Donna Pastaia Review - Handcrafted Artisanal Pasta
donna pastaia pasta

Donna Pastaia Review – Handcrafted Artisanal Pasta

The perfect bite! Donna Pastaia’s handmade pastas are a must-try.

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The artisanal handcrafted pastas by Donna Pastaia have a firm bite and cook to perfection. Made using organic flour and semolina, the ingredient list is very clean. They are able to take on the sauces extremely well.

While on a tour in a pasta factory in Italy, I asked ‘Do you use this pasta at home as well?’. Eyes squinted, head shaking vigorously, the tour guide replied, ‘Well, would you eat packaged chapatis in India regularly?’. Well, of course not! But where can we find fresh, handmade pasta in India? Here’s an answer – Donna Pastaia.

Donna is an Italian word which translates to lady in English. Pastaia means a person whose job it is to make pasta. Started by two friends, Kamna and Simran, Donna Pastaia is a brand that crafts handmade artisanal pasta. We ordered two kinds of pastas from their website. One from their traditional range and one from their gourmet range. Here is our experience with the products from Donna Pastaia.

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Donna Pastaia – At A Glance

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1. Legal Name Donna Pastaia
2. Founder Simran Makkar and Kamna Choudhary
3. Founded Year 2020
4. Headquarters Noida
5. Products Covered Handcrafted Pasta
6. Operation Pan India

Donna Pastaia – Everything You Need To Know

donna pastaia pasta conchiglie and fettuccine

Here is all that you need to know about Donna Pastaia, including the brand’s journey, operation, products offered and much more.


Donna Pastaia was founded by Simran Makkar and Kamna Choudhary in July, 2020.

Donna Pastaia’s Journey

In the words of the brand, ‘Kamna and Simran, two friends, who both share an immense love for good food used to showcase and share their love for food through selling handmade fresh pastas in farmers market prior to covid. When covid hit, they turned their passion into creating packs of homemade pasta to be sent out safely to their friends and family, to cook in the comfort of their own homes. 

Donna Pastaia was born out of our collective love for pastas, and a need of the hour to encourage healthier, honest, clean eating amongst all of us. We don’t have a game plan, we are growing organically, just like the ingredients we use, through the immense love and support from like minded individuals who appreciate good, honest food.’

Brand Mission & Vision

When asked about the brand’s mission and vision, they said ‘To bring the joy of handmade, homemade, clean and honest food to all our tables.’

Products Covered

The brand offers three types of ranges – 

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  • Premium gourmet range
  • Core traditional range
  • Gluten free range

They also have a small section that offers DIY Pasta Tools.

The pasta is made from fresh, natural ingredients. The flour used is also organic. 

What sets this pasta apart? As per information on their website ‘The pasta is handcrafted into ribbons and shapes and then dried using time-tested traditional methods which could take upto 36-48 hours at an ambient temperature of 30ºC (vs a couple of hours at 100ºC for commercially available brands). This not only retains the nutritional profile of the pasta, but also helps keep the bite in your ‘al-dente’.


Donna Pastaia delivers pan India.

Donna Pastaia Products – Our Recommendations

This section discusses our order, price, packaging, and other relevant product information.

What we ordered – We ordered two pastas. One from their premium gourmet range and one from the core traditional range. Both our pastas were eggless.

  • Conchiglie – Pasta Mista from their premium gourmet range
  • Fettuccine Traditional (Eggless)

How much did it cost us?

The Conchiglie cost us Rs 399/- for 250 gms. The Eggless Fettuccine is priced at Rs 329/-. Our total order was for Rs 827/- including shipping.

Instructions for storage – The pastas need to be stored at room temperature. Keep it away from heat, light and humidity. Once opened, store in dry, air-tight containers.

Packaging – The pasta is sealed in a plastic pack and placed inside a brown carton. The labels are clean and explain everything well. 

The pack says – Handmade pasta is fragile, please handle it with care.

1. Conchiglie Pasta

Conchiglie, pronounced as Con-KEE-yay, is a shell shaped pasta. Traditionally made using durum wheat and natural colors like spinach, squid ink, tomatoes, beetroot and more. 

Conchiglie Pasta (Eggless) Product Information
Price Rs 399/-
Net Weight 250 gms
Ingredients  Organic semolina, Olive oil, Organic turmeric powder, Beetroot puree, Spinach puree
Shelf life 3 months from manufacturing
Nutrition facts Calories – 430 Kcal


We cooked the pasta as per instructions given on the pack – 

  • In a pot bring plenty of water to boil (1 liter for 100 gms of dried pasta)
  • Add salt to boiling water.
  • Once water is on a rolling boil, place pasta carefully in salted boiling water.
  • Al-Dente in 5-6 minutes.
  • For best results, drain pasta and toss in sauce and serve immediately. 

