Disano Red Pasta Sauce Review - A Good Companion For Pasta

Disano Red Pasta Sauce Review – A Good Companion For Pasta

The DiSano red pasta sauce is a trans-fat free ready-to-use option. Real tomatoes and real herbs, you can now make restaurant-style red sauce pasta at home!

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Disano Red Sauce Pasta is nearly close to the original red pasta sauce. It is a delicious pick, especially for someone who loves red sauce pasta. It is also makes for a value for money pack.

Red sauce or tomato sauce is primarily made by crushing tomatoes and adding some spices and herbs. As easy as making this sounds, getting the right consistency, a tasty blend of flavors, and having the homemade sauce look delicious are certain factors that not only take up a lot of time but also effort and ingredients. 

This is where a ready-to-use sauce like the Disano Red Pasta Sauce saves the day. All you need to do is add the pre-made red sauce to boiled pasta, toss them until they are evenly coated and it’s ready!

In our Disano Red Pasta Sauce review, we decode details regarding the price, packaging, ease of use, and of course the taste and consistency. 

With DiSano Red Pasta Sauce, the pasta was full of flavors. A nice herby aroma will definitely ask for your attention.

MRP: Rs. 50*

Net Weight: 300 gm

*Price at the time of review

Disano Red Pasta Sauce can be bought online from Amazon.com or also can be picked up from a hyper store in your city. Disano Red Pasta Sauce has all the flavors packed in for a delicious pasta to be ready in minutes. 

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The DiSano Red Pasta Sauce is available online on Amazon as well as in stores. We purchased the 300-gm jar from our local supermarket.

Typically, the red sauce doesn’t have a watery consistency and there is a dominant tangy taste that comes from the tomatoes.

In addition to these, the price, taste, texture, ingredients used were the other factors for our DiSano Red Sauce Pasta Review.

About DiSano

A part of Universal Corporation Ltd, DiSano was created in 2013 with a view to bringing tasty yet healthy eating options. From oils to nut butter, DiSano offers several cooking accompaniments that aim to improve flavor, richness, and texture. 

Products such as Disano pasta, Disano olive oil, Disano oats, Disano Chia seeds, Disano peanut butter, etc, and of course Disano Red Pasta Sauce are now available at many local stores and shops.

1. Taste

Red sauce made using Italian tomatoes, also known as Roma tomatoes, add a unique pulpy texture with tangy flavors. The DiSano Red Pasta Sauce has a home-style taste with a burst of flavors! 

What’s even better is the spice level, it can be built up by adding more sauce proportionately. 

This red pasta sauce is seasoned using herbs and spices like oregano, chili flakes, garlic, basil, and black pepper. All these ingredients made their presence strongly felt.

We reviewed the DiSano Red Pasta Sauce in two ways to produce a fair review with different sets of ingredients. 

We used the Borges whole wheat pasta for our DiSano Red Sauce Pasta review. The cooking process and quantities were the same, only the second time we added blanched veggies like carrots, beans, broccoli, and peppers, and some cheese.

Both these variations tasted restaurant-like. Without the veggies and cheese, the DiSano Red Pasta Sauce had a bold kick of spices coming from the chilli flakes and black pepper.

2. Ingredients 

Real tomatoes, fresh herbs, and no trans fat? Safe to say, we were pleasantly surprised when we read this on the bottle. 

Disano Red Pasta Sauce ingredients – Water, Tomato Paste(30.5%), Onion (13%), Sugar, Refined Soybean Oil, Iodised Salt, Red Chilli Flakes, Garlic Powder, Herbs, Spices and Condiments.

disano red pasta sauce

3. Flavor

Though tomatoes are the primary ingredient in a red sauce, the addition of crushed herbs and garlic enhances the flavor like no other. 

Typically whole wheat pasta isn’t considered as tasty as the ones made using refined wheat or Durum wheat. However, we chose Borges whole wheat pasta for the DiSano Red Pasta Sauce review. 

To our surprise, the pasta made using DiSano Red Pasta Sauce was full of flavors. During the preparation process too, a herby-chili aroma wrapped the room. For the purpose of plating, we added some garlic slivers and fresh basil leaves.

The taste resembled that of Passata which is a thick paste made using Italian tomatoes and seasoned with herbs, chili flakes, and garlic. The garlic slivers and basil leaves combined with the flavors of this red pasta sauce well. 

4. Price

With ample convenience of a packaged product that is bursting with original flavors, Disano Red Pasta Sauce price is reasonable and super affordable.

The 300-gm jar of the DiSano red pasta sauce is priced at Rs 99/-. In our opinion, you can make at least seven single portions out of one jar. Looking at the list of ingredients and the convenience this product offers, we think this is decently priced. 

5. Best Pair

A serving of pasta made using the DiSano red pasta sauce tastes pretty great by itself. That being said, here are a few ways you can take the flavor up a notch by adding a few simple ingredients and use this sauce with a base other than pasta.

A generous layer of the DiSano Red Pasta Sauce over a slice of toasted bread. To this, add some mozzarella cheese, herbs of your choice, a dash of balsamic and olive oil- and here you have the perfect party snack!

This red sauce by Disano can also be used over a pizza base. You can add the toppings of your choice for an at-home pizza. 

A quick tip – add some butter to the sauce for effortless application on the pizza base. 

