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best bottom freezer refrigerators

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators In India with Buying Guide (2024)

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Ah yes, there is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold glass of mango lassi. Its creamy texture and delicious and seductively sweet taste and clean flavor just hit the spot. But how do you keep mango lassi ice cold during the summer months when the temperature is soaring both inside and outside? The answer lies in a quality freezer. This article will discuss five of the best bottom freezer refrigerators in India.

Top 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerators In India

Before discussing the top five bottom freezer refrigerators in India, it’s time to discuss these white appliances. A bottom freezer refrigerator is one with the freezer compartment on the bottom and the refrigerator on the top. Indians prefer to use a bottom mount refrigerator because they freeze and preserve ice cream, meats, and processed foods that are not consumed daily.

Also, since the refrigerator is on the top, you can easily and quickly access the fruits and vegetables you need to cook without leaving the stove. Now that you know what a bottom mount fridge is and why you need one, it’s time to discuss the top five contenders:

1. Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator 

This multi-door refrigerator from Whirlpool features a capacity of 260 liters. It comes with the advantage of three doors – top, middle and bottom. Equipped with moisture retention technology, it helps retain the moisture and freshness of the contents. The best part is that it has a zeolite technology that prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator
Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Product Features:

  • It comes with a separate storage zone for fruits.
  • The easy twist action ensures easy removal and collection of ice.
  • The air booster function controls the circulation of cold air and ensures uniform cooling.

2. Haier Frost Free with inverter Double Door Refrigerator

This double door refrigerator from Haier features 14 in 1 convertible modes and triple inverter technology. The best part is that this refrigerator comes with toughened glass shelves that are sturdy. It comes with 2X bigger box for vegetables that lets you store a lot of vegetables. Additionally, the freezer is capable of producing ice in about an hour.

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Haier Frost Free with inverter Double Door Refrigerator
Haier Frost Free with inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Product Features:

  • It features anti-bacterial gasket.
  • Results in quick preparation of ice.
  • Provides ample space to store bottles.

3. Whirlpool 355 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator looks aesthetically pleasing. From the premium steel finish to the sleek chrome band to the feather touch UI, everything makes this refrigerator top notch. It supports variable temperature zone that ensures easy storage of dairy to fresh fruits to vegetables. Additionally, the ice tray is easy to remove and use.

Whirlpool 355 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Whirlpool 355 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Product Features:

  • The design of this refrigerator is elegant.
  • Supports variable temperature control.
  • Has the ability of 18 hours of cooling retention.

4. Bosch 415 L 2 Star (2020) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This double door refrigerator from Bosch has the freezer at the bottom and the fridge at the top. It supports a three star rating and comes with a capacity of 415 liters. The stainless steel material gives it a classy yet elegant look.

Bosch 415 L 2 Star (2020) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Bosch 415 L 2 Star (2020) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Product Features:

  • It comes with a three star rating.
  • The overall build is highly durable.

5. Haier 256 L 2 Star Convertible Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

Some of the valuable features of this refrigerator includes – bottom freezer box, anti bacterial gasket, a large vegetable basket, and toughened glass shelves. It supports 8 in 1 convertible modes and twin energy saving mode. Additionally, the turbo icing technology makes the process of making ice two times faster.

Haier 256 L 2 Star Convertible Bottom Mounted Refrigerator
Haier 256 L 2 Star Convertible Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

Product Features:

  • It features anti-bacterial gasket.
  • The clean back provides top-notch safety.
  • It comes with extra space to store bottles.

What do you look for when buying a refrigerator?

Reading the five refrigerator freezer descriptions may have made you wonder what to look for when buying bottom freezer refrigerators in India.

1. Style matters

Your bottom freezer refrigerator unit says something about you. Make sure that you buy an efficient appliance that works well and makes a great fashion statement in your kitchen. This will add personality and life to your kitchen. It will also ‘speak volumes’ about your appliance tastes.

When it comes to style, remember that you can’t go wrong with French doors. They are very stylish and beautiful. This is the reason why they’re always in fashion. They’re also more compact than their top freezer counterparts. However, what people love about them the most is the fact that they are very compact.

2. Size is of primary concern

You want to buy a bottom mount fridge if you have a compact kitchen.  The bottom freezer refrigerator tends to dominate the compact-size freezer/refrigerator category.

When buying a bottom freezer refrigerator in India is advantageous.

There are times when you would want to buy a bottom freezer refrigerator in India. This does not just apply to the people who live in India. There are certain characteristics of bottom freezers in India that really stand out.

3. Convenience

Your refrigerator will be easy to see and reach if you choose one with the bottom freezer layout. You’ll love this if you cook a lot because you’ll be able to access your favorite food items easily and within a few seconds. What’s more, is that your most used items will be easy to see since they will be ‘at an eye-level!’

One thing about bottom mount fridges that people love is that it places healthy food within their reach. They’re more likely to be tempted to snack on peanut butter and celery sticks instead of pudding or prepackaged snacks. Thus, people tend to stay healthier and lose weight when their freezers are near the bottom of their refrigerator units.

4. Ease in terms of controlling the temperature

Bottom mounted refrigerator tends to come with temperature settings that are easy to control. All you generally have to do to access the temperature settings is pull out a drawer that rests on top of the freezer. From there, it’s just a matter of turning the knob to the desired temperature. But you’ll love another feature about these types of refrigerators. You can easily fill these drawers with your favorite drinks, foods, and snacks. Thus you will always be able to enjoy a good can of yogurt and coke while watching your favorite cricket match.

