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dabur honey review

Dabur Honey Wins Our Review Once Again: Know Why It is the Best

Two years, seven tests, and one winner! Why Dabur Honey won our best honey review twice!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

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The independent lab results showed that Dabur honey has controlled levels of moisture. The HMF and reducing sugars are within the permissible limits as advised by FSSAI. No traces of added sugars were found.

Honey has numerous health benefits. At Mishry, we review samples of honey products we buy ourselves. These are not provided by brands, and when we conduct a multi-brand review, we ensure every brand in the line-up is treated and tested equally. On occasion, when the attributes of a product go beyond factors like flavour, texture, and price, we even get them independently tested via NABL accredited labs. 

That’s what we did with a range of honey brands; once in 2019, and again a few weeks ago. We tested 10 popular brands of honey for four important parameters that helped us reach the final decision. 

Out of the 4 winners from the review of 2019, only one brand maintained its winning spot – and that’s Dabur Honey. That’s right! We reviewed Dabur Honey, and it scored the best amongst all contenders for HMF, moisture content, and no added sugars were detected in the samples tested. 

As a result, Dabur Honey was chosen as Mishry Top Pick for a review that tested 10 commonly available brands of Honey. Here’s our in detail Dabur honey review.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
Dabur Honey Mishry Top Pick
Mishry Top Pick - Dabur Honey

The Brands We Tested

  • Dabur Honey
  • Zandu Pure Honey
  • Organica – Organic Forest Honey
  • Organic India Honey – Multi floral
  • Patanjali Honey
  • Apis Honey
  • Saffola Honey
  • Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey
  • Baidyanath Honey
  • 24 Mantra Organic – Organic Wild Honey

Dabur Honey Detailed Review – What Our Tests Revealed?

During our 2019 testing, Dabur Honey was chosen as our Top Pick because all the parameters were well within the range as advised by FSSAI. When we repeated these tests two years later in 2021 to find out Dabur honey is pure or not, Dabur was the ONLY brand from the previous winners’ list that won again. Not only does that indicate consistency in quality but also helps build consumer trust.

In 2019, Dabur Honey was tested for its Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), added sugars, and moisture content.

Dabur Honey – Parameters Tested 2019 Results
HMF (mg/kg) 47.42
Added Sugars ND (Not detected)
Moisture (%) 14.17

In 2021, during Dabur Honey review, it was tested for its Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), added sugars, reducing sugars, and moisture content. 

Dabur Honey – Parameters Tested 2021 Results
HMF (mg/kg) 30.53
Added Sugars ND (Not detected)
Moisture (%) 16.38
Total Reducing Sugars 77.66

What are our key findings? 

During Dabur Honey review, our test results indicated the following – 

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  • Dabur honey has NO added sugars.
  • The moisture content of honey is under permissible limits (20%). A lower moisture content is indicative that the product will maintain quality for longer. 
  • The controlled HMF levels of Dabur Honey are indicative of fresh, good quality honey. 
  • Total reducing sugars, which should be above 65% as per FSSAI guidelines, are also met.

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How We Tested Them?

The honey samples were not sent to us by the brands. These were picked off the shelves from a store or were ordered online by our team of researchers. The manufacturers or brands had no role in deciding which batch of honey was sent for testing, neither did brands have a say in which product should or should not be tested. 

All 10 sealed honey samples were sent to a NABL accredited lab. The lab follows strict norms of blind testing and even the lab assistants are unaware of the brand they are testing to avoid any personal bias towards any product.

Which Tests Did We Order And Why?

Dabur Honey

These tests helped us gauge the freshness and quality of honey. Through these tests, we also found out if your trustworthy honey brand has any added sugars. 

For our honey brands review, we ordered the following tests – 

Name Of The Test What Is It For? Permissible Limits (FSSAI)
Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) To check the freshness and quality of honey. Lower the HMF, fresher the honey. Maximum limit – 80 mg/kg
Moisture Moisture content indicates how long the honey can last.

Higher the moisture content, higher the chances of honey fermenting.

Under 20%
Added Sugars Is any synthetic, cheap quality sugar added to the honey to increase volume and alter the sweetness?  No permissible limits.
Total Reducing Sugars Indicative of adulteration of honey with commercial sugars.  Over 65%

What You Need To Know About Dabur Honey

*As per information on the pack and Dabur Honey website

  • Dabur Honey is available in two types of packs – A glass jar and a plastic squeezy bottle. 
  • Dabur’s 1 kg honey jar is priced at Rs 430/-.
  • Best before 18 months from the date of manufacture. 
  • Do not refrigerate the honey.
  • Ingredients (as mentioned on the pack) – Honey (100%)
  • Dabur Honey is 100% compliant on 22 FSSAI parameters.
  • 100% Indian sourced honey.
  • Dabur Honey is manufactured in-house in USFDA registered facilities.

