Difference Between Iron and Cast Iron Cookware - Mishry (2023)

Difference Between Iron and Cast Iron Cookware (2024)

What is the difference between iron and cast iron cookware? Read on to know more.

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Getting the correct cookware is extremely important to get flawless results while cooking. We can use the best ingredients, foolproof recipes and fragrant spices, but all will fail if the cookware isn’t right. One must understand the advantages and disadvantages of different metals to select the appropriate one for your kitchen. These days, iron and cast iron cookware is making a comeback.

We should know the difference between iron and cast iron cookware before buying any tawa, wok or pan There is a significant difference between cast iron and iron tawa that can impact our cooking remarkably. Below, some good cookware metals are discussed for our better understanding.

1. Best Glass Cookware For Baking: Femora Borosilicate Glass Baking Dish

2. Best Clay Cookware For Traditional Cooking: 4U Crafts Earthen Cookware

3. Best Non Stick Cookware With Heavy Gauge: Hawkins Futura Non Stick Fry Pan

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4. Best Ceramic Cookware With Bakelite Handles: Impex Aluminium Ceramic Biriyani Pot

Best Rated Cookware – Quick Glance

List of Top Cookwares in India

There are several cookware materials that people prefer to use while cooking. Check out our picks from the best cookware material in India!

1. Vinod Stainless Steel Set

This combo from Vinod comes with stainless steel pots and pans such as 2.1 L saucepan,  3.8 L saucepot, 1.8 L kadai, frypan and three steel lids. The material is hygienic, easy to clean and high quality. This stainless steel set comes with a thick aluminum bottom that helps in even heat retention to cook your food properly. Along with great material, this set also includes riveted sturdy handles to cook the food without any hassles. This stainless steel set is dishwasher safe.

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Vinod Stainless Steel Set

Product Features:

  • Thick aluminum bottom
  • Even heat retention across the material
  • Dishwasher safe

2. Rock Tawa Pre Seasoned Cast Skillet

Cast iron material is yet another sturdy material for cooking. This dosa tawa from Rock Tawa is an ideal choice to cut down on oil and butter used in your food. This cast iron tawa can be used on gas, electric and induction stovetops making it a versatile product. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain, but not safe for the dishwasher. This dosa tawa is available in black color and in round shape.

Rock Tawa Pre Seasoned Cast Skillet

Product Features:

  • Compatible with gas, electronic and induction stovetops
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean

3. Femora Borosilicate Glass Baking Dish

Glass cookware is perfect for all your baking needs. This baking dish from Femora is available in glass material. The dish is safe to be used with a microwave oven, dishwasher and freezer. The high quality borosilicate glass is a good choice to be used as a serveware too. The baking dish comes with ergonomic handles and has an elegant design. It has a capacity of 1600 ml.

Femora Borosilicate Glass Baking Dish

Product Features:

  • Safe to be used with dishwasher, microwave oven and freezer
  • Has a borosilicate glass
  • Includes ergonomic handles

4. 4U Crafts Earthen Cookware

Using an earthen pot while cooking is considered one of the traditional ways. This pot is handmade and is available in different sizes. This is seasoned corn starch and the black color is from the natural burning process. It is compatible with gas and is microwave safe. The pot comes with a capacity of 6 L and weighs 5 kg. Maintain the nutritive content of your food by cooking with pure clay products.

4U Crafts Earthen Cookware

Product Features: 

  • High quality black clay
  • Versatile product
  • Compatible with gas

5. HAZEL Aluminium Kadai

Using an aluminum kadai is common in lots of Indian households! This kadai from Hazel is ideal to cook samosas, vegetables and deep frying foods. The material comes with a classy finish and adds an elegant statement to your kitchen decor. It is easy to clean and wash which helps in cooking too. This is dishwasher safe and can be used over a gas stovetop. It has a sturdy and durable material.

HAZEL Aluminium Kadai

Product Features: 

  • Heavy gauge cookware
  • Thick and durable body
  • Sleek handles

6. Hawkins Futura Non Stick Fry Pan

This non stick pan is a comfortable and common choice for most people. This pan comes with tough hard anodized aluminum material. If you’re one who likes to cook using less or no oil and butter, this pan is perfect to use. It also comes with a stay-cool plastic handle. This pan is suitable to use on domestic gas, kerosene, electric, ceramic and halogen stoves.

Hawkins Futura Non Stick Fry Pan

Product Features:

  • Long lasting non stick material
  • Heavy base
  • Two sturdy rivets

7. Carote Granite Non Stick Frying Pan

With ever increasing pots and pans, granite pans are being favored too! This fry pan from Carote comes with imported granite and nonstick material. This fry pan is healthy as it is PFOA free and assists in making low-fat and low-oil cooking. It is easy to clean as you can even clean using a wipe. Moreover, this fry pan comes with a wood effect handle making it easier to grip. The pan is compatible to be used over induction, gas, electric, and halogen stoves.

