Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher Review - How Well Does it Clean?
bosch 13 place settings dishwasher review

Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher Review – How Well Does it Clean?

We tried cleaning the staple Indian cooking vessels using the Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher. Is this the must-have modern kitchen appliance?

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Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher is a noise-free appliance that saves a considerable amount of water with each cycle!

Dishwashers are a scientific boon on humankind. Not only do they reduce the manual effort needed, they also save tons of time. However, just like there are two sides to a coin, dishwashers have some pros and cons.

With the convenience of time and getting clean dishes at the touch of a button apart, dishwashers use large quantities of water, larger than what manually doing the dishes would require. 

Online portals have quite a few options regarding features, place settings, controls, form factors, etc., of dishwashers. During the lockdown, we purchased the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher. After testing it for many weeks, here is Team Mishry’s Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher review. 

The features, wash programs, dosage assist, and other do’s and don’ts are covered in our Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher review. 

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bosch dishwasher
Front view of the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher.
bosch 13 place settings dishwasher box label
Model number and manufacturing details of the Bosch dishwasher.

Robert Bosch founded this company in 1886 with the Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering workshop. Due to Globalization in 1990, the market opportunities for Bosch enhanced. Gradually, as Bosch expanded to numerous countries, it entered the home appliances market segment.

From kitchen appliances like ovens, hobs, chimneys, refrigerators, time-saving (and life-saving) appliances like washing machines, and now dishwashers too- Bosch is one of India’s most reliable brands. 

We reviewed the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher and here are the factors that helped us form a fair review. 

1. Design

Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher is a stand-alone model. The dishwasher can be placed as per space availability.

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The child-proof lock and Bosch Aqua stop are among the commendable features of this dishwasher. 

2. Space Accommodation

Is this kitchen appliance bulky? Does it fit well in an average Indian kitchen?

3. Touch controls

Is the touch panel easy to understand and use? Do the buttons on the touch panel work smoothly?

Has the functionality deteriorated over a period of time?

4. Wash Programmes

Are the wash programs on Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher suitable for vessels used for preparing traditional Indian meals? Does this dishwasher get rid of the grease? 

What about when the load is smaller? 

5. Ease of Use

The ease of use in terms of a dishwasher primarily depends on the manual steps consumers need to perform. 

You are recommended to place the utensils in an upside-down position due to the flow of water. 

6. Cleaning Performance

Does this dishwasher get rid of the grease? The stains? What about the bold masaledar aroma? 

Does it clean the sides of bulky utensils?

7. Drying Performance

The brand claims to have a powerful cupboard-ready drying feature. 

8. Energy Efficiency

An auto-switch-off feature is essential in an appliance as large as a dishwasher. Does the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher have this feature? Or do we need to manually turn it off?

9. Water Consumption

In addition to reducing the manual effort and time needed, a dishwasher becomes exceptional if it also helps save water for the same number of vessels.

Typically, when doing the dishes manually, we tend to keep the water flowing until the entire load is cleared.

This model of the Bosch dishwasher uses only 10 liters of water, which is 1/6th of what you would require manually. 

10. Quietness

All appliances, whether large or small, will generate some level of sound when they are functioning. This sound comes from the motor in the appliances.

Manufactured with German engineering, the Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher is one of the quietest machines. In our experience, there was no sound whatsoever. 

11. Safety Parameters

Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher has a childproof lock and a glass care feature.

In addition to these, there is a separate smaller basket to place cutlery in. 

Bosch 13 Place Settings Freestanding Dishwashers – Detailed Review

We purchased the stand-alone model of the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher from a retail store offline. 

This kitchen appliance offers six wash programs, namely- intensive kadhai, express sparkle, auto, eco, quick, and pre-rinse. The water pressure, quantities of detergent and water required, and the time needed varies as per the selected program. 

This dishwasher also has a drying option. In under 59 minutes, you can have one load of dishes cleaned and dried completely. In the box, you get the dishwasher, an inlet and outlet pipe, user manual, and dishwasher detergent sample. Following are more details about Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher. 

bosch dishwasher 13 place settings
Control panel of Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher.
Parameters Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher
Dishwasher Type Stand Alone
Model Number SMS66GW01I
Body Material Steel
Capacity 13 place settings, ideal for a family of 4-6 members
Door Orientation Front
Number of Racks Two
Noise Level 52 dB
Number of Wash Programmes Six- 

  • Intensive plus
  • Normal express
  • Auto
  • Eco
  • Party
  • Pre-rinse
Weight 43.5 kg
  • Two years on the machine
  • 10 years on the inner tub
closer look at bosch dishwasher 13 place settings
This Bosch dishwasher has six wash programmes.

