Do You Know How To Dry Basil At Home?

Do You Know How To Dry Basil At Home?

Here are a few ways on how to dry basil on your own. These are the simple ways you can choose from and enjoy the benefits of dry basil leaves. Just make sure that you are eating them in a limited quantity for benefits.

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Basil is one of the most beneficial and highly-used herbs in the kitchen. It is used in various dishes to give them an extensive flavor that will make your day. As much as basils are used fresh in the kitchen, they are used dry as well. The question is ‘can you dry basil? Yes! Instead of going for dry basil available in the market, you can dry them on your own at home. And if you don’t know how to dry basil at home, go through this article. We have mentioned some simple and quick methods in the following section that will help you a lot about the ways of drying fresh basil.

You will also find some benefits of dry basil leaf in this blog. So let’s get started.

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Fresh and dried basil in bowl. on black rustic table.

How To Dry Basil In The Air?

The best way to dry basil at home is by air drying it. The steps are simple and have been mentioned below:

  • Buy the best quality fresh basils from the market and wash it well under the running water.
  • Now soak the water using a paper towel to speed up the drying process.
  • After this, take a rubber band or a string to tie the leaves together properly.
  • Now hang the bunch upside down in a warm and well-ventilated room that is dry. Also, make sure that the leaves are not in direct contact with sunlight.
  • See that there are no insects and pests to mess with your bunch of leaves.

So, this is how to dry basil. This whole process is going to take around 2-4 weeks. So, start with dehydrating basil early. If the basils are not dried well, mold can take place on the leaves due to moisture to destroy them. 

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And once the leaves are dry, you can store them in airtight jars to let them stay for years without getting rotten. 

Mixed dried herbs with thyme, oregano, Basil, rosemary, parsley, and Tarragon isolated on a black background with a reflection in the foreground.

How to Dry Basil In Microwave?

If you want to get done with the process soon, you can microwave them, instead of air drying the basil leaves. Drying basil in the microwave is easy, and here is how you need to do it:

  • Take a bunch of fresh basil leaves that are good in quality and wash them under running water to remove the leaves’ dust.
  • As the leaves are wet, take a tissue paper or cloth to pat dry the leaves.
  • Now take a microwave-safe container and place a kitchen towel on it and then set the leaves on it in a single layer. 
  • After this, you will keep the container inside the microwave and run it for around 20-30 seconds.
  • You will keep on microwaving the leaves for 20-30 seconds for around 2-3 minutes until the leaves are dry and curl.

Once you are drying fresh basil, you will store it in a glass jar and in a cool, dry place to ensure its durability. The best thing about microwaving the leaves is that you can preserve its green color and amazing flavor, unlike most other drying methods. 

So, this is how to dry basil leaves in a microwave. You need to be careful about the timing and temperature of the appliance to get the desired results. Also, make sure that the leaves’ quality is good, and it will not get rotten any time soon.

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dry basil leaves

How To Dehydrate Basil In The Oven Or How To Oven Dry Basil?

Well, there is one more method you can try to dehydrate basil, and that is, using an oven. The steps are simple, and it won’t take you long to get done with the process. So, this is how to dry basil using an oven:

  • Buy a fresh bunch of basil leaves from the market and clean them using cold water.
  • As the leaves are wet, you will dry them up using a tissue or cloth.
  • You will now take a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and lay the leaves in the gap on it. 
  • Now you will let the leaves bake for around 20 minutes at 200-degrees. Make sure that the temperature is not too high to affect the flavor of the leaves.
  • After 20 minutes, you will turn off the heat and let the leaves stay in the oven for another 3-4 hours for complete dehydration.

As the leaves are dry and curl, you will preserve them in an airtight container. Try to keep the jar in a cool dark place so that the leaves can last longer in a dry place. This is about drying basil in the oven.

And once you know how to dry basil, you will be able to enjoy its benefits and improve your health by adding them to your diet.

basil leaves on a wooden cup on a black background

How To Dry Basil Leaves At Home Under Sunlight?

For those who love to do things the natural way, this is a method for them to learn how to dry basil easily at home.  

