Countertop Organizer With Drawers Review - Mishry Finds
countertop organizer with drawers

Countertop Organizer With Drawers Review – Mishry Finds

We reviewed this organizer rack with in-build drawers from Amazon. Here’s our thoughts on the product.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
3 / 5


This multipurpose organizer rack offers good storage space, but considering the quality of the product we felt it could have been better.

Organizing and decluttering your house is an easy way to refresh the entire look. The best way to declutter is with the help of wall shelves and organizers. These are perfect to keep small items off the countertop.

Organizers are compact, easy to maintain and a must in every household. From makeup items to other essentials, you can conveniently place them on any countertop. We recently discovered this classy-looking organizer with built-in drawers.

Is this organizer ideal for day-to-day application? Are the drawers smooth to open? Is this a quality product? Find out all the answers in our Mishry Finds review below :


This is made of polystyrene plastic.


1. Includes two drawers and seven compartments

2. Perfect for using as a desk organizer too

What’s Special? 

It comes with an additional space on top for extra storage.

Countertop Organizer With Drawers – Quick Glance

A quick snapshot covering the product details of the countertop organizer with drawers : 

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Countertop Organizer With Drawers  Product Details 
Price  INR 359 (at the time of review)
Special Feature  This organizer includes drawers 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  3

Mishry’s Experience

There are multiple sections in this organizer rack that provides room for placing different items. But quality wise, it could have been better. 

The built- in drawers are great to keep small stuff and add up to the storage space. In terms of usability, the drawers do not glide smoothly. It gets slightly difficult to open and close the drawers. 

A good thing is you can use it as a desk organizer as well as for storing cosmetics. 

Hence, the above reasons led to an overall score of 3.

countertop organizer with drawers dismantling
Review in Process : Organizer With Drawers.

Design & Appearance 

Design-wise, this countertop organizer has seven open compartments and two in-built drawers. The base of the organizer features a perforated pattern that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Design & Appearance - 3.5/5

Quality & Performance 

The overall quality of this organizer is not up to the mark. It is an average product. The biggest drawback here is that the drawers do not glide smoothly. It gets slightly cumbersome to open and close the drawers.

Quality & Performance - 3/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on countertop organizer rack with drawers

This counter organizer rack is equipped with two drawers.

Yes. This is made using polystyrene plastic.

Considering the use of this product, it does serve its purpose well. However, quality-wise, we definitely do not recommend purchasing this.

There are a total of seven compartments included in this organizer rack.

Final Round Up

Overall we thought that the organizer was not great in terms of quality. It definitely needs improvement. But it is pocket friendly and can be used in office spaces.

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