Although the average lifespan of the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher is 10 years, with proper care and maintenance, it can last up to 12-13 years. We have explained a few do’s and don’ts, make sure you read those carefully!

This model of Bosch dishwasher does not require pre-rinsed dishes. However, to enhance the durability of the inlet and outlet pipes and to prevent clogging, it is recommended to rinse and ensure there are no large chunks of food left in the dishes. 

You must also ensure that all dishes, cutlery, and cookware are placed in an upside-down position. This way, the flow of water hits the interiors of the utensils, leading to an optimally cleaned load. 

Vessels with cavities (like jars) must not be placed upside down as water fills up in the cavities. 

Similarly, you must avoid stacking dishes over one another. This can lead to not only breakage (in the case of glassware, but also harm the dishwasher). When a load of dishes is smaller, you must choose the Vario/Eco/Express Sparkle/Quick mode. This saves water, energy, and time. 

It is important to ensure the dishes you place in the dishwasher are dishwasher-safe, especially for porcelain, glass, and plastic dishes/containers. 

bosch 13 place settings dishwasher cutlery stand
Here's the top view of the cutlery stand in the Bosch dishwasher.
utensils placed neatly in bosch 13 place settings dishwasher
Cutlery stacked in our Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher.
bosch 13 place settings dishwasher inlet and outlet
Inlet and outlet of Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher.
cleaned utensils in bosch 13 place settings dishwasher
Sparkly clean dishes, thanks to Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher.
bosch 13 place settings dishwasher soap dispenser
The soap/rinse aid dispenser of the dishwasher.


  • The Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher is a freestanding model.
  • It is suitable for small-medium families with 4-6 members. 
  • This dishwasher offers six wash programs.
  • The pipes (inlet and outlet) and dishwasher detergent sample are included in the box.
  • The childproof lock and Bosch Aqua Stop features are new additions. 


  • The German engineering ensures almost no sound when the dishwasher is functioning.
  • The Aqua Stop feature senses any leakage and automatically shuts off the appliance.
  • This dishwasher can safely be used for large Indian vessels like pressure cookers, kadhai, saucepans, etc.
  • The Vario Flexi Rack and Vario Drawer can hold all types of dishes- from an espresso cup to a large kadhai.
  • This dishwasher cleans equally well with tablets and dishwasher detergent. 
  • The saucepan we used for boiling tea came out sparkly clean! 


  • It does not clean dishes made of cast iron that well.
  • The hard anodized handle of our pressure cooker came off.
  • We also recommend not placing aluminum cookware in this dishwasher. 

Best Suited For

With the world going through a pandemic, maintaining social distancing has been one of the safest ways to keep yourself safe. If you have always relied on domestic part-time workers to keep your utensils clean and have gone through long bouts of having to do the dishes yourself over the last year or so – then investing in a dishwasher could be of some value to you. 

The Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher is a noise-free kitchen appliance that does not just guarantee a shorter standing period in the kitchen but also perfectly clean, shiny, and dry vessels. It is best for a family of 4-5 members and does a good job of cleaning and drying the dishes.

ADDED BONUS- This dishwasher uses only 17-20% of water as compared to a manual wash. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher

1. What is the difference between freestanding and a built-in dishwasher?

Freestanding dishwashers can be placed as per space availability. Built-in dishwashers are permanently installed in the kitchen. In case you move between places, you can take the freestanding dishwasher with you. 

2. What’s the use of vario speed features on Bosch freestanding dishwashers?

The Vario speed feature is essentially useful when a load of dishes is smaller or you want a quick cycle time. It reduces the cycle time by 50%.

3. How much water does bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher consume for a single load?

A single load of dishes in the Bosch 13 Place Settings dishwasher does not consume more than 10 L of water. 

4. Can I wash all cookware materials in this dishwasher

No, ideally all cookware marked ‘dishwasher-safe’ can be safely washed in the Bosch 13 Place settings dishwasher. In addition to this, we recommend you to not place aluminum and hard anodized cookware. 

5. Is Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher capable of Indian masala stains?

Yes, masala stains, stains from boiled tea- this is a powerful dishwasher.

Final Words

Fin! Here is our review of the Bosch 13 Place settings dishwasher. This noise-free kitchen appliance cleans the dishes like a charm! 

This dishwasher is made of steel and plastic. The body is steel- fit to suit most traditional and modern kitchens, while the inner tub is made of plastic to ensure no cookware is broken or cracked. 

Rinsing the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher and not stacking them one over the other are certain reminders we would like to highlight again.

Please note that when we review appliances and utensils in our test kitchen, we ensure to keep using the product even after the official review process is over. In case we have any new updates and fresh insights, we update the article.

PS only place dishes with the ‘dishwasher-safe’ label on them.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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