  • As you have a bunch of fresh basil leaves, you will wash and dry them to get rid of the dirt.
  • You will now take a clean bed sheet or cloth and place the leaves on it with an appropriate gap.
  • Ensure that the leaves are placed under the direct sunlight, and now you will be there for a few days. But, as you leave them to dry, do not forget to cover leaves with a paper towel or something to prevent pests and insects from sitting on them and maintain hygienic conditions.
  • You will have to take the leaves inside every night and whenever it is raining to prevent it from getting moisture as it can affect and delay drying basil.

You will have to keep a continuous check on the leaves to make sure that they are drying up evenly on all the sides and flip them if needed. This is the best way to dry basil.

Once you know that the leaves are dry, you can keep them in an airtight vessel and use it to enhance the taste of your dishes.

How To Dry Basil In A Dehydrator?

Now, this is the last method you can go for. It is the best answer on how to dry basil as long as you have it at your place. The process is convenient and is not much time-consuming. You will have to follow the steps carefully that are stated below:

  • After you have got the fresh basil leaves and got them cleaned and dry, you will set them on the dehydrator’s tray.
  • As you have placed them in gaps on the tray, you will push it inside the dehydrator and turn it on to its lowest temperature.
  • It will take you around 4-6 hours to get done with drying basil in a dehydrator. 
  • As the leaves are dehydrating, you will keep on checking them in intervals to make sure that they are not getting over-dried.

And when the leaves are dry and curl, you can take them out of the dehydrator and store them in a container for years. But, you will have to ensure that leaves are kept in a dry and cool place to last longer.  This is how to dry basil leaves.

basil plant growing in a bright place with sunlight

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Basil Leaves?

Now when you know how to dry basil at your place, here are a few benefits you need to know about them. These benefits will convince you to add them to your diet and do some good for your health.

  • These dry basil leaves are a solution for those suffering from respiratory issues because it helps in improving its functioning. You can consume it in the form of herbal tea, along with some other herbs as well.
  • The best thing about these dry leaves is that they can treat your nose and throat infection. It has qualities that help you to prevent you from cold and cough.
  • In case you are suffering from issues like nausea, stomach ache, and dysentery due to gas, this is what you need to consume immediately. It works fast and helps you feel comfortable during such times.
  • It is good at stimulating your appetite to ensure that you have enough food in a day according to your requirements.
  • Those suffering from stress, asthma, and diabetes are going to love this herbal leaf. It is the best natural treatment you can try for these issues.
  • As the leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, there are chances that they can lower the risk of heart disease along with treating arthritis and bowel conditions. 
  • If you are health conscious and looking for a natural way to detoxify your body, this is your answer. It supports your liver and tries to keep your body detoxified and prevent building-up fat on the liver.
  • You can even add it to your diet to promote your gut health.
  • It is good at healing your upset tummy and deals with an issue of indigestion.
  • It could be a best friend to older people because it can help deal with their memory loss issue.
  • It may even help in dealing with cancer like breast cancer when taken with your treatment.

These are just a few benefits of drying basil leaves. You can come across some more pros once you start consuming it. You can either buy it from the market or learn how To dry basil leaves at home from the above section.

Are There Any Side-Effects Of Dry Basil?

No, there are no such side-effects of dry basils. You need to make sure that you are consuming it in a limited quantity because you know that excess of everything is bad. 

As it is high in Vitamin K, it may interfere with the functioning of blood if you are over-consuming it. So, take it in small quantities, and if needed, you can even ask your doctor about it.

From Where To Buy It?

If you don’t want to dry basil in the oven or microwave, you can always get it from the market. But as you are buying it from the market, you need to make sure that you are buying it from a trustworthy seller. Also, always try to go for the branded packaging because they will never compromise with the product’s quality. And when the quality of the product is good, it will give you the benefits that you want. So, buy it carefully after checking its expiry date as well.

Dried organic basil flakes spilling out of a spice bottle.

To Conclude

The methods on how to dry basil are mentioned in this piece for your convenience. You need to follow the steps as it is to get the results you have been looking for. 

And with this, some benefits have also been stated to help you know that you are adding an amazing herb in your diet. It is going to keep your health in check as long as you are consuming them. But, you need to ensure that you are not over-eating the dry basil leaves if you want to enjoy its benefits instead of the drawbacks.

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