Some bottom-mounted fridges allow you to customize the settings for different foods. For example, you can set your fruits at a different temperature than your vegetables. You can also set the temperature for your fridge in general differently than you do for your fruits and vegetables.

5. Compact size

People love the best bottom freezer refrigerators in India because they are so small. They save space by having the refrigerator stacked on top of the freezer. These bottom freezer refrigerators also have many large spaces and large hidden compartments. This makes it possible to store many more food items and beverages in comparison to a conventional refrigerator.

Refrigerators are used far more often than freezers are.

Most people use refrigerators almost every day. They may use their freezer 2-3 times a week at the very most. Since these people lead very busy and active lives, they want a refrigerator-freezer unit that’s easy to open but has the latest in child safety locks. They also want to be able to grab their favorite item of food or drink quickly and without needing to ‘hunt’ through the refrigerator to look for it. The fact that most of these units have refrigerators that end at the bottom of the average Indian adult’s knees makes this convenience a reality.

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Drawbacks of buying Bottom Refrigerator

Even the most popular bottom freezer refrigerators in India have drawbacks. Some of the more common ones are:

1. Higher cost 

A bottom freezer refrigerator unit will cost much more than its conventional counterparts, with the freezer on the top or side and the refrigerator on the bottom. Another big drawback lies in the design of bottom refrigerator freezer units. These units tend to be fitted with fancy, large, and heavy French doors. While these doors give the refrigerator unit and the room, it’s in real flair and personality, they tend to be energy guzzlers. You’ll notice the difference right away in higher monthly energy and electricity bills.

2. The weightier items will be towards the floor  

Well, most people store things like meat, paratha packages, and big tubs of ice cream in their freezers. These items are very heavy, especially when frozen. Heavy items are difficult enough to lift by themselves. What many Indian consumers complain about is the fact that bottom freezer refrigerators in India give them constant back strain and other problems. They have to constantly bend over and brace themselves to lift and support heavy objects. This generally means bracing their feet into the floor to ground both their feet and their bodies and give more support to both.

Frequently Asked Questions

People commonly ask the following questions about bottom freezer refrigerators in India.

The typical bottom freezer refrigerator in India should have a temperature that lies within a specific range. These types of refrigerator units can have temperatures that vary at times. This is normal with any refrigerator freezer unit.

The reason being that warm air rises from the bottom of the unit and behind it where the engine is. It rises to the top because warm air always rises to the top. This can affect the overall temperature of the unit. On an interesting note, your refrigerator freezer unit will be warmer in the front and colder in the back if its cooling piece is towards the back of the refrigerator.

You want to make sure that the internal temperature in your refrigerator is between 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder and your food and drinks may freeze. Any warmer and your food and drinks won’t stay cold enough. They’ll grow bacteria and mold. They’ll also spoil quickly.

Yes, you’ll need to be calling the maintenance guy in approximately once a year. You should also read the manual that your freezer refrigerator came with. It will contain valuable tips regarding regular maintenance to keep your refrigerator working in tip-top shape for many years.

Yes, most bottom mount refrigerators that are currently manufactured come with an automatic defrost function. But this tends to be the case with only larger refrigerators. Smaller and mini-refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom and the fridge on the top don’t generally have an automatic defrost function.

Refrigerators with the automatic defrost function come with self-heating internal coils. These regularly heat up and melt any frost that may have accumulated inside the refrigerator or the freezer. This is an excellent convenience for you because now you don’t have to spend several hours removing food and beverage items to chip the frost off the inside of the fridge and freezer.

One thing to keep in mind is that the automatic defrost function does use more energy to work. Therefore, your energy bills will be higher with a fridge with an automatic defrost function than it would be with a refrigerator with a manual defrost function.

Yes, you can and should buy an extended warranty for your refrigerator. This is one of the key things that separate the best bottom freezer refrigerators in India from the rest. Most extended warranties extend the life expectancy of the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to five additional years.

It may cost more initially, but you’ll be making up for this cost in the form of fewer maintenance and repair expenses over the years. Remember that maintenance and repair expenses can add up over time!

Well, seeing as the automatic freezer defrost function is designed to keep only the freezer from icing and frosting up, the answer is, “no, you don’t need an automatic freezer to defrost function if you’re buying just the refrigerator component!”

Having mentioned that, you need to know that it’s a good idea to buy a refrigerator that has an automatic defrost function because even the refrigerator will collect moisture. This will eventually turn into frost or even ice droplets.

The beverage refrigerator is designed more to look good than to give you any valuable use. These tend to have a much higher temperature range of between 40 and 44 degrees Fahrenheit than regular refrigerators. Therefore, they may not be a good buy if you want a fridge that will keep food and heavy beverages cold.

Indeed, Indians are increasingly choosing to buy bottom freezer refrigerators in India. However, the main reason why they want these units is because they are very practical. They give their owners years of good use and require little maintenance. They also make it easier for their owners to cook since all food and drink items will be an arm’s length away in the refrigerator component of the fridge.

The Bottom Line

Everyone’s center of gravity is thrown off whack whenever they bend over. They are more likely to fall when this occurs. Of course, some people rarely freeze items; they prefer these types of bottom freezer refrigerator units because they make it easier for them to access the items they often need quickly and easily.

Also, so do not forget to consider checking these top picks from the above list: Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator, Bosch 415 L 2 Star (2020) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator and Haier 256 L 2 Star Convertible Bottom Mounted Refrigerator.

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