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beyond snack kerala banana chips review

Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips Review – Thin, Crisp, DELISH

Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips have found a permanent place in our snack drawer and how! They are light, crisp, flavored to perfection- basically everything you’d look for in a snack.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Beyond Snack Kerala banana chips are a delight. The bold crunch these had is a result of the thinly sliced fruit. Moreover, we liked the flavorful seasoning each variant had.

A fast-friendly snack, a crunchy way to consume the starchy fruit- banana chips are more than just a delightful snack from Southern India. 

When fried and flavored right, banana chips make for a delectable munchy. Savory with a hint of sweetness from the coconut oil they are fried in, Mishry reviewed four variants- Original, Salt and Black Pepper, Sour Cream-Onion-Parsley, and Peri Peri for our Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips review. 

Did You Know? Ashneer Grover, one of the panel members of Shark Tank India, is an investor. 

Details on the four Beyond Snack variants we reviewed are in the following table.

Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips Buy Now Mishry Rating
Peri Peri On Amazon 4
Sour cream, onion, parsley On Amazon 4
Salt and Black Pepper On Amazon 4
Original On Amazon 4
beyond snack kerala banana chips packing
We reviewed all four variants.

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? The crisp, wafer-like thin bite, freshness, flavor, and source of fat used were the key parameters we gauged Beyond Snack Kerala Banana chips across. How did they fare?

1. Taste

Beyond Snack is offered in classic flavors like salt & black pepper, peri peri, original, and sour cream, onion, & parsley.

How well are these flavors reflected in the packs?

Is there a balance between savory and spicy maintained in salt & black pepper? How does the original taste? What about peri peri, is the spice kick bold? Does sour cream, onion, & parsley have the desirable creamy and herby flavors?

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2. Texture

Banana chips are usually prepared with thick slices of the fruit. Beyond Snack claims their chips are ‘ultra-thin’.

In this parameter, we checked the crispness and the ultra-thin claim.

3. Main Ingredients

Has the type/percentage of bananas used been specified? The quality of fat? What about additives and preservatives?

4. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, and shelf life are other parameters we shed light on in the following section. 

Still not convinced? Read the benefits of bananas here.

beyond snack kerala banana chips variants
Overview of Mishry's Beyond Snack Kerala Banana chips.

Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips  – Detailed Review

All four variants of Beyond Snack Kerala Banana chips – 

  • Are packed similarly. They are non-resealable and have detailed labels on the back.
  • The pack also mentions that these banana chips are ‘thin & crisp’, ‘no hard chips’, ‘no cholesterol’, ‘no artificial colors’, ‘no hand touch’, no artificial flavors’, and ‘0% trans fat free’.
  • Moreover, the pack mentions these ‘ultra-thin chips’ are sliced using a precision slicer, with first-grade Nendran bananas.
  • The oil content is low and there is no direct human contact during the production process.

Following is the detailed review of each of the variants. 

1. Peri Peri


An 85-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/- It has a shelf life of six months. 

When compared to other brands of banana chips that are prepared in refined oil, Beyond Snack is priced higher.

Main Ingredients

Raw banana (72%), refined vegetable oil (25%), spices and condiments (salt, chilli, garlic, sugar, corn starch, onion powder), dehydrated herbs (3%))

This contains permitted natural colors and added natural and nature-identical flavors.

beyond snack peri peri
These may look too spicy, but had a pleasing flavor profile.

Taste & Texture

The chips had a prominent crunch. Almost all chips were intact, except for a few cracked ones. With a fresh aroma, these small to medium-sized, round-shaped chips were sprinkled with the peri peri seasoning. These banana chips were quite thin which made the bite even more desirable. 

Compared to other brands, we’ve never really tasted banana chips that are as thin and crisp as the one by Beyond Snack. Big thumbs up.

