Epigamia Ghee Spreads Review - We Tried Two New Variants

Epigamia Ghee Spreads Review – We Tried Two New Variants

Chocolate-flavored spreads made with ghee? We tried the new Epigamia spread variants and here is the quick review!

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Remember how granny’s secret trick to enhancing the flavor was lacing the dishes with ghee? Well, guess what? To add to their already pretty innovative product line-up, Epigamia has launched new ghee-based chocolate-flavored spreads. For our Epigamia ghee spreads review, we ordered the dark chocolate-orange and chocolate caramel variants. 

Originally, the brand was centered on Greek yogurts and a variety of flavor variants of the same. Headquartered in Mumbai and physically present in five major Indian cities, Epigamia, more recently, has also come up with some interesting products like coconut milk yogurt, yogurt-based smoothie, snack packs, chocolate spreads, ice creams, etc. 

Epigamia Ghee Spreads – Everything You Need To Know

Since more and more people have started consuming low-fat milk, homemade ghee is just a distant dream, thanks to the minimal ‘malai’ content. We are all aware of the significant health benefits assocaited with the consumption of ghee. Not only does ghee add to the overall taste of food, it is also loaded with Vitamins A,D,E, and K. 

‘Dig, spread, swirl’ the newly launched Epigamia ghee spreads are launched in collaboration with actor Deepika Padukone.  The USP of these Epigamia spreads is how they have used ghee as the primary fat source as compared to palm oil used in most spreads. 

Healthy fats, no preservatives, and real ingredients- we had to bring back memories of our first Epigamia ghee spreads review

Our Epigamia ghee spreads review holds answers to the following questions-Do the Epigamia ghee spreads taste too chocolaty or is the balance of flavors maintained? What about consistency? And the aroma? Let’s find out!

#1 Available Variants

Epigamia Ghee Spreads in collaboration with Deepika Padukone are available in two variants. One is the dark chocolate and orange ghee spread and the other variant is chocolate caramel. Both these Epigamia ghee spreads are available in jars of 125 and 250 gm.

#2 Main Ingredients

Ghee, dates, cocoa solids, vegetarian omega concentrate blend, and natural rosemary extract are the primary Epigamia Ghee Spread ingredients. 

The additional flavors and sweeteners vary based on the flavor.

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#3 Price Range

Chocolate spreads are typically made using cocoa solids and some fats. Based on the fat source, the price of these chocolate spreads can differ. 

When comparing the newer Epigamia Ghee Spreads to the ones launched in 2019, we found these were priced exactly the same. 

Comparing the Epigamia Ghee Spreads to those brands of chocolate spreads that use nuts as the fat source, we found most of them fall in a similar price range.

#4 Nutritional Facts

One serving of the Epigamia Ghee Spreads is about 20 g (1 tbsp). One serving offers 100-110 calories, based on the flavor variant. You get 6-9 grams of fat, 8-10 grams of carbohydrates and a small amount of proteins from one serving of Epigamia Ghee Spreads.

#5 Speciality

Reading nutritional labels is as significant as checking the expiry date on packaged foods and beverages. 

We compared the nutritional values of some of the most popular chocolate spreads and what we found out was surprising indeed! Most chocolate spreads use palm oil in huge quantities. The addition of cocoa and nuts is 3-4% on average. Epigamia Ghee Spreads are made with ghee as the primary fat source. This is a source of healthy fats that are rich in Omega 3. 

Similarly, Epigamia ghee spreads are made without any preservatives. Thumbs up!

#6 Best Enjoyed With

The list of foods that can be enjoyed with chocolate is never-ending and so is the case for ghee.

That being said, Epigamia suggests trying their Ghee spreads with cookies, roti, pav, and something as unconventional as idli and dosa too!

Epigamia Ghee Spreads – Our Review Factors

When it comes to Ghee, the aroma and taste are among the most significant parameters of reviewing. 

In addition to these two, we also discuss the texture, color, ingredients, added flavors, the economical value of the Epigamia Ghee Spreads. 

Read Team Mishry’s Epigamia Ghee Spread review to find out more about this new launch.

1. Taste

The Epigamia Ghee Spreads are chocolate-flavored spreads that are offered in two variants. They are- dark chocolate and orange and chocolate and caramel. For our review, we tasted these spreads as they are and over slices of bread. Are these overpoweringly sweet or just right? 

2. Flavour

Ghee combined with chocolate? What could we taste more- the ghee or the chocolate? Could we make out the individual ingredients? Or were they seamlessly incorporated?

3. Colour & Texture

The color of both the Epigamia Ghee Spreads looks delectable! Talking about the texture, since ghee has been used it shouldn’t be too runny or too lumpy. During our taste tests (yes, we couldn’t stop at one), we were delighted to see how easily and evenly these spreads could be applied on bread slices.

4. Price

The 250 gram jar of the Epigamia Ghee spreads is priced at Rs 350/-. The smaller 125 gram jars are available at Rs 200/-.

5. Availability

We ordered our jars of the Epigamia Ghee Spreads online on Amazon. However, these spreads can also be ordered from the brand’s website and would be available in hypermarkets or departmental stores.

Epigamia Ghee Spreads Variants – Detailed Review

Both variants of the Epigamia ghee spreads made in collaboration with Deepika Padukone are thick, luscious, and smooth. These ghee spreads offer great applicability. Similarly, both spreads look visually delectable!

Can you guess our favorite of the two?

Parameters Epigamia Dark Chocolate And Orange Spread  Epigamia Chocolate Caramel Spread
Main Ingredients Ghee, Dates, Orange Pulp, Sugar, Cocoa Solids (12%), Vegetarian Omega Concentrate Blend, Natural Rosemary Extract. Ghee, Sugar, Caramel Preparation, Dates, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Cocoa Solids (3.5%), Vegetarian Omega Concentrate Blend, Natural Rosemary Extract.
  • INR 200 for 125 gm
  • INR 350 for 250 gm
  • INR 200 for 125 gm
  • INR 350 for 250 gm
Quantity 125 gram and 250 gram jars 125 gram and 250 gram jars
Shelf Life
  • Six months
  • 90 days from date of opening or expiry date as mentioned on the pack
  • Six months
  • 90 days from date of opening or expiry date as mentioned on the pack
% Of Ghee 26 41

#1 Epigamia Dark Chocolate & Orange Ghee Spread

The Epigamia Dark Chocolate & Orange Ghee Spread contains more than 1/4th proportion of ghee. It also has 12% of cocoa solids and 4% of fruit content. 

Consistency, aroma, sweetness levels, texture- this spread is hands down a must-try!

epigamia ghee spreads review
Epigamia's Dark Chocolate And Orange Spread
epigamia ghee spreads review
The spreadability of the chocolate and orange spread is superb.


  • The dark chocolate and orange spread variant has a thick yet smooth consistency.
  • It has a deep brown color.
  • You can taste a little bit of all ingredients used to make this product. 
  • There is a dominant orange zesty aroma.
  • This combination of flavors is well balanced, in our opinion. 


  • The bitter flavors from the orange zest combine beautifully with the chocolate.
  • Ghee can be tasted mildly.
  • The texture too is varied, we could taste some coarseness from the dates that have been used. We liked that!
  • Tastes better than the other variant from the same range. 
  • This spreads effortlessly!


  • You might feel a sharp orange taste, and those who dont ilke orange-flavoured goodies, may not appreciate this. 

Best Suited For

This Epigamia Ghee Spread has a little bit of everything. Sweet? Tangy? Creamy? Chocolaty? You got it! Additionally, what we really liked was the addition of dates. This adds to the overall texture with its chewiness. We think most individuals would relish this with bread or waffles.

#2 Epigamia Chocolate Caramel Ghee Spread 

‘Who knew the classic coupling of chocolate and caramel would work even better with Ghee? Well, Deepika knew!’ is what the brand says. This preservative-free spread uses 41% of ghee with 11% of caramel preparation. It also has 3.5% of cocoa solids. 

Caramel is prepared by melting sugar crystals at just the right temperature with a minimal quantity of water and some butter. The mixture is stirred until a golden-brown shade and a thick yet flowy consistency is achieved. The caramel has a toffee-like taste, as expected.

Let’s find out how we liked this classic combination of caramel and chocolate.

epigamia ghee spreads review
Epigamia's Chocolate Caramel Flavor Spread
epigamia ghee spreads review
Love caramel? This Ghee Spread by Epigamia is for you!


  • Epigamia Chocolate Caramel Ghee Spread is available in 125 gm and 250 gm jars. 
  • This vegetarian spread must be consumed within 90 days after opening. 
  • It has a dominant ghee aroma. 
  • A silky, caramel-like consistency was observed. 
  • This spread has a darker-than-average caramel color. 


  • This spread applies extremely easily. 
  • It coats the tongue well.
  • This variant has more ghee, comparatively. 
  • Ghee and caramel definitely make their presence felt.
  • The flavors become mild when the spread is used as a topping. 


  • This is sweeter than the orange-chocolate variant, and those who like measured sweetness may find this a bit too sweet. 

Best Suited For

If you love caramel, if you prefer all things sweet, this is for you. This variant of Epigamia Ghee Spread has a higher ghee content and spreads smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Epigamia ghee spreads

 1. What is Epigamia Ghee Spread?

Answer: This range comprises two flavor variants of chocolate spreads made in collaboration with Deepika Padukone. 

2. Is Epigamias ghee spread healthy?

Answer: Epigamia’s ghee spreads are definitely healthier than most sandwich spreads available that are full of palm oil and preservatives. Since it uses ghee in place of palm oil, moderate consumption should be fine. 

3. Who is the founder of Epigamia?

Answer: Rohan Mirchandani is the founder of Epigamia. 

4. How many calories in Epigamia ghee spread?

Answer: One serving offers 100-110 calories. 

5. How to store Epigamia Ghee spread?

Answer: You are recommended to store these spreads in a cool and dark place.

Final Words

epigamia ghee spreads review
Crafted by Deepika Padukone - Epigamia's Ghee Based Spreads

Calorie-wise and price-wise, the Epigamia Ghee Spreads are not too low or too high as compared to other chocolate spreads we may already have in our pantries. 

What makes this better is the fat source used- Ghee! Ghee as compared to the other commonly used oil (palm oil, and hydrogenetaed oils) is much healthier and nutritious. A source of Omega 3 fatty acids, ghee is relatively easier to digest.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new products launched daily. Our endeavor here is to help shoppers buy better. If there’s a product you would like us to review tell us by clicking here.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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