Carote Granite Non Stick Frying Pan

Product Features:

  • Compatible with all gas stoves
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra durable nonstick

8. Impex Aluminium Ceramic Biriyani Pot

Along with granite utensils, ceramic has taken over the hype too! This pot from Impex comes in ceramic and aluminum materials. The finishing of the pot is non stick. It is available in a capacity of 2 L. The biryani pot is available in golden orange color which adds a unique touch to your kitchen decor. Moreover, it has a strong stainless steel rivet along with bakelite handles.

Impex Aluminium Ceramic Biriyani Pot

Product Features:

  • 3 layer coating
  • PFOA free
  • Includes anti-skid glass lid

What is Wrought Iron Cookware?

First let us understand the difference between cast iron cookware vs wrought iron cookware. And also find out which is a better option for cooking among these too. People think any old iron utensils can be called a ‘cast iron,’ but in reality, all old ironworks are termed as ‘wrought iron’. Wrought iron cookware is made using pure iron that has been heated and molded into different shapes to form utensils.

The term ‘wrought’ is the past participle form of ‘worked.’ During the manufacturing process, pure iron is heated, and while it remains hot, it is shaped using a hammer and other tools. Wrought iron can be heated again and again to change the shape. As you use wrought iron utensils, they increase in durabili

What Is Cast Iron Cookware?

There is a major difference between wrought iron and cast iron. Cast iron is a range of iron alloys and can be associated with Grey Iron. Though cast iron sounds like a cast of pure iron, we can find 2% to 5% carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, and other impurities mixed with it.

Cast iron is made by smelting iron ore and mixing scrap metals and other alloys with it. The mixture is poured into different molds and left for cooling and solidifying. Compared to Wrought Iron, it is hard and non-malleable. It will fracture before it distorts or bends.

Cast Iron Vs. Iron – Which One Is Better? 

After understanding the difference, we can now tell which is better – iron or cast iron for cooking. Let us read the details below:

1. Cooking Time

The first thing we should consider before deciding the cookware is the cooking time. For dishes that take longer time to cook should be made using cast iron cookware.

Iron cookware gets heated quickly. This can burn the food. So one has to use more oil to keep the food from burning. This is another reason for using cast-iron pots for cooking dishes that need to be cooked on high flames.

2. For Anemic People

We should use Wrought Iron cookware when we want more iron particles to be mixed with the food. People with low iron levels in the body can benefit from eating food cooking in iron utensils.

3. Durable

Wrought Iron utensils are more flexible and durable. They do not break easily and with use; they get better.

When we need heavy utensils, cast iron utensils should be preferred. It is very difficult for one to make pure iron utensils because of its heavyweight. Carrying and using such cookware also becomes difficult for us.

4. On a High Flame

Cast iron is a better option when we need to cook on a high flame. Wrought Iron gets expanded or melted when it is heated.

5. Looks

The look of a utensil also matters. Pure iron utensils give us a traditional, rustic look. So, if you are willing to decorate your kitchen with traditional utensils then go for wrought iron cookware.

Cast iron cookware looks classy and sophisticated. If one wants to make their kitchen appear modern, they should go for cast iron cookware.

6. Maintenance

Because iron cookware is heavy, carrying it from one place to another is difficult. Cast-iron pots are comparatively lighter and easy to carry.

Cast iron cookware needs more maintenance than Wrought Iron cookware.

7. Healthier Option

After a few days of usage, cast iron cookware becomes non-stick. So one can cook using less oil, which is very healthy.

Wrought Iron cookware is solely made of Iron so they are absolutely chemical-free. Though cast iron cookware is also harmless, one should keep in mind that cast iron itself is a mixture of different alloys.

8. Easy to Clean

Cast iron utensils are easy to clean. We can use normal soaps to remove the stain marks from them.

9. Heat Distribution

Cast-iron pots spread heat evenly compared to iron pots. This helps us to cook the food well.

We can cook with cast iron cookware using any type of heat source. From induction to open flame, we can opt for any to cook various dishes.


Depending on the basic difference between cast iron and iron cookware, one can select suitable cookware for their kitchen. Both are safe for cooking and have various health benefits. Each has its own purpose and benefits. So among cast iron and iron cookware which option do you think is better? What will be your go to pick?

Here are some of our best picks for the best cookware in India – Femora Borosilicate Glass Baking Dish4U Crafts Earthen CookwareHawkins Futura Non Stick Fry Pan and Impex Aluminium Ceramic Biriyani Pot.

Let us know in the comment section, which one do you use and for what purpose?

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