Finally, the DiSano Red Pasta Sauce can also be used to make calzones.

6. Packaging

The DiSano Red Pasta Sauce comes in a plastic bottle. The lid matches the color of the sauce. The front of the jar has a picture of pasta and the back has the list of ingredients, nutritional label, and storage details. 

The bottle is pretty compact and would fit the shelves of most refrigerators.

7. Shelf Life

The DiSano Red Pasta Sauce has a shelf life of 6 months. It is recommended to store the sauce in your refrigerator after opening the bottle.

MRP – INR 99.00/-

for Net weight – 300g

Water, Tomato Paste(30.5%), Onion (13%), Sugar, Refined soybean oil, iodide salt, thickeners (INS 1422, INS 415), Acidity regulator( INS 260), Red chilli flakes, Garlic Powder, Herbs, Spices and Condiments. Disano Red Pasta Sauce has the flavour of authentic red pasta sauce.


Very flavourful.

Energy (KCal) – 149.5 kcal, Total Fat 7g, Saturated fat 1.1g, MUFA 1.6g, PUFA 4.1g, carbohydrates 20.1g, sugar 13.1g, protein 1.5g, sodium 1446.9g

Contains permitted Class II preservatives(INS211).

Disano Red Pasta Sauce, 300g – Detailed Review

Team Mishry’s DiSano Red Pasta Sauce review talks about the flavor, texture, ingredients, alternate uses, and almost everything you would want to know. 

The fact that this pasta sauce has herbs added to it eliminates another step for you. Additionally, we also talk about the economical value and the number of portions you could make out of one 300-gm bottle. 

We used the Disano Red Pasta Sauce two ways. The first process involved using the Disano Red Pasta Sauce for cooking the Borges whole wheat pasta, flavored with a bit of garlic and fresh basil.  

This process enabled us to get an unadulterated/fair taste of the sauce here as no veggies or cheese was added. The pasta water was used to loosen out the sauce to get the correct coating consistency.

Disano Red Pasta Sauce was again cooked, now including a few veggies, a hint of garlic, fresh basil leaves, and topped with processed GoCheese cubes. 

Borges whole wheat pasta – our Top Pick when we did a detailed review of the best tasting whole wheat pasta – was used for both the process.

We used Penne pasta so that we could enjoy the flavor of the sauce more and more as the prepared sauce not only coats the outer side of the Pasta but also coats inside the penne tubes. 

The sauce coats well considering we used whole wheat pasta, the sauce was aptly coated to the pasta and the veggies. 

Disano Red Pasta Sauce imparts a vibrant red color to the pasta

This ready-to-use red sauce is made using real tomatoes and herbs and is devoid of cholesterol and trans fat. These can be the key deciding factors for health-conscious individuals. 

Disano red pasta sauce Cooks quickly, you just need to add some water to loosen out the texture of the sauce. We used the water in which the pasta was boiled. The sauce and the water would be of almost equal quantity to achieve a perfect coating consistency.

disano red pasta sauce


  • Vegetarian Product
  • Best Before 6 months from date of manufacturing
  • Keep in a cool dry place. Keep away from sunlight.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Don’t use it if the jar seal is found broken or leaked. 


  • We certainly loved that the taste is nearly close to the original Red pasta sauce.
  • It’s quick-cooking.
  • Delicious.
  • No herbs to be added.
  • Value for Money.


  • No recipe is mentioned on the Disano Pasta sauce bottle. All amateur cooks will face difficulty in using it as they would not know how much quantity to use. 

Best Suited For

Disano red pasta sauce is very convenient for hurried mornings when Pasta needs to be prepared in a jiffy.

People who don’t cook often can also find the Disano red pasta sauce handy and easy to make as just the pasta needs to be boiled and dunked in the sauce.

Those who do not cook red pasta sauce at home can buy this and impress their loved ones.

Spouses can be impressed by preparing a romantic Italian meal by using Disano red pasta sauce!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Disano Red Pasta Sauce

1. Is Disano Pasta Sauce easy to use?

Yes, Disano Pasta Sauce is very easy to use.

2. Is Disano Pasta Sauce durable?

Once opened, it needs to be refrigerated.

3. How is Disano Pasta?

Disano Pasta is a quick-cooking Pasta.

4. Can we use Disano Fusilli Pasta to make Pasta out of Disano Sauce?

Yes, You can use Disano Fusilli Pasta to make Pasta out of Disano Sauce.

5. How much Disano sauce do we use to make pasta?

We used four tablespoons of the Red Pasta sauce By Disano to 2 portions of Borges Penne Whole wheat Pasta.

disano red pasta sauce

Final Words

The Disano Red Pasta Sauce review helps you to understand the features of the product. 

Disano Pasta Sauce is recommended not just because of its classic balanced tangy tomato sauce but also because it’s economically priced. 

There is no extra oil flowing in the sauce. Considering no palm oil has been used and soy oil has been used, gives it an added benefit.  

A single bottle of 300 gms makes approx. 6 to 7 portions of the prepared pasta.

Even though the recipe is missing on the bottle, you can follow the instructions given on amazon.in while purchasing the Disano Red Pasta Sauce bottle where the recipe has been given by the manufacturer. 

Do hit our comment section and let us know if you plan to pick up Disano Pasta Sauce off the shelves?

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