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cadbury fuse fit almonds and peanuts snack bar review

Cadbury Fuse Fit Almond & Peanuts Review – A Delicious Snack Bar

Crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey. Read on for an in-depth Cadbury Fuse Snack Bar review.

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Fresh, honey-glazed nuts that bring some crunch to a smooth milk chocolate base. Cadbury Fuse Fit can make for a super-filling snack.

Nutty snack bars are, more often than not, all about the rice crispies and barley any chocolate or nuts. If you prefer your snack bars with a nutty crunch, this can be something you might like. 

From an eclectic chocolate range like Madbury to less sugar variants, cookies and cakes, Cadbury has successfully pleased all audiences in the past. A new addition to the ever-innovative range of bite-sized chocolates and snack bars is the Fuse Fit. Primarily targeted at those looking to up their daily protein, this nutty and chocolatey bar offers a surprisingly good amount of nuts. In our Cadbury Fuse Fit almonds and peanuts review, we decode the ingredient list, the macro distribution, and give our opinion on whether or not it is fit for daily snacking.

Cadbury Fuse Fit Almonds & Peanuts – Everything You Need To Know

Cadbury Fuse Fit Almonds and Peanuts comes with more nuts than the original 2016 variant. 

1. Packaging

This snack bar is packed in a semi-transparent wrapper. From information printed to the nuts and chocolate base, you get a sneak peek of what’s about to come. 

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2. Main Ingredients

The key ingredients used to make Cadbury Fuse Fit are- Nuts-50% (Peanuts-30%, Almonds-20%), Milk Chocolate- 18% (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids, Lactose, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers (442, 476)), Liquid Glucose, Rice Crispies 5%* (Rice Flour, Sugar, Refined Wheat Flour(Maida), Malt Extract, Iodised Salt), Honey, Invert Syrup, Humectant(422), Iodised Salt, Thickening Agent (440(I)), Starch, Emulsifiers(322), Antioxidants, (307c).

It also contains Added Flavour (Natural, Nature Identical And Artificial (Caramel And Vanilla) Flavoring Substances).

3. Taste

This snack bar is essentially a blend of nuts and milk chocolate. Do the nuts taste fresh? Is the proportion of nuts to chocolate in balance? Which element can we taste majorly, or are all of them present equally? Are all the elements in harmony with each other? Which flavor is the most dominant – nuts, chocolate or something else?

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4. Texture

When we scrutinized the ingredient list, we imagined a vast and varied texture profile on this bar. Made with nuts, rice crispies, and chocolate, have the ingredients retained their original textures? Collectively what is the texture of the bar?

5. Crunchiness

Primarily, nuts and crispies are the two ‘crunch’ lending elements. Do they give this bar the ‘bite’ or has it turned soggy throughout?

6. Nutritional Information

With a 10% daily protein requirement, this snack bar offers 211 kcal. 

Per 100 grams, it offers 528 kcal which is divided as 14.4 grams of protein, 48.2 grams of carbohydrates (of which 26.8 grams is sugar), 30.9 grams of fat, and 5.7 grams of fiber. 

8. Price

A 40-gram bar is priced at Rs 50. 

Cadbury Fuse Fit Almonds & Peanuts – Detailed Review

Cadbury Fuse Fit Product Details
Available Sizes 40 grams
Ingredients  Nuts 50% (peanuts- 30%, almonds-20%), Milk Chocolate 18%, Liquid Glucose, Rice Crispies 5%, Honey, Invert Syrup, Iodized Salt. 
Net Quantity 40 grams
Calories 211 kcal (per bar)
Shelf Life Nine months


Cadbury Fuse Fit is a nut-loaded snack bar that has 50% nuts. Unlike other nut-based snack bars, this had separate layers. A milk chocolate base topped with nuts and honey-drizzled rice crispies. 

Let’s further decode the taste and texture. The almonds and peanuts lend nutty (and slightly salted) flavors that compliments the milk chocolate sweetness really well. 

In terms of texture, there’s a delectable interplay of nuts, crispies and chocolate. Whole almonds have been used that bring a chunky bite to this snack bar. The peanut bits add a bite but aren’t as crunchy as almonds. That said, both nuts taste fresh! The honey glaze adds positively to the appearance as well as taste. 

Next come the rice crispies. Prepared with rice flour, refined wheat flour, salt, and sugar, we expected crispy and crunchy rice balls. To our surprise, these had turned soggy and did not retain the crunch. Instead, they had a very chewy bite. This snack bar is crunchy and chewy at the same time! 

Overall, the crunchy nuts, the smooth chocolate base along with slightly soggy rice crispies, make for a tasty snack bar.

cadbury fuse fit almonds and peanuts
This is packed in a semi-transparent wrapper.
cadbury fuse fit almonds and peanuts on a plate
A chocolatey nut overload!
closer look at cadbury fuse fit almonds and peanuts
Here's a cross-sectional view of this snack bar.


  • A 40-gram Fuse Fit bar is priced at Rs 50.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • Main ingredients- Nuts 50% (peanuts- 30%, almonds-20%), Milk Chocolate 18%, Liquid Glucose, Rice Crispies 5%, Honey, Invert Syrup, Iodized Salt. 


  • The nuts taste fresh.
  • Glazed, whole almonds lend a chunky crunch.
  • The peanut bits are slightly salted which balances the sweetness.
  • With 50% (20 grams) of nuts, this snack bar is quite filling. 
  • It fills almost 10% of the daily protein requirement. 


  • The rice crispies had turned soggy. The texture can be improved a bit.
  • The brand could have used better or more nutrient-dense alternatives to invert syrup and liquid glucose. 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a filling snack, or a way to up your protein with some good fats and fiber- Cadbury Fuse Fit could be considered. 

That said, we do not recommend consuming this daily as it is packed with large quantities of sugar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cadbury Fuse Fit Almonds & Peanuts.

1. Is this Cadbury fuse fit snack bar healthy?

Even though the snack bar has 50% of nuts, we wouldn’t call this ‘healthy’ as it packs a lot of sugar.

2. Is this Cadbury a gluten-free product?

No, this is not gluten free. The rice crispies are made using refined wheat flour.

3. How much protein does it contain?

One 40-gram bar would give you approximately 5.5 grams of protein, as protein per 100 grams is 14.4 grams.

4. How many calories are intaken with each bite of the snack bar?

One bar offers 211 Kcal. 

Final Words

Crunchy, chewy, and nutty- all paired in one chocolatey snack bar, Cadbury Fuse Fit is a decadent (but occasional) delight! A milk chocolate base topped with honey-glazed nuts on a bed of rice crispies, this bar can make for a super filling snack. But if only the rice crispies were crispy this would’ve been a collective favorite. 

That said, though this bar offers significantly more protein than other commercially available chocolates, we wouldn’t recommend consuming this every day due to the large quantity of refined sugar it contains. 

The Fuse chocolate range was launched in 2016, have you tried it yet?

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