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cornitos spinach veggie nachos review

Cornitos Spinach Veggie Nachos Review – Seasoned with Italian herbs

Cornitos Spinach veggie nachos are ideal for adding some vibrancy and crunch to homemade grazing platters.

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Cornitos Spinach veggie nachos make for a vibrant addition to homemade platters. But if you’re looking for robust flavors, you may be disappointed.

Gameday gatherings, movie marathons, midnight cravings, or a crunchy side dish with burgers or chicken wings- nachos are fantastic party food! From RTE nacho chips and dips to unique flavors and surprising ingredients, Cornitos offers numerous options in this range. 

From the ‘healthier’ Veggie nachos range of nachos, we tried the Quinoa chips and loved them for the crunch and how well they delivered on the claims. Now we’re reviewing another variant from this range. We ordered the two-serve pack and this is how the Cornitos Spinach veggie nachos review went. 

Cornitos Spinach Veggie Nachos – Everything You Need To Know

cornitos spinach veggie nachos
These nacho chips are packed in an illustrative pack.

Cornitos Spinach veggie nachos are made using natural spinach extract and are seasoned with Italian herbs. Here’s all you need to know about them. 

1. Packaging

These spinach-flavored nacho chips come in a 70-gram white and green pack. The nachos are nitrogen flushed. Nitrogen flushing helps preserve freshness and also protects the contents from any damage during transit. 

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2. Appearance

Nachos have a typical triangular shape. Our experience with this pack was not the same. There were multiple broken pieces and barely any full triangles. 

Like we discussed, nitrogen flushing creates a cushion-like layer for prevention against damage. After such measures have been taken, the broken pieces were quite disappointing. 

3. Texture

These nacho chips aren’t too thick, they have wafer-like thinness. We also noticed these nachos had double layers. 

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Made with corn oil, these didn’t feel oily or sticky on the palette or fingers, and we’re not complaining!

4. Taste

Nachos, as we know, are savory snacks. These nacho chips were relatively more salted but it wasn’t overwhelming. The overall taste was still yum!

These had a slight tanginess to them but weren’t too spicy. We think these can make for a good kid-friendly snack.

In addition to this, a very subtle hint of garlic could also be tasted. 

5. Flavour

Since these are spinach-based nacho chips, the prime focus of our taste test was how well do they deliver on the spinach claim. The spinach flavor is extremely mild. Similarly, the flavor of Italian herbs used is barely present. It’s almost as if they were only seen, not tasted. 

6. Crunch

This aspect is where we gave Cornitos full marks! At Mishry, the camera always eats before we do. The process of visual data collection ran a little longer than we anticipated, but to our surprise, the nachos retained their crunch! They hadn’t turned soggy at all. 

Cornitos Spinach Veggie Nachos – Detailed Review

Cornitos Spinach Veggie Nachos Product Details
Price Rs 50
Quantity 70 grams
Calories 143 Kcal per 28 gram serve
Shelf Life Six months


This range of nacho chips is nitrogen flushed and they are packed like most wafers/potato chips/nachos are. 

These green nachos are seasoned with Italian herbs but they failed to show their presence in the aroma. Corn oil majorly dominated the aroma.

The ingredient list mentions the addition of spinach powder, but the lingering bitter taste spinach has was completely missing. The spinach flavor was very subtle. The salt, spice, and tangy flavors are well-rounded.

We could see some white specs that we couldn’t identify. That said, the flavors of other aromatic herbs like oregano, thyme, and basil wasn’t too prominent either. We detected some delicate notes of garlic. 


You might have noticed the pack mentions masa corn. Here’s what it is. Masa corn is a flour made by grinding dried corn kernels. It is traditionally used in the preparation of tortilla chips and nachos. 

cornitos spinach veggie nachos on a plate
Most pieces were broken.
closer look at cornitos spinach veggie nachos on a plate
These are seasoned with cheese, spinach, and soy sauce powder.
cornitos spinach veggie nachos chip
The crunch is well retained for a considerably long duration.


  • A 70-gram bag is priced at Rs 50/-.
  • Shelf life- six months
  • Ingredients- Corn (70%), Edible vegetable oil (corn oil), Salt, Spices, and condiments (black pepper, chili, bell pepper, thyme, oregano, basil), Sugar, Garlic powder (15%), Onion powder, Milk solids ( 5%) (whey powder, skim milk powder), Cheese powder, Spinach powder, Soya sauce powder (soybean, salt, corn starch), Acidity regulator citric acid (INS 330).


  • These have a vibrant green color.
  • The salt to spice ratio is well-balanced.
  • These nacho chips are super crunchy! The crunch is retained for a relatively longer duration.
  • They aren’t greasy/oily. 


  • The taste of spinach is missing.
  • We couldn’t taste much of the Italian herbs added.
  • Most pieces were broken.

Best Suited For

This is a kid-friendly snack as it isn’t loaded with spices. We recommend using them in a homemade grazing platter for some vibrancy and crunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cornitos Spinach Veggie Nachos.

1. Can these nachos be garnished with cheese, mayo and served?

Yes, since the cheese flavor is quite light you can build it up. 

2. How to assemble nachos to enhance their taste?

Start with a layer of nacho chips on a plate/tray. Add a generous layer of grated cheese followed by sliced olives/jalapenos. You can add some chopped veggies like onions, capsicum, tomatoes, and corn. To complete the dish, add a dip like sourcream or salsa. 

3. Do these nachos remain as fresh as they stay in the packaging?

Yes, but it is best to store them in an air-tight container once opened. 

4. Is consuming nachos healthy?

Moderation is key, ensure you don’t munch on the entire pack in a go. 

5. Can these nachos be given to children under 8 years of age?

This contains INS 330. While this is a safe food additive, some people may be allergic. Therefore, it is best to consult an expert.

Final Words

cornitos spinach veggie nachos overview
Our Cornitos spinach nachos review.

Bold crunches, big sips- Cornitos Spinach veggie nachos are the perfect bite-sized food item to prepare fancy-looking platters. All flavors (salt, spice, cheesy, herby) are very subtle but overall, this is a decent pack of nachos that you can surely build upon.

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