As per Dabur’s website, the honey has been tested for all 22 parameters mandated by FSSAI including Fructose to Glucose Ratio, Sucrose, Pollen Count and Plant Elements, C4 Sugar and much more. ‘Dabur is complying with the 22 parameters (listed below) mandated by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) for testing Honey. In addition, Dabur Honey is also tested for the presence of antibiotics, as mandated by FSSAI. All this ensures that Dabur Honey is 100% Pure without any adulteration.’

FAQs About Dabur Honey

Here are a few interesting FAQ’s about Dabur honey.

1. What are the different ways to use Dabur honey?

We know the basics! You know, lukewarm water and lemon, in your cup of green tea or as a topping for pancakes and waffles! But what can you use honey for apart from that? Here are 5 different ways to use honey.

  • Add it to salad dressings 

A spoonful of honey in a salad dressing is an absolute game-changer. Some lemon, pepper, salt, and honey make for a delicious, summery salad dressing.

  • Use it for baking 

Add it to cookies and cakes for that delish natural sweetness. Honey, raisin, and oatmeal cookies are YUM!

  • Glazing 

Glaze your vegetables and meat while grilling and roasting.

  • Make a smoothie 

Certain combinations like banana, coconut and honey work brilliantly in a smoothie.

  • Make granola and energy bars 

Making granola or an energy bar at home? Add some honey and you have a delicious snack with a natural sweetener.

2. How should I store Dabur Honey?

There are a few vital points that you should keep in mind while storing honey, and these are applicable to storing Dabur Honey as well.

  • Honey should never be refrigerated. It fastens the crystallization process.
  • Honey should always be stored in a cool, dry place where there is no moisture. Moisture can ferment the honey, thus spoiling it. 
  • Close the lid of the honey jar tightly. 
  • Never heat the honey on a direct flame.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.

3. In what different sizes is Dabur Honey available? 

Dabur honey is available in different sizes and packages. Let us have a look at Dabur honey price and different sizes in detail.

S.No Package Type Net Weight Price

As per Dabur honey’s website

1. Bottle/Jar 50 gm Rs 37/-
2.  Bottle/Jar 100 gm Rs 62/-
3. Bottle/Jar 250 gm Rs 99/-
4.  Bottle/Jar 500 gm Rs 199/-
5. Bottle/Jar 1000 gm (1 kg) Rs 395/-
6.  Squeezy 225 gm Rs 155/-
7.  Squeezy 400 gm Rs 280/-

4. Does Dabur Honey expire?

The best thing about honey is that it doesn’t expire. Honey doesn’t spoil if it’s stored properly in air-tight jars and kept in a cool place. Honey kept for a long time may change color. It may also get crystalized. But it does not expire, it is still safe to consume.

On the packaging, you may notice that brands mention no expiry date; instead, they mention the best-before date.

5. Is Dabur Honey pure?

As per the different tests conducted during our review process, Dabur honey has no added sugars. Also, we found the moisture content in Dabur honey is under 20% as per permissible limits.

Another focus we had during our test was to check for the HMF levels. Dabur honey HMF levels were 30.53mg/kg which shows that HMF levels are under control. Looking at all these parameters, we picked Dabur Honey as our overall Top Pick. It is fresh and of good quality.

6. What is the price of 1kg Dabur Honey?

The price of 1 kg Dabur Honey with no added sugar and adulteration is Rs 378/-.

7. Does Dabur Honey expire? If Yes, What’s the Dabur honey expiry time?

No. Dabur honey never expires. But it is best to consume it till best before date mentioned on the jar. This date doesn’t mean that the honey can’t be consumed after it. It is still safe to consume honey after best before date.


Dabur Honey
Dabur honey emerged as Mishry's Top Pick twice over a span of two years.

Dabur honey is pure or not? Through our testing, it was revealed that Dabur honey has no added sugars. The HMF, moisture content, and total reducing sugars are all well within the permissible range. All these are indicative of fresh, good-quality honey that has no added sugars.

Have you tried Dabur honey before? Tell us about your experience and your dabur honey review in the comment section below.

At Mishry we are all for transparency in our review processes and fairness in our methodologies. We are also duty-bound to share with our readers that no samples tested for the purpose of this review were given by the brand. They were, in fact, purchased by us via channels open to all of us as regular customers. No brand was promised a favourable result in lieu of a fee.

Any purchase you may make via affiliate links in the article, may earn us a commission. Read our complete Ethics Statement here.

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