The salt and spice are spot-on. We also liked how the authentic banana flavor hadn’t completely been masked up by the seasoning. There are pleasing earthy flavors lent by the onion and garlic powder. These do not have an unappetizing oily taste, that usually is the case with some banana chips where is the oil used is not fresh. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • The labels offer sufficient details.
  • The brand claimed ‘ultra-thin chips’ and delivered exceptionally.
  • Fresh and crisp- we loved the bite.
  • These are flavored really well.
  • No oily aftertaste.
  • Despite being prepared in refined oil, these are priced much higher than the competition. This remains same for all the variants. 

Can’t get enough of Peri Peri? Looking for thin, crisp banana chips? Beyond Snack is a brand we suggest you try.

2. Sour Cream Onion & Parsley

The price, packaging, & shelf life are the same as the above variant. 

Main Ingredients

Raw banana (72%), refined vegetable oil (25%), spices and condiments (milk solids, salt, sugar, corn starch, onion powder, dehydrated herbs- parsley), cheese powder (3%).

beyond snack sour cream onion parsley
Super cheesy! Moreover, there was a mild onion flavor.

Taste & Texture

Just like the first variant, these were thin and crisp. Identical in size, these chips had some parsley powder sprinkled on them. 

Taste-wise, the chips were high on cheese. This was followed by an all-rounded seasoning that had balanced levels of spice. A mild onion flavor could be tasted too. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • The packaging is simple yet provides all required information.
  • There were no rancid smells or taste.
  • Authentic banana-like aftertaste.
  • These chips were cut ultra fine and are super crisp. 
  • The flavors were quite delicious.

Bored of potato-based cream and onion chips? This variant by Beyond Snack is worth a try.

3. Salt and Black Pepper

With detailed labels at the back, a 95-gram pack (85 + 10) is priced at Rs 60/-. It has a shelf life of six months.

Main Ingredients

Raw banana (72%), refined vegetable oil (25%), spices and condiments (salt, black pepper, sugar, corn starch), garlic powder (3%).

It contains natural colors, and natural and nature-identical flavoring substances.

beyond snack salt and black pepper
A favorable balance of salt and pepper was maintained.

Taste & Texture

Super thin, super crispy, these chips had the perfect crunch. 

Each ingredient mentioned in the list made its presence felt. The salt was perfect, not too much nor too little. Sprinkled with black pepper powder, the kick was bold. Like other variants, the banana flavor is not masked. We liked how the chips weren’t greasy or oily.

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • Crisp and fresh, there were no rancid flavors or aroma.
  • These do not feel greasy on the palate or fingers.
  • These are devoid of artificial ingredients.

There’s something about the classic salt and pepper combination. If this gets you drooling, we’d recommend ordering a pack.

4. Original Style

An 85-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/-.

Main Ingredients

Raw banana (74%), refined vegetable oil (25%), and refined salt (1%).

Taste & Texture

Pleasing! Be it taste or texture, this fared well on both aspects. It had a light bite, a crisp freshness. 

The banana flavor was most prominent in this variant with a balanced seasoning of salt. Moreover, the chips aren’t too oily.

beyond snack original
Thinly sliced with a balanced seasoning, this is a kid-friendly option.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • Super crisp chips.
  • The seasoning was well-rounded.
  • These are non-GMO and naturally gluten-free.

On days when you’re looking for simple flavors, this salted variant by Beyond Snack is what we recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Beyond Snack Kerala banana chips.

We always suggest monitoring the consumption of packaged food and keeping it moderate. That said, banana chips are quite high in calories (481 Kcal/100 grams)

No, the salt, spice, and overall seasoning are well-balanced. Out of the four variants, the Peri Peri Banana Chips were the spicier ones.

Weight gain is a result of constantly consuming more calories than you burn. One food item alone does not cause weight gain.

No, it contains added natural and nature-identical flavors.

No. These chips contain spices and condiments mixes that may not be fast-friendly. Moreover, the Original variant contains refined-salt that is not fast-friendly.

Final Words

‘Ultra-thin chips’ is what the brand promised and ultra-thin, super-crisp chips is what we got. In addition to this, these were seasoned quite well. All flavors married each other wonderfully. 

Banana chips or potato chips- what’s your pick?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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