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difference between orange and mosambi fruit

Difference Between Orange And Mosambi Fruit

There is a little difference between orange and mosambi in taste. One is tangy while the other mildly sweet.

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The difference between orange and mosambi is not very big, although they are different varieties of citrus fruits. Mosambi is also called sweet lime or sathukudi fruit in Tamil. Orange is familiar by the Hindi name santra fruit or nagarugam in Tamil. The debate about their origin is centuries old. Sweet lime or lemon is an ancient Indian fruit while the orange is a hybrid that was created out of the pomelo and mandarin fruits.

Also, there is lots of speculation among people regarding

Orange vs mosambi which is best? The difference between orange and mosambi.

Let’s clear it all here.

Quick Recipe with Orange and Mosambi: Try these 5 flavorful delicacies.

Mosambi Nutrition Facts And Its Benefits 

What is Mosambi? Mosambi fruit is called Sweet Lime fruit in English. The slightly oval fruit has a green skin that turns yellowish when ripe. A thin-skinned fruit yields more mosambi juice. The rind has a thick layer of pith under it and the fruit itself is pale green in color. The taste is quite mild and lemony flavoured. This sweet lemon fruit is mostly used to make juice. 

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sweet lime fruit and its pieces kept in basket
Mosambi fruit is called Sweet Lime fruit in English

The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and fiber and has natural sugars. It can be a great remedy for curing scurvy. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and drinking sweet lime juice(i.e., mosambi) is a great way to detoxify your body. The mosambi uses are many. Mosambi reduces stress and boosts immunity. It is a good remedy for common colds and also improves digestion. The high fiber content benefits and helps you keep your bowels healthy and may help you in weight loss.

Athletes find sweet lime mosambi to be of excellent use as it reduces muscle cramps and improves bone health too. The nutrients in mosambi are also very beneficial for the eyes. The juice helps you avoid eye infections and cataracts.

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Nutritional benefits of the Orange fruit

Oranges are similar to sweet limes on the nutritional scale. Mosambi vs orange vitamin C is the question most nutritionists ask. The content varies in the different varieties of orange. The difference between kinnow and orange is that oranges are easily eaten while kinnow is mainly used for juice.

The different varieties are the mandarin, pomelo, sweet orange, kinnow, and the kinu. These are all variants of the santra fruit itself. The fruit is very good for the immune system and helps you deter colds.

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Oranges are similar to sweet limes on the nutritional scale

It regulates blood pressure and promotes heart health. Your cholesterol levels can be kept in check with a regular intake of oranges. Diabetics also benefit from the fruit as the glycemic index is a low 40. Oranges are also known to lower the risk of many types of cancers, especially beneficial during colon cancer.

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The fruit is acidic in nature but turns alkaline before digestion. This helps in alkalizing the body which is supposed to be beneficial to health. You can enjoy good eye health with oranges as they are very rich in Vitamin A.


1. What is mosambi called in English?

As per Wikipedia, mosambi is known as citrus limetta, which is a species of citrus. It is a member of sweet lemons.

2. Does mosambi contain less amount of citric acid?

It is said that mosambi does contain less amount of citric acid as compared to other limes, or fruits like oranges.

3. Why should we avoid fruits containing citric acid at night?

While citric acid in fruits is healthy, it may not be the best for you at night. This particular chemical can up your brain activity, making it difficult for you to sleep. In some people, it could also cause acidity at bedtime. In general, it is best to avoid fruits at night as they can spike blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics.

Final Words

So although there are many basic taste differences in the orange vs mosambi, they are both very good for overall health. You will love to devour orange and mosambi juice. Both these fruits, sweet lime and orange, have their own distinct flavor to enjoy.

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