Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker Review - Perfect For Large Families
Cuisinchef urban Pressure cooker review

Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker Review – Perfect For Large Families

The Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review will help you decide if this stainless steel vessel is worth investing in. This is an induction friendly pressure cooker.

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The Cucinchef Pressure Cooker is easy to use and clean. The inner lid of the cooker makes it very easy to handle. The handle of the cooker does not heat up and is cool to touch. The pressure cooker has a sharp, clear whistle sound.

Has your sleep ever been interrupted by the sharp sound of the pressure cooker whistle? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club! All Indian homes have an old trusty pressure cooker that has been passed on through generations. 

With raised awareness about the ill-effects of usage of aluminum vessels in the kitchen, stainless steel cookware are now all the rage in the market. Over time we have reviewed a lot of stainless steel cookware including kadhais, frypans, and 2-liter pressure cookers. 

The Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker review discusses in detail the price, design, material, safety features, and usability of the vessel. Does this pressure cooker have a user-friendly design? Does it have an outer lid or an inner lid? Is the sound of the whistle sharp and steady? Let’s dig deep in our Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker Review.

Quick Reivew

Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review

The 5 Liter Pressure Cooker by Cucinchef is perfect for large families!

MRP – Rs 3,150/-*

Capacity – 5 Liters

*Price at the time of review

Pressure cooking not only retains the nutrition of the food but also cooks it faster. This is why a pressure cooker is used extensively in most Indian homes. In this section, we will discuss the various aspects of the Cuisinchef urban induction pressure cooker.

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1. Price

On average, a 5-liter stainless steel pressure cooker can be priced anything between Rs 2500/- to Rs 4000/-. The price range difference depends on the brand of pressure cooker you’re purchasing.  The Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker with a 5-liter capacity is priced at Rs 3,150/-.

2. Material 

The Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker is made using stainless steel. The pressure cooker is made from non-magnetic food-grade stainless steel. For the purpose of even and uniform heating, the thick bottom of the cooker is made by sandwiching a layer of aluminum between two sheets of stainless steel. 

3. Cooker Weight

During our Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker Review, we weighed the pressure cooker with and without the whistle. 

Weight of the pressure cooker – 2.2 Kg

Weight of the whistle – 70 grams

4. Capacity

Pressure cookers can come in various capacities ranging from 1-liter to 7-liters and above. The capacity you choose depends on the size of the family. Pressure cookers with a capacity of 5-liters and above are best suited for larger families. The capacity of the Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker has a capacity of 5-liters.

5. Bottom Plate/Cooker Base

The Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker has a flat bottom making it induction friendly. It is also suitable for gas stoves and ceramic cooktops.

6. Lid Type

The lid of any pressure cooker can be an inner lid or an outer lid. The inner lid is much easier and smoother to operate. The Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker has an inner lid.

6. Safety Parameters

The Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker has a lot of safety features that are noteworthy.

  • It has a cool-to-touch handle. 
  • The rubber gasket helps prevent loss of steam while cooking. 
  • The pressure-locked safety lid cannot be opened while there is still pressure inside. 
  • There is a safety valve under the handlebar.

7. Warranty

The warranty period of the Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker is 5 Years. The cooker has a Limited Cuisinchef Brand Warranty.

Product Information – Features And Facts Details – Cuisinchef Induction Pressure Cooker Review
Capacity 5 Liters
Weight (With Whistle) 2.2 kg
Price Rs 3,150/-
Material Stainless Steel
Lid Type Inner Lid
Compatibility  Gas stove, Induction cooktop, Ceramic cooktop

Cuisinchef Urban Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – Detailed Review

For our Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review, we used it over a span of 2 months in different kitchens on different cooktops – 

  • We tested this on an induction cooktop in our test kitchen.
  • We used it on a gas stove for a large family of 8 members.
  • We tested this for a small family (3 members) as well on a regular gas top.  
Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review
The Cucinchef Pressure Cooker

How did we test this pressure cooker?

