Beverage Industry in India - Some Unknown Facts To Study (Feb 2024)
Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry in India – Some Unknown Facts To Study (Feb 2024)

In the Indian food and beverage industry, there are segments that are growing at an alarming rate. In this article, we have talked about the beverage industry in India. Read on to gather the insights.

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Every country has its statistics and facts about its beverage markets. It is one of the widespread industries that keeping track of all the pieces of information at a time becomes quite overwhelming for a single soul. This is why different heads are appointed to manage the various market and sales leads of the industry. The same can be said for the beverage industry in India.

But before we move onto our major topic of discussion, let us ask you one thing:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say “beverage”?

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Is it tea that you immediately thought of, or is it carbonated drinks? 

You sound confused and hence, let’s discuss the various beverage company in India, and then we will move over to discuss the food and beverage sector in India, stats and the facts.

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Summary Table: Best Beverage Brands In India

Here are some of the beverage manufacturers in India :

Serial no. Product Name Buy Now On Amazon
1. Keventer Check price here
2. Kingfisher
3. Charosa Wines
4. Tropicana Check price here
5. Horlicks
6. Nescafe Check price here

What Are The Top Indian Beverage Companies To Know About? 

As discussed earlier, the beverage market in India is one of the widespread industries compared to others. As a result, it will be challenging to point out the best companies in the country that have given continuously their best to make the industry flourished and successful. This is why today, we will be discussing India’s top-most beverage companies that are world-known across different countries.


1. Keventer

One of the best milkshake companies in the entire country is none other than Keventers, a growing beverage company in India. All across the country, this particular brand has gained quite a reputable position in the market, thanks to its delicious collection of milkshakes and ice creams. Even though some people think that their shakes are a bit costly, you will forget about the money once you take a sip of the delicious, creamy, and flavored milkshakes.


Product Features:

  • Delicious collection of milkshakes and ice creams
  • Creamy and flavored milkshakes

2. Kingfisher

One of the topmost alcoholic companies in the country is that of Kingfisher. Even though the company sells only flavored beers, each of their products is of premium quality. They have their brewery industry in Bangalore, named the United Breweries Group.

Product Features:

  • There are different varieties of beer like Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Storm, Kingfisher Premium, etc.
  • Premium Quality

3. Charosa wines

One of the best Indian varieties of wines is the Charosa wines. The brewery and the distillery- both are located in Nashik over a field of two hundred acres.

Product Features:

  • It is the perfect climate of the area that helps in the pruning and cultivation of the grapes, which is the primary source of flavors in their wines.
  • Varieties of wines

4. Tropicana

If you are looking for a trustworthy juice company in India, you must try Tropicana’s juices. Since the time it was owned by PepsiCo, the brand’s reputation has skyrocketed.


Product Features:

  • They also offer cartons having larger volumes as compared to the bottles.
  • Small bottles of various fruit drinks like orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice, etc.

5. Horlicks

This particular is quite well-known amongst the entire beverage industry in India. The drinks’ nutritional content has made them one of the best health drinks for kids and toddlers. They have recently launched their special Women’s Horlicks for mothers and women who have crossed the threshold of the age of thirty.

Product Features:

  • Best health drinks for kids and toddlers.
  • They offer special women’s horlicks for mothers and women.

6. Nescafe

When you learn about the different beverages industry in our country, you need to know about one particular brand, and that is Nescafe.

Over the years, the company has kindled the love and passion for coffee in the Indians’ hearts. Not only is the taste of the coffee intense and overwhelming, but its aroma is also tantalizing even for the nose buds.


Product Features:

  • This brand is for die hard coffee lovers.
  • Intense and overwhelming coffee.

What Are The Various Branches Of The Indian Beverage Industry? 

Before discussing any other facts, we need to consider the various parts of the beverage industry in India. Since our collective knowledge is limited, we are usually not aware of our country’s entire sector. Therefore, we have given a brief description of the growth of beverage industry in India along with several branches that segregate the beverage market in our country.

Beverages can be divided into two major parts:


Non-alcoholic beverages

These drinks lack any percentage of alcohol content, and hence they are safe for every person, irrespective of their ages.

Alcoholic beverages

Here, the alcohol content of the drinks is high, which can make one tipsy after a few glasses.

Since you know the beverages’ primary classification, let’s focus on

The branches of the beverage market in India


Alcohol industry

The very first branch that we will discuss now is the alcohol industry.

The Indian liquor market can be divided into three main branches:


  • IMFL is also known as the Indian Manufactured Foreign Liquor. This includes imported whiskeys, rum, brandy, gin, and vodka. All the branded drinks that you can see fall under this category, even the Indian brands.
  • The beer industry solely focuses on different types of beers, including Indian and the imported ones.
  • The country liquor branch includes the cheap drinks prepared by fermenting various liquids by the locals of the country. The country liquors also contain spiced alcohol.

Since the last decade, there has been a considerable rise in the sale of liquors. Thanks to the fact that India is gradually accepting the pub and club lives. The majority of the drinkers are above twenty-one years, which is again facilitating the growth of the Indian liquor industry.


Hot beverage industry

The next branch of the beverage industry in India is hot liquids, which include both the tea and coffee industry. India is one of the most substantial teas and coffee producers in the entire world.

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The variety of tea and coffee cultivated in this country is impeccable, thereby making the country one of the largest consumers of hot beverages.

Health drink and juice industry

There is a considerable rise in food and beverage sector in India, thanks to the fact that people are now accepting Western culture and becoming more health-conscious. Health drinks are more popular amongst the sports person and the athletes.

People now prefer having a glass of refreshing fruit or vegetable juices over any other kind of drink

On the other hand, if you take a look at the juice market, it is exceptionally good. People now prefer having a glass of refreshing fruit or vegetable juices over any other kind of drink.

Carbonated drinks

The last branch that we will be discussing today is that of carbonated drinks. Starting from the coke cans to the aerated drink bottles, this particular industry has always been in the limelight for a long time.

What Are Laws And Regulations Concerning The Indian Beverage And Food Industry? 

Since now you are aware of the different branches of the beverage industry in India, we think it’s the perfect time to discuss the various rules and regulations that are associated with this particular industry.

So, let’s have a look!


  1. The main food and beverage authority that governs every single section of the market is the FSSAI, also known as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This particular government is concerned with the production and manufacturing of good and safe beverages worldwide. If someone wants to launch a new product, they need the FSSAI approval before releasing the beverage into the market.
  2. Another law states that all the ingredients, measurements, and alcohol percentages must be explicitly printed on the packages’ labels. This law ensures that no wholesale dealer or seller will release a misbranded food or beverage in the market.
  3. It is also noted under Regulation 2.1 regarding the License and Registration Regulations offered by FSSAI, that no food dealer will be able to do business in the Indian market without proper license registration.

India will become the fifth largest beverage consumer market by 2025

How The Beverage Market Contributes To The Indian Economy?

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of beverages, be it liquor drinks or non-alcoholic drinks. Being at such a level, it is quite expected that the growth of beverage industry in India will have a significant impact on the country’s overall economy.

As per a quick report, it is estimated that the gross value of the food and beverage industry in India is nearly about 400 billion dollars. Recently, the news that was released in the Confederation’s paper on Indian Industry said that it is highly expected that India will become the fifth largest beverage consumer market by 2025.

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In another report released by the Indian Beverage Association, it has been revealed that if the beverage industry continues to grow rapidly, the Indian economy will see a bloom very soon.


The beverage industry in India is so vast that learning everything in just one discussion is next to impossible. This is why today, we gave you a glimpse into the country’s food and drink world, how this industry is growing at a speed beyond our comprehension and the best beverage manufacturers in India. 

You can choose from our top picks which can be considered as some of the best beverage company in India Keventers Delights, Tropicana Juices, Nescafe.

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