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britannia treat croissant cocoa creme roll review

Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll Review – Delicious Snacking

Britannia Treat Croissant has a delicious cocoa creme stuffing. But how is the texture of this treat?

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Britannia Treat has a chocolate creme centre that is stuffed from end to end. Even though it doesn’t live up to the ‘croissant’ tag, it is a delicious pocket friendly snacking option.

Best enjoyed with some coffee and a gorgeous view, croissants are a crescent shaped pastry made using copious amounts of butter. They are mostly flakey, crisp and multiple layered.

We picked a packaged croissant by Britannia Treat to see if it comes close to a freshly baked one. Our Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll review is based on our taste test where we gauged it on parameters like flavor and texture.

Contrary to what many believe, Croissants aren’t French pastries. They are of Austrian origin and were originally called Kipfel.

Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll – Everything You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll.

1. Packaging

The Britannia Treat Croissant comes packed in a white and purple pack which is not resealable. The croissant is placed directly in the wrapper, there is no tray.

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2. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients used are – Refined wheat flour (maida), Sugar, Margarine, Interesterified vegetable fat & palm oil, Liquid glucose, Yeast, Vital gluten, Milk solids, Cocoa solids (1%), Bakery improver, Anticaking agent, Flour treatment agent, and antioxidant, Humectant, Emulsifiers, Iodised salt and Preservative. 

Contains added flavors.

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3. Flavor

The dominant flavor should be of a buttery pastry and lush chocolate stuffing. We wanted to check the pastry to chocolate creme ratio, the sweetness levels and the individual flavor of the bread/pastry and chocolate creme.

The chocolate is filled in the centre most layer from end to end. At no point do we feel that we are just biting into bread. The ratio of chocolate to croissant pastry is perfect which enhances the overall experience. The chocolate filling is creamy and tasty. It’s a thick cream and not flowy or like a bar of melted chocolate. 

We love the balanced sweetness levels of this treat by Britannia.

4. Texture

Originally, a croissant is very flaky and buttery with cable-like layers. Not that we were expecting a croissant for 15 Rupees that comes at par with the one from a French boulangerie! But we were looking for something that has a flakey, buttery texture. 

The Britannia Treat Croissant is more bready than flakey or buttery. Although this is soft and airy, and the layers are on point, this wasn’t really flakey.

5. Freshness & Aftertaste

Does the bread taste stale or does the fat used lend a rancid smell/taste? Thankfully that wasn’t the case here. The product tastes fresh and has no foul aftertaste. 

6. Price

A single pack containing a single croissant is priced at Rs 15/-.

7. Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 4 months.

Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll– Detailed Review

Britannia Treat Croissant Product information 
Price Rs 15/-
Net weight 45 gms
Energy (per 100 gms) 430 Kcal
Shelf life 4 months
Main ingredients (Top 3) Refined wheat flour (maida), Sugar, Margarine

Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll is made using refined wheat flour, sugar and margarine.

The croissant has soft layers with a creamy centre filling. The croissant’s texture is more bread-like than the flakey, buttery pastry we are used to having. The fact that the chocolate creme filling is almost end to end is a plus point.

Overall, this is a value for money evening snack that kids and adults might like to eat occasionally.

Britannia treat croissant packaging
Packaging of Britannia's Croissant.
britannia treat croissant contents
The texture of the croissant is more bread-like than it is flakey.
cross sectional look at the croissant
Cross sectional view of the croissant.


  • A 45 gm pack contains 1 croissant. 
  • It is priced at Rs 15/-.
  • The shelf life is 4 months.
  • Ingredients – Refined wheat flour (maida), Sugar, Margarine, Interesterified vegetable fat & palm oil, Liquid glucose, Yeast, Vital gluten, Milk solids, Cocoa solids (1%), Bakery improver, Anticaking agent, Flour treatment agent, and antioxidant, Humectant, Emulsifiers, Iodised salt and Preservative.
  • Allergen advice – Contains wheat gluten and milk.
  • Polyols may have a laxative effect. 


  • The chocolate centre is ample and filled almost end to end. So when you bite into the croissant, it doesn’t feel bready.
  • The sweetness levels are very balanced.
  • This is a pocket friendly snack option. 


  • The texture is more bready than flakey.

Best Suited For

This is a good snack for tiffins and for those lazy coffee time snacks when you want something more substantial than a cookie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia Treat Croissant Cocoa Creme Roll.

1. Does this croissant contain any extra added preservatives?

Yes. The list of ingredients mentions the use of a preservative.

2. Are Croissants vegan products?

While bakers experiment with ingredients to suit the dietary needs of people in modern times, traditionally croissants are not vegan. They are loaded with butter. 

3. How do croissants taste?

Crisp, flakey and buttery. It’s the butter that makes croissants taste so delicious. 

4. Is the Britannia Treat Croissant favourable for diabetic patients?

No. Britannia’s Croissant has a chocolate creme stuffing which is not recommended for diabetics. If you must try this, make sure you exercise portion control.

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Final Words

Britannia’s Croissant has a soft bready texture and a gooey chocolate creme filling. While the texture of the ‘pastry’ was not what we were looking for, at 15 bucks, we say it’s a decent snacking option for when you are in need of something substantial. Thumbs up for the balanced sweetness and the delicious choco-creme filling.

Do you relish croissants? If yes, what do you usually pair it up with?

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