Bold And Spicy, Try This Chana Masala For Flavorful Bites

Bold And Spicy, Try This Chana Masala For Flavorful Bites

Craving for some delicious chana masala to enjoy with bhaturas and kulchas? You have come to the right place!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Chole cravings are unpredictable. When your heart and tummy ask for a warm bowl of masala chole, you really can’t wait ‘overnight’ to let the chana soak.

Presenting ready-to-eat chana masala. Not only are these ready to eat in under 10 minutes, but this kind of convenient food helps you skip the overnight soaking, peeling, cutting, chopping, and standing in the kitchen for long hours. Just add the contents to a pan with some water for a nutrient-rich bowl of chole. Great for those who live alone, are always on the go, and students living away from mummy-ke-haath-ka-khaana.

We tasted five brands of ready-to-eat chana masala by themselves and later with a bowl of steaming jeera rice. Some were cooked to perfection, while others were too mushy for our liking. Our Top Pick for a spicy ready-to-eat chana masala is MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala. This is what we recommend if you’re looking for the tastiest homestyle gravy that has no added preservatives. Without any compromise on taste or aroma, get ready to have a quick homestyle meal that is easy on your pocket and time too!


MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala scored the highest due to its well balanced homestyle flavor.

  • MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala has nailed the spice levels. It is well balanced.

  • Big sized ‘Dollar Chana’ has been used.

  • This brand had a homestyle tasting gravy.

  • Post-cooking, the chana was soft but not too mushy.

  • They tasted natural as zero preservatives are added. Added bonus!

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How did MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala perform?

As instructed on the pack, we heated the contents in a pan using the stovetop method. The chole seemed ready after 5 minutes and that’s when we switched off the flame. No additional garnishing with garlic or special tadka was used as it would drastically change the taste. Before bringing any carbs to the table, we tasted the chana as it was. What we loved the most about MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala was the homestyle vibe it had. The gravy was spicy without being too overpowering. In just 5 minutes, we relished perfectly cooked chana that had the ideal softness. The gravy also looks delicious, and waiting for the rice seemed like a challenge to add to it all.

The tastiest chana masala is…

Our review was based on how homestyle the chana tasted once cooked. Balanced use of oil and spices, a natural taste, and usage of commonly available spices were the factors we were looking for. In addition to these, the gravy, the quality of chana, and seasoning also formed the basis for a fair judgment. The best part about MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala is no use of preservatives. This is precisely what enhances the homestyle vibe we got after tasting it. The chana was big, and the gravy had a vibrant orange color. The gravy was well seasoned too.

Ready-to-eat chana masala that gives all homestyle vibes? Here it is! Based on the review conducted by Team Mishry, MTR Ready To Eat Chana Masala tasted fresh and had the perfect consistency post-cooking. Try this for a quick at-home Punjabi meal and don’t forget to add a kachumber salad!

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