Digital Measuring Spoon Review - Mishry (2023)
digital measuring spoon review

Digital Measuring Spoon Review – Gimmick or Actually Works? (2024)

Is this Digital Measuring Spoon accurate? We reviewed this kitchen tool to find its effectiveness. More details below.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


This digital measuring spoon is compact, user-friendly and delivers accurate results. Team Mishry recommends!

They save time, they reduce effort- when technology is applied to kitchen appliances, our culinary journey becomes relatively easier.

If you always prefer measuring your ingredients or are particular about the portion sizes, you’d appreciate this digital measuring spoon.   

We reviewed this tool in our test kitchen and examined every aspect, from design to usability. 

Check out our Digital Measuring Spoon review to know more.

A quick view at the product details of the Digital Measuring Spoon : 

Digital Measuring Spoon  Product Details 
Price  INR 1299
Material  Plastic 
Color Blue 
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating (on 5)

Our Review Factors

What were we expecting from this digital measuring spoon? We were looking for an easy to use device that delivers accurate results and measures a whole lot of dry ingredients in the kitchen. 

Our review parameters for examining the effectiveness of this electronic measuring spoon are as follows:

1. Design

In this segment, we look at the overall construction of the spoon scale. Is it sturdy and well-constructed? The design parameter closely examines the following:

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The Handle: How comfortable is the handle? Is it detachable? 

Spoon Area: Is the spoon area large enough to ensure easy scooping of food items? Can this be put inside the jar?

Buttons: The placement of the screen and buttons. How hard or soft are the buttons?

2. Usability 

Usability is another core aspect of our review process. The idea behind purchasing this measuring spoon is to get accurate and quick measuring results. 

Under this segment, we examine the different functions of this spoon scale. Is this device practical for everyday use? Are the functions easy to follow or complex? Dry and wet ingredients – is this versatile?

3. Other  Parameters 

The price, packaging, cleaning, and maintenance were also gauged during our review process. 

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Digital Measuring Spoon – Detailed Review

Design & Material 

This digital measuring spoon is made of plastic. It has a regular spoon-shaped design. The back side of the spoon handle holds the battery slot. 

At the front, it has a screen that displays the measuring results. Below the screen, there are three different buttons as follows:

  • On/Off/Tare
  • Mode 
  • Hold


  • Max. Weighing: 500g (or 300g);
  • Min. Weighing: 0.5g;
  • Graduation: 0.1g;
  • Volume holding: 5ml-30ml
packaging of the digital measuring spoon
The packaging of the this digital measuring spoon.
close look at the design of the digital measuring spoon
Macro shot of the design of the digital measuring spoon.


Here are details on how to get started with this digital measuring spoon:

Power Button

To start using this measuring scale, place the spoon scale in a horizontal position. Then press the On/Off button to boot the device. Once the screen displays “0.0g” or “0.00oz”, you can start weighing the desired ingredient. 

To turn the power off, press the On/Off button on the device. 

Note that the spoon scale will auto-enter the sleeping state after 30 seconds. 

Tare Function Button

When placing containers or bags into the scoop of the spoon scale, Press Button “TARE” to minus the tare back the screen display to zero.

If there are no items in the weighing scoop, press the Button “TARE” for the Zero correction function. It will bring back the screen to zero, wherein you can again start weighing. 

Lock Function Button

To lock the weight date, press the ‘Hold’ button when the weight is stable. If you wish to unlock it, press the button again. 

Keep pressing the “HOLD” button for 3 seconds to enter the weighing mode, and lock automatically when the date is stabilized; Unlock the weighing mode to press the “HOLD” again. Press “HOLD” for 3 seconds to switch to the normal weight mode.

Unit Switch Button

The ‘Mode’ button is responsible for switching between units. On pressing this button, you can change the weighing Unit as follows- “g”, “oz”, “gn” and “ct”.

Price & Packaging 

We brought this tool from Amazon for Rs. 1299. It comes in box packaging. The box includes the battery. 

Tips For Safe Usage 

  • Don’t press the scoop of the spoon scale heavily. 
  • Don’t use this spoon scale in high heat or humid temperatures.
  • Always keep the scale in a horizontal position to read the display, boot, and tare. Excessive leaning will influence accuracy.
  • If the battery is low, the screen will display the same. Once you get this sign, please ensure to change the battery immediately. Also, remove the battery from the spoon if you do not intend to use it for a long time.  
  • To clean the spoon, use a soft cloth with a little water or a little detergent. Avoid using organic solvents or alkali liquid for cleaning.
  • Please prevent water or other liquid into the scale. It might result in short-circuit.

How We Tested This?

We measured the following items using this spoon scale: 

For a fair and unbiased review, we remeasured the above items using our old kitchen scale to check whether the readings are accurate or not. 

We were delighted to see no difference in the readings. This signifies that the device is accurate. 

the review process of this digital measuring spoon
A quick glimpse of how we tested this digital measuring spoon.

Our Experience 

First things first, this spoon scale has a sturdy construction. It did not bend at any point during our review process. Coming to the design, the long handle adds a lot of convenience and comfort while using. 

The spoon area is large, deep, and well-rounded. It makes the process of scooping out dals and masalas easy. For cleaning this device, we used a wet cloth and then immediately dried it using a dry cloth. 

It is perfect for measuring dry food items such as tea leaves, coffee, seasonings, dals, and dry spices. Considering the ease of use, convenient storage, and accurate results, Team Mishry gives this spoon scale a thumbs up. 

Lastly, we suggest not using this scale spoon for wet ingredients or cooked food.

Design - 4/5
Usability - 4/5
  • User-friendly. 
  • Convenient to store. 
  • Sturdy construction. 
  • The measuring results are accurate.
  • This spoon scale is an innovative product.

Calorie conscious? Prefer measuring quantities of food before preparing them? This spoon scale will come in quite handy. Additionally, if you precisely measure masalas, or dals while cooking, we recommend you to buy this spoon scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Electronic Measuring Spoon.

No. This portable digital measuring spoon is not dishwasher safe.

This digital spoon scale is made of plastic.

Instead of adding ingredients to a bowl or container and measuring them on a kitchen scale, you can directly get the accurate quantities with this portable spoon.

This electronic measuring spoon is ideal for measuring dry ingredients such as tea leaves, coffee, dry spices and dals.

This digital measuring spoon is battery-operated. If the screen indicates low battery, then it is advised to immediately replace it.

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After reviewing this measuring spoon in our test kitchen, we can say that this device is definitely worth a purchase. The noteworthy aspects that we appreciate here are the smooth functioning, large spoon area, easy cleaning and comfortable hold. The fact that it will not take up much of your kitchen counter space is another plus point.  

Will you give this product a try? Let us know your thoughts.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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