We Tried the Viral Dalgona Coffee Trend | Top 5 Takeaways From Our Review

We Tried the Viral Dalgona Coffee Trend | Top 5 Takeaways From Our Review

Tried the viral trend of Dalgona Coffee yet? We did, and this is how it went.

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It was a normal day for us. You know, the usual? Sitting like a vegetable. Not moving. Just swiping our thumbs to open several social media applications. Then, we noticed something. All social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, had only one thing to showcase, Dalgona Coffee. The hype around Dalgona Coffee is not going to die soon, that’s for sure. Everyone is at home, with TONS of time to spare and trying their hand at making some exotic and a ‘phenti hui coffee’ is an activity that seems very doable. Doesn’t it?

With our entire team working from home due to the pandemic, we decided to review this social media trend of whipped coffee in our personal kitchens using different coffee brands that were available with us. Let’s have a look at how it all went! Is Dalgona Coffee worth the hype and did our coffee foam rise to the occasion?


What Is Dalgona Coffee? Who Started This Trend?

Dalgona coffee, to simplify, is whipped coffee. In India, most of us have been drinking the Phenti Hui Coffee for as long as we can remember. But unlike the hot whipped coffee, we have been consuming, the Dalgona coffee is a cold beverage with a thick coffee foam.

The Dalgona Coffee trend is said to have started in South Korea during the quarantine time and became viral on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Dalgona coffee or cloud coffee is inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy which looks similar to the whipped coffee foam on top.

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Dalgona Coffee Recipe | How To Make This Social Media Trend

Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make Dalgona Coffee. This recipe will yield around 2 medium-sized glasses.


Ingredients Quantity
Instant Coffee Powder 3 Tbsp
Granulated White Sugar 3-5 Tbsp
Hot Water 3 Tbsp
Cold Milk 200 ml
Ice 4-6 cubes
Cocoa or chocolate powder (optional) 1 tsp

Method To Make Dalgona Coffee

1) In a mixing bowl add coffee, sugar and hot water.

Note – Add 5 Tbsp sugar if you love your coffee on the sweeter side and reduce it to 3 Tbsp if you prefer sugar on the lower scale. Adding granulated sugar is what will give the coffee it’s whipped texture.

2) Whip this with a hand blender till it is light and fluffy. It usually takes around 3-6 minutes to form frothy peaks (Similar to whipped cream).

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3) Alternatively, you can use a manual whip too. It will, of course, take much longer than a hand blender.

4) In a glass add 2-3 cubes of ice, pour some cold milk on top. You need not sweeten it.

5) Add 2-3 tablespoons of the whipped coffee mix on top.

6) If you want to, you can sprinkle some chocolate powder on top. Serve.


How We Reviewed

Team Mishry set out to try this viral trend and experiment on their respective quarantine partners. We all used the coffee powder we had at home, irrespective of the brand. A few of us used Bru, some used Nescafe, while some used Davidoff. We all used skimmed milk and granulated sugar. Two of our team members used a stick blender, two used an old fashioned electric egg beater while the rest whipped it by hand.



What We Thought About Dalgona Coffee

The Taste – The Dalgona Coffee is definitely much creamier than the regular coffee. The entire team unanimously agreed that this was much stronger than a regular cold coffee or hot coffee.

The Texture – The whipping produced results that were similar to whipped cream. It was like an inverted version of cold coffee with whipped cream.

The Coffee Used – The brand of the coffee we used, made no difference in the texture of the coffee. Taste of the coffee, of course, depends on the roast you use.

The Appliance Used – The old fashioned egg beater did the job most quickly. Took around 3-5 minutes to form the whipped peaks. The hand blender was a close second and of course, the people who did it manually took more than 10-12 minutes while still struggling to reach the desired texture.

The Overall Experience – Yes! We loved it for the creaminess and the coffee kick it gave.

Moreover, it gave us time to separate ourselves from the constant coronavirus talks – in person and on the family Whatsapp groups. Honestly, these viral challenges and food-tasks during the lockdown are more about the spirit attached to it. The idea behind all this is to stay busy, stay productive and positive.


FAQ’s About Dalgona Coffee


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  1. How to pronounce Dalgona coffee correctly?

    The correct pronunciation is Dul-Go-Nah Coffee.

  2. Can 'bru' instant coffee be used in Dalgona coffee?

    Yes, you can use any instant coffee powder depending on availability. In our review, we have mentioned that some of our team members used Bru, some used Nescafe and some used Davidoff.

  3. Can Dalgona coffee mix be used as frosting for cakes? 

    If you are a staunch coffee lover and wouldn't mind a strong coffee frosting on your cake, then there is no reason you should stop yourself from doing so. But do give it a try on a smaller batch first before going for a full-fledged coffee frosting on a cake.


Need A Coffee Kick?

Coffee breaks are a must, and what better than having a cuppa made using the most aromatic instant coffee? The best instant coffees available online –

1. Nescafé Classic Coffee


  • 200 gram stabilo pack
  • Made with handpicked Robusta beans.
  • The coffee beans are grown in South India.



2. Bru Instant Coffee


  • Made using Arabica and Robusta beans.
  • Bru instant coffee is a mix of 70 % coffee and 30 % chicory.



3. Davidoff Café Espresso 57 Intense


  • Rich, intense aroma.
  • Choicest African, Latin American and Pacific Arabica beans are blended together and roasted to perfection to achieve this aroma.



4. Continental Coffee


  • Instant south blend.
  • Coffee beans blended with roasted chicory



5. Nescafé Gold Blend






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