We gauged it for its texture after boiling and the taste of the pasta. We cooked the pasta in a simple olive oil, garlic, basil and dried herb base.

donna pastaia pasta conchiglie packaging
The conchiglie is packed in a plastic bag and then placed inside a brown carton.
closer look at donna pastaia pasta conchiglie contents
Closer look at the uncooked conchiglie.
donna pastaia pasta conchiglie taste test
We tossed the conchiglie in some olive oil, garlic and herbs for the taste test.
closer look at donna pastaia pasta conchiglie texture
A closer look at our bowl of conchiglie pasta by Donna Pastaia.

What We Like

Beautiful! Our bowl of pasta looked right out of a fancy cookbook. The turmeric, spinach and beetroot pastas cook extremely well. They were al-dente when we cooked the pasta as per the instructions on the pack. They weren’t sticky and had the right bite.

Very often the flavor of natural ingredients used for coloring can lend their own flavor to the pasta. That wasn’t the case here. The semolina based pasta has a firm bite.

Best suited to be used as a visual treat in leafy salads, or to make a bowl of cold pasta salad. You can also toss it up with some olive oil, chilli and parmesan.

2. Eggless Fettuccine

Pronounced as fay-tuh-CHEE-nee, this popular pasta variety is traditionally made with eggs and flour. Fettuccine is a flat, thick pasta cut into even sized ribbons. Although fettuccine is best paired with a creamy alfredo sauce, you can experiment and add it to a sauce of your choice.


Fettuccine (Eggless) Product Information
Price Rs 329/-
Net Weight 250 gms
Ingredients  Organic semolina, Organic processed white flour, Olive oil
Shelf life 3 months from manufacturing
Nutrition facts Calories – 410 kcal


The instructions to cook the pasta are the same as above. There is a slight difference in the timing. The fettuccine is al-dente in 6-7 minutes. We cooked the pasta as per the instructions on the pack.

We made an Alfredo sauce for the pasta with simple butter, flour, and milk. We seasoned it with some salt, dried herbs, and chili flakes. Although you can add grilled/roasted chicken, mushrooms, broccoli to an alfredo sauce, we did not want to enhance the flavor of the sauce as much. We wanted the pasta to be the hero of the dish.

We tasted the pasta twice – one right after boiling and once when it was turned into a final dish – Fettuccine Alfredo.

closer look at donna pastaia pasta fettuccine contents
Uncooked eggless fettuccine by Donna Pastaia.
donna pastaia pasta fettuccine ready to eat
The creamy sauce coats the smooth fettuccine ribbons wonderfully.
closer look at donna pastaia pasta fettuccine texture
Closer look at the fettuccine alfredo made using the Donna Pastaia Eggless Fettuccine.

What We Like

We love how non-sticky this fettuccine is. It doesn’t become a gloopy mess and retains its bite. The smooth ribbons of the fettuccine take on the sauce extremely well. 

Ofcourse, if kept for too long it will become sticky. Which is why it is recommended to boil the pasta, toss it in the sauce immediately and consume it fresh.

Donna Pastaia – Contact Details

Contact Number – WhatsApp +91 9910984903 | Call +91 8595845523

Email Id –

Website –

Social Media Links – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Donna Pastaia.

Is the pasta by Donna Pastaia handmade?

Yes. The pasta is completely handmade and dried using traditional methods. 

Are all the pastas eggless?

No. Donna Pastaia has a range of eggless and egg pastas. You can choose as per your dietary restrictions. 

Although, both the variants we ordered are eggless. 

Who are the founders of Donna Pastaia?

Simran Makkar and Kamna Choudhary are the founders of Donna Pastaia.

Which areas does Donna Pastaia deliver in?

Donna Pastaia delivers pan-India.

Final Verdict – Donna Pastaia Handmade Pasta

The handmade pasta by Donna Pastaia have the perfect bite. They do not become sticky or a gooey mess. Neither do they burst open like some commercially packaged pasta do. We love the smooth fettuccine and the firm bite of the conchiglie. 

A quick tip! Do not waver from the instructions given on the pack. For perfect cooking of the pasta, adhere to the time frame mentioned.

Which is your favorite pasta to cook with? Which sauce do you love pairing with it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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