Cello Checkers Kitchen Storage Container Set Review Cello Checkers Kitchen Storage Container Set Review
cello checkers plastic air tight container set review

Cello Checkers Kitchen Storage Container Set Review

Cello Plastic Airtight Jars come in sets of 18 pieces. In the kitchen and outside, these enhance the aesthetic.

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Three sizes, easy stackability with airtight lids, the Cello Checkers Plastic Airtight set brings a symmetric look in the kitchen space while keeping the ingredients fresh!

Storage containers are a blessing when you’re in pursuit of a well-organized kitchen. Having your cabinets stacked with great quality, airtight containers can be a game changer when it comes to storing dry ingredients like flour, grains, pulses, nuts, a half-eaten pack of chips or biscuits. 

For better organization in our test kitchen, we ordered an 18-piece set of stackable airtight PET containers by Cello from an e-commerce website. In this Cello Checkers Plastic Airtight container set review, we talk about the ingredients we stored in these containers, the duration, and also address concerns like how wide/small the jar mouths are, whether or not they are microwave/freezer-safe, can they be stacked once filled, ease of cleaning and sturdiness.

Cello Checker Kitchen storage containers come in sets of six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty four. We ordered the 18-piece set from Amazon. This 18-piece set comprises six pieces of three different-sized containers. The capacities are 300 ml, 650 ml, and 1200 ml. 

These round-shaped containers have vibrant blue lids. Technical details in terms of material, design, stackability, overall ease of use have been discussed below.

1. Packaging

These kitchen storage containers were neatly packed in the box. The smaller containers were placed inside the larger ones. All the six large jars were then wrapped in plastic.

cello checkers container set packaging
Cello Kitchen Storage containers were packed decently.

2. Material

Cello Checkers containers are made of 100% food-grade PET material and are Bisphenol A (BPA)-free. The material used makes the jars odorless and shatter resistant. 

3. Shape/Design

These containers have a round shape and a checkered design. They are see-through which is ideal for identifying ingredients without opening the lids repeatedly. 

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Additionally, the wide mouth structure allows for easy accessibility in terms of storage and removal of ingredients. The mouth is wide enough for storing measuring cups/spoons in the jar also. 

4. Lids

The jars come with airtight lids. Since no moisture can pass through the lids, these containers are optimal for storing dry food, pulses, spices, etc. 

5. Quantity

This storage container set comprises three sets of six different-sized jars. 

6. Capacity

There are six jars having a capacity of 300 ml, 650 ml, and 1200 ml respectively. 

7. Compactness

The stackable design of these PET storage containers enhances space saving. 

8. Ease of Handling

Made using 100% BPA-free PET material, these containers have a shatter-proof design. This ensures undemanding maintenance and durability. 

9. Ease of Cleaning

A mild detergent and sponge are all you need to clean these jars. What’s commendable is the size of the jar mouths. You can easily clean all nooks and crannies. 

10. Price

The Cello Checkers Plastic Container set price is INR 1133.

Cello Checkers Airtight Plastic Containers – Detailed Review

Parameters Cello Plastic Airtight Containers Review
Price INR 1133
Material Food-grade BPA-free Polyethylene Terephthalate
Shape Round base
Quantity 18 pieces
Capacity Six containers of 300 ml, 650 ml, and 1200 ml each. 


We used these containers to store kitchen staples like salt, sugar, chaat masala, sabudana (tapioca), cornflour, biscuits, and some other items including powders and non-kitchen essentials like buttons, pins, etc. 

While almost 90% of the ingredients retained freshness, the biscuits turned slightly soggy in a period of two weeks. 

Make sure you do not place these containers too close to the stove, while cooking or otherwise.

Some significant facts and features you should know about the Cello Airtight containers.

cello plastic air tight container set sizes
This set of storage containers has six pieces of three sizes, each.
cello checkers plastic air tight containers packaging
The smaller containers were inside the large ones.
cello checkers plastic container set review process
Some ingredients we stored in the checkers containers.
cello air tight container set with easy to use lids
These containers add a symmetric look to the kitchen space.


  • The set offers three different-sized containers.
  • They are made of food grade PET.
  • The capacity ranges from 300 ml to 1200 ml.
  • These are see-through and come with see-through lids.
  • The containers can be stacked on top of one another for maximum space saving. 


  • These storage containers come with airtight lids that are quite easy to open.
  • The material used ensures unbreakable and odorless containers.
  • The lids are equipped with oxygen barrier seals that help retain maximum flavor. 
  • There are 18 pieces in the set which give a symmetric look.
  • All containers are BPA-free.

Best Suited For

With our hectic lives, we often tend to bulk buy groceries like grains, pulses, packaged foods, etc. However, this will save time and prove beneficial only if the freshness and flavors are retained. 

Cello Checkers containers are equipped with airtight lids that prevent the entry of moisture or dust. Additionally, they are BPA-free which means no leaching of chemicals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cello Plastic Airtight Containers.

1. Is storing food products safe in cello checkers containers?

Yes, these containers are BPA-free. 

2. What are some unique features of cello airtight containers?

These are made of shatter-proof and odorless material. The lids have an airtight seal and are easy to open. Moreover, the see-through checkered pattern adds elegance to the kitchen shelves. 

3. Do cello checkers containers take a lot of space?

Quite the opposite, these containers are wide-mouthed and can be stacked on one another to save more space. 

4. Can I put a smaller one inside the larger one for packing?

Yes, definitely. In fact, these containers come packed in a similar way. 

5. Are these containers microwave & dishwasher safe?

These containers are meant for storing dry ingredients. They are not meant to be used for cooking/reheating food in a microwave. 

You are recommended to wash them manually using a mild detergent and sponge. 

Final Words

Here is Team Mishry’s Cello Kitchen Storage containers review. We used the small, medium, and large-sized containers for over three weeks in our test kitchen. All products we stored in these containers- be it flour, grains, pulses, or a pack of half-eaten biscuits- the freshness and flavor were both intact.

Do you prefer glass storage containers or BPA-free plastic ones look like a more durable option? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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