For an in-depth analysis during our Cuisinchef pressure cooker review, we used it for different recipes and everyday tasks including – 

  • Boiling potatoes
  • Boiling vegetables like spinach and peas.
  • Making vegetable pulao
  • Making a chicken stew
  • We also made several kinds of tadka dals in this like channa dal, moong dal, and dal makhni.
  • Pulses and legumes that take longer to cook were also tested in this cooker like rajma (red kidney beans), lobia (black eyed beans), and safed channa and kale channa (chickpeas).

We made two types of daliya (cracked wheat) – One with milk and one with vegetables.

Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review
The base of the pressure cooker. This is an induction friendly cooker.

Throughout our review, be it on an induction cooktop or on a regular gas stove, we noticed that the whistle of the cooker is extremely sharp. The force with which the pressure is released is indicative of a well-functioning pressure cooker. 

The inner lid fits in smoothly and is convenient to use. The stainless steel cooker was easy to clean. Even tougher, old stains of turmeric-stained dal-water came off with ease. The bottom did not stain during our testing phase. The rubber gasket is easy to clean as well and does not slip off after each use.

Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review
A closer look at the whistle of the pressure cooker.

While this is perfect for a large family (with 8 members), this pressure cooker is not meant for a small family with 2-4 members. For that size, a 2-3-liter cooker is more than sufficient. 

Note – Most appliances, pots, and pans are tested again and again in our review lab. Reviews are updated and renewed with time. 

Cuisinchef Urban Pressure Cooker Review
The handle of the Cucinchef Pressure Cooker is cool to touch after cooking.


  • The capacity of the Cucinchef Pressure Cooker is 5 liters.
  • The material used to make the pressure cooker is stainless steel.
  • It has a flat bottom.
  • It is induction friendly. 
  • The pressure cooker has an inner lid.
  • The weight of the cooker is 2.2 kilograms.


  • The sound of the whistle is clear and sharp.
  • The inner lid is easy to use and fits well.
  • The cooker does not stain and is easy to clean.
  • The handle of the cooker is cool to touch.
  • It has a pressure-locked safety lid.

Best Suited For

The 5-liter Pressure Cooker is best suited for large families who cook extensively in a cooker. From boiling potatoes to making hearty stews and even daily dals, chole, and rajma, this pressure cooker is a boon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cuisinchef urban pressure cooker.

Is the Cucuinchef Urban Pressure Cooker easy to use?

Yes. It is easy to use. For our Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker review, we used this cooker extensively for a period of 2 months. During this time frame, we noticed that the inner lid makes it easy to operate the cooker. You can use it on a gas stove and an induction cooktop as well.

What are the dimensions of the Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker? 

The dimensions of the Cucinchef Pressure Cooker are 40 x 22 x 18 Centimeters (LxWxH).

What is the purpose of a pressure cooker?

Pressure-cooking helps preserve the nutrition and taste of the food cooked. Which is cooking soups, broths, and stews in a cooker is a preferred option. Not only that it helps tenderize meat in a short span of time. For some dishes, using a pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by 50%.

Which material is the Cucinchef Pressure Cooker made of?

The Cucinchef pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. The thick base of the cooker is a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of non-magnetic stainless steel sheets. 

Summary – Cucinchef Pressure Cooker Review

Our Cuisinchef urban pressure cooker review consisted of using it for making everyday dishes like dal, rajma, channa to use it for boiling vegetables and even making stews and pulao. Over a period of 2 months, we noticed that this pressure cooker has a sharp, clear whistle sound which is indicative of a well-functioning cooker. The stainless steel body of the cooker is easy to clean and maintain. Make sure you wipe the pressure cooker with a dry cloth after washing as water stains can ruin the shiny looks.

Have you used a stainless steel pressure cooker before? If you agree with our Cuisinchef Pressure Cooker Review, let us know in the comment box below.

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