads contains added natural flavors.

Epigamia Spreads – Blueberry

You can add a distinct fruity flavor to your morning toast with Epigamia’s ghee based spread.

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Epigamia Spreads – Chocolate Hazelnut

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#FirstImpression of Epigamia Spreads

Our first thought when we bought these spreads was how would a spread made with GHEE taste?! Skeptical, we went ahead and tried the Epigamia Ghee spreads (Blueberry and Chocolate hazelnut). We are glad to report we were pleasantly surprised.

Epigamia Spreads are honestly interesting, in flavor, and definitely concept-wise. We tried the chocolate hazelnut and blueberry spreads. We preferred the chocolate hazelnut spread over the blueberry variant. 

Coming to taste and texture – The chocolate hazelnut spread has a creamy consistency. It is not quite like solidified ghee but the resemblance is definitely there! The spread is smooth and has a distinct chocolate hazelnut flavor, which is very well balanced with the sugar.

If you are worried about the distinct ‘ghee’ flavor – You wouldn’t be able to spot the ghee anywhere in the tasting if you didn’t know already that ghee was a major component. It tastes very good on a hot toast. 

How is Epigamia Chocolate Hazelnut Spread different from Nutella? 

This question or comparison is quite inevitable. Nutella has a huge following across the world, but how does this Indian-style, ghee-based chocolate hazelnut spread fare?

Firstly, the consistency is very different. Nutella has a very silky, almost melted-chocolate like consistency. This is more like a spread, it’s denser and equally easy to spread evenly on a slice of non-toasted bread. 

Taste-wise, Epigamia’s chocolate hazelnut spread is not as sweet as Nutella. The chocolate hazelnut flavors are robust and run deep, but come well-balanced with the sweetness. 

Calorie-wise, none of them are low-calorie spreads.

But if you care to pick carefully, and look for products that do not offer hollow calories, and believe that every calorie can actually bring with it some nutritional value, then you may find that Epigamia chocolate-hazelnut spread packs in a better, more wholesome punch. Nutella uses palm oil, and Epigamia uses ghee. This also makes Epigamia’s spread provide some amount of Omega 3 in each tablespoon. 

Would we buy this again? Yes, we believe kids could get used to this chocolate hazelnut flavour. And if there is anyone who could do with less palm oil, and more ghee in their diets, it is them, right? 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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