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comorin navratra thali dishes that spell Navratra magic

Comorin Navratra Thali Review : 10+ Dishes That Spell Navratra Magic

SO good, you will forget that you’re fasting! Read our full review of the Comorin Navratra Thali.

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A Navratri thali from a gourmet restaurant? What more could we ask for? Navratri Thalis have been discussed, ordered, tasted, and reviewed at Mishry HQ for nearly a week. We have tasted in the last few days more kuttu puris, aloo ki subzi, samak ki khichri, and paneer koftas than we have this whole year! (not that we are complaining). Comorin, a Gurgaon based restaurant, and a recipient of several top awards last year, is doing a limited edition Comorin Navratra thali menu. We reviewed this Navratri menu and here is how it went.

Navratri, or Navratras, is a Hindu festival celebrated in India where Indian goddesses are worshipped for a period of 9 days. A large section of the population observes fasts or dietary restrictions during these days. Fast-friendly ingredients include kuttu ka atta (buckwheat), samak ke chaawal (barnyard millet), kaddu (pumpkin), paneer (cottage cheese), singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour), sabudana (tapioca), and of course aloo (potatoes).

Comorin Navratra Thali – What All Does It Have?

The Navratri Menu at Comorin has a platter that has the following dishes:

  • Side 1 – Sabudana Papad
  • Side 2 – Spicy Aloo Chips
  • Starter 1 – Phalahari Mawa Seekh
  • Starter 2 – Sago & Coconut Khichdi
  • Main course 1 – Khatta Meetha Pumpkin
  • Main course 2 – Figs & paneer Kofta
  • Main course 3 – Aloo Tamatar Rassa
  • Main course 4 – Teen Mirchi Ki Arbi
  • Breads – Kuttu and Peanut Thalipeeth
  • Dessert 1 – Bhuni Shakarkandhi ka Halwa with Gur Makhaane ki Patti
  • Chutney 1 – Mint Chutney
  • Chutney 2 – Strawberry Chilli Chutney
  • Chutney 3 – Peanut-Coconut Chutney

Where can you get it from?

The Comorin Navratri Thali, one of the best Navratri Thali in Gurgaon, is available at the restaurant and can also be picked up for taking away. Comorin deals do not cover at-home deliveries, and you will not find this on any food delivery app. Our thali was sent for tasting by the restaurant, in a regular take away packaging.

Our Review Of The Comorin Navratra Thali

Read in detail review of the Comorin Navratra Thali from menus to the taste.

comorin navratri special thali
The Comorin Navratri Thali Review

1. Sides 

The sabudana papad and the aloo chips gave our meal a crunchy start.

Spicy Aloo Chips

2. Phalahari Mawa Seekh 

We started with the Phalahari Mawa Seekh. This one has lots of veggies and is super soft and light. The crunch that the carrots and flaked almonds provide is unmissable. The mint chutney matches perfectly with this one.

3. Sago And Coconut Khichdi 

Very often, in most Navratri thalis, you find gooey, sticky sabudana khichdi that is unappetizing. This one looked like little pearls that plumped up perfectly. The Sago & Coconut Khichdi is really a showcase of how sago khichdi does not have to be gooey or sticky. Each sago pearl is separate and coated with the right amount of seasoning. Other ingredients like peanuts, cumin, dry coconut slivers, little chunks of potatoes make this a wonderfully flavored starter.

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4. Khatta Meetha Pumpkin 

The Khatta Meetha Pumpkin has the correct amount of both the aspects – sour and sweet. Nothing overpowers the pumpkin flavor. It’s delicious and soft.

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5. Teen Mirchi Ki Arbi 

Thick cut slices of arbi coated in a delectable red masala. Contrary to what the name might suggest, it is not too spicy. An innovative and tasty dish.

6. Figs And Paneer Kofta

One of the star dishes in the Navratra Platter by Comorin is the anjeer and paneer kofta. The kofta is so soft, it will melt in your mouth. The little bits of soft-chewy figs in the center are a great addition, bringing with them just that little bit of sweetness. The gravy is creamy and matches perfectly with the combination of figs and paneer.

7. Aloo Tamatar Rassa

A must-have in any Navratri thali! The tangiest dish in this melange is the aloo tamatar rassa dish. The aloo sabzi is tomato red in color and has a prominent sweet-sour-tart flavor.

8. Kuttu and Peanut Thalipeeth 

A Maharashtrian breakfast and snack item, this kuttu, potatoes, sabudana, and peanut thalipeeth is sufficient by itself to fill you up. It’s got the perfect seasoning and texture that will work brilliantly well with all the main course dishes.

kuttu and peanut thalipeeth
Kuttu and Peanut Thalipeeth

9. Bhuni Shakarkandhi Ka Halwa With Gur Makhaane ki Patti 

If we didn’t know that this was made using sweet potatoes, we would not have been able to guess the star-ingredient on our own. Promise! The halwa is delicately flavored and we couldn’t stop ourselves from gobbling it down. Like in so many dishes at Comorin, there is a lot of play of textures, and that is at display here as well. Caramelized makhanas, nuts, raisins, and even chunks of amaranth add to a wonderful bite. If you still need more crunch, the sweet potato and jaggery chips on the side are perfect to scoop up the halwa over a cup of coffee.

10. Chutneys

Even though all the chutneys add freshness to the thali, we would like to give a special mention to the strawberry and chili chutney. Super appetizing and more importantly, tasted so good with the thalipeeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we saw, Comorin Navratri thali has a lot to offer making it a place for best Navratri food in Gurgaon. Let’s discuss some of the FAQs asked by our readers.

1. Which dish in this Navratri thali is the best?

As per our reviewer, one of the star dishes in Comorin Navratra thali is Anjeer and Paneer kofta. The koftas were so soft that it melted in the mouth. The figs added in it add a little bit of sweetness. The gravy is creamy and matches perfectly with the figs and paneer.

2. For how many days does this Navratri thali remain fresh?

Comorin Navratri thali is available at the restaurant and can also be picked up for takeaway. It is freshly made and is preferable to consume it that day.

3. Does this thali contain any kinds of preservatives?

No. Comorin Navratra thali contains zero preservatives.

Final Words

The thing about Chef Manish Mehrotra’s food is that it uplifts a regular twice-a-year thali affair to a new gourmet level. While using all the ingredients that are Navratra-friendly, the platter is vastly superior to anything you will find at any quick-service chain. Sure, Comorin Navratri Thali price is much more. But the flavors, combinations, and the sheer variety make it completely unmissable.

If you are in Gurugram, and fasting or not, if there is one Navratra thali you are planning to indulge in this Navratri season – let it be the one created by Chef Manish Mehrotra. We hope this review of the Comorin Navratra Thali will help you.

P.S – Our soul is still stuck inside that spectacular halwa.

Not in Gurugram? Here is the Tastiest Navratri Thalis for you.

Begin The Binge!

*The food samples tried during this review were sent by the brand or were given at a discounted price. This, in no way, affects our review and opinions about the product. Our review remains true to our real experience.

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