Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

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Cambridge Tea Party green tea was Mishry’s Best Everyday Green Tea Gourmet Pick. The green tea is available in two sizes, 40 grams, and 180 grams. According to the official website, the pack contains loose whole leaf green tea. The tea is natural nitrogen flushed for 100 percent freshness. So if you don’t mind paying a little extra for your green tea, then Cambridge green tea can be your gourmet pick.



Packaging of Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea

Cambridge Tea Party green tea comes in a simple white colored zip-lock pack, which makes it easier to store the leaves for a longer period. The pack contains minimal yet important information about the nutrition facts, net weight, health benefits of green tea, how to brew process, etc.


Pricing Information About Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea

The 40-gram pack is priced at Rs. 75 and can brew up to 20 cups of green tea. On the other hand, the 180-gram pack is priced at Rs. 249 and can make 90 cups. To brew a cup of Cambridge green tea, take 125 ml (1 cup) of freshly boiled water, add a teaspoon of tea leaves and let it brew for about two to four minutes.

Here are the nutritional facts of the tea:


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Nutritional Information Per 100 grams
Calories 355
Total Fat 0.0 gms
Sodium 0.0 mg
Total Carbohydrates 68 gms
Sugar 0.0 gms
Protein 19 gms


Flavor Of Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea


Surprisingly, Cambridge had the biggest leaf-size of the lot, as observed during our review. When the tea leaves were brewed, they opened up well and looked plump. As per the pack, whole leaf green tea is a journey of flavors that starts with sweet and savory and moves to mineral flint and fruity notes. Cambridge did full justice and had a strong yet pleasant flavor to offer.


Mishry Secret Sauce- Re-usability

The Mishry Secret Sauce was to check the re-usability of the green tea leaves. We stored the used green tea leaves for about four hours before brewing them again. It was to check if the leaves had retained their flavor and color. Most brands retained their flavor and color, Cambridge wasn’t behind too.



Cambridge Tea Party Green Tea Customer Care Details:

Email ID:

Phone Number: 7447407040

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.


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