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best yogurt maker in india

Best Yogurt Makers in India – Preparing Yogurt Made Easy! (May 2024)

Having a hard time making homemade yogurt? Worry not! Get these yogurt makers and be all sorted.

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The craze for yogurts, from flavored yogurt, to greek yogurt, is on the rise. And no doubt a freshly prepared homemade yogurt is undeniably more delicious than store-bought ones. The best thing about preparing yogurt at home is that you can tailor it to your taste buds and use your choice of ingredients.

For a hassle-free and convenient way to prepare yogurt, buying a yogurt maker can make the process less daunting, especially for new home cooks. It is essential to provide an ideal temperature to enable the preparation of yogurt making and not disturb the incubation process. That’s where a yogurt maker will make for a valuable addition to your kitchen. 

In a market, where there are several yogurt makers available, finding the right one is a task. Here we have curated a list of the best yogurt makers in India that you must check out right now.

1. Best Yogurt Maker With A Compact Design: HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker

2. Best User-Friendly Yogurt Maker:  AGARO Yogurt Maker

3. Best Energy Saver Yogurt Maker: InstaCuppa Yogurt Maker

List Of Top Yogurt Makers

Here are the best yogurt makers in India for hassle-free preparation of yogurt at home. Let us each of them in detail below:

1. HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker gets you a large quantity of yogurt in three easy steps. Equipped with a high-quality stainless steel liner, it draws a power of 15 watts. It comes with high temperature resistance and provides a convenient way to prepare yogurt during any season. This yogurt maker offers a bowl capacity of 900 ml. 

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HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker
HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • This maker is easy to handle. 
  • It comes with a high-quality stainless steel liner. 
  • The container is quick to clean and dishwasher safe.

2. AGARO Classic Portable Yogurt Maker

Agaro’s yogurt maker supports a capacity of 1.2 liters. It is a fully automatic way to prepare yogurt without any effort. This maker features a stainless steel pot that ensures equal heat transmission and gives a unique taste to yogurts. You can either prepare plain yogurt or fruit yogurt with this yogurt maker. The 1.2 liter capacity is ideal for a family of 2 to 3 members.

AGARO Classic Portable Yogurt Maker
AGARO Classic Portable Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • It results in equal transmission of heat. 
  • Supports double deck seal at the top. 
  • It is a fully automatic yogurt maker.

3. InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker

Looking for a quick way to prepare probiotic yogurt at home? We got a solution to all your worries. This yogurt maker from InstaCuppa is just the right pick for you. This yogurt maker ferments the yogurt at the right temperature and helps deliver good probiotic yogurt. The inner bowl of this yogurt maker is made using stainless steel which makes it durable and long-lasting. In addition, the dual seal helps retain the freshness of the yogurt. What else? It consumes low energy while in operation and is easy to use.

InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker
InstaCuppa Automatic Probiotic-Rich Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • Supports user-friendly operation. 
  • Consumes low energy. 
  • It comes with a dual seal.

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4. KeepCart Automatic Yogurt Maker

The container inside this yogurt maker is easy to maintain, free from BPA and dishwasher safe. It has a capacity of 900 ml. The best part about this yogurt maker is that it is automatic and draws a power of 15 watts. All you need to do is pour fresh milk into the steel container, add two to three tablespoons of plain yogurt, leave it for 8 to 9 hours and voila! Your yogurt is ready to relish.

KeepCart Automatic Yogurt Maker
KeepCart Automatic Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • It offers high temperature resistance. 
  • The container is sturdy. 
  • It draws a power of 15 watts.

5. RUJEM Yogurt Maker Machine

It is a yogurt maker machine that is simple to operate and supports hassle free functioning. This appliance provides a double sealed fermentation environment that results in fresh yogurt making every time. In one single go, this machine can prepare up to one liter of yogurt which is sufficient for around 2 to 3 people.

RUJEM Yogurt Maker Machine
RUJEM Yogurt Maker Machine

Product Features:

  • It supports easy functioning. 
  • Provides a double sealed fermentation environment. 

6. EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

EuroCuisine’s yogurt maker features an elegant and unique design. The best thing about this maker is that it comes with seven individual glasses. Each of the glasses offers a capacity of 6 oz. You can use them to prepare different flavors of yogurt at the same time. In addition, it supports a timer function that lets you know when the process is complete.

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker
EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • The glass jars are dishwasher safe. 
  • It supports easy operation.

Here’s Team Mishry’s review on HSR Plastic & Stainless Steel Automatic Yogurt Maker.

7. Mueller Yogurt Maker Machine

It is a yogurt maker that supports one button operation and is pretty simple to use. This maker includes eight glass jars with lids. The glass jars are wide edged and super easy to clean. The multiple glass jars will help you prepare different flavored yogurts in one go. The best part? The build of this yogurt maker is sturdy and highly durable.

Mueller Yogurt Maker Machine
Mueller Yogurt Maker Machine

Product Features:

  • Supports one button operation. 
  • It has a durable build. 
  • Comes with eight glass jars with individual lids.

8. Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker is multifunctional and requires minimum maintenance. With 360 degree conduction, it results in uniform heating and maintains a constant temperature. You can use this maker for preparing yogurt smoothies, yogurt fruit cup, and greek yogurt.

Yogurt Maker
Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • It is a multifunctional yogurt maker. 
  • The overall design is compact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Top Yogurt Makers

Yogurt makers are a worthwhile investment and quick way to prepare preservative free yogurt at home. Additionally, these are simple to operate which makes them worth every money spent. 

In addition to making yogurt, these yogurt machines can be used for preparing fruit yogurts, flavored yogurts as well as greek yogurts.

Most of the yogurt makers work the same way. Here are the steps to follow to prepare yogurt in a yogurt maker : 

  • Fill the container with milk. 
  • Now add a tablespoon of yogurt and mix well. 
  • Let the mixture sit for 7 to 9 hours. 
  • Finally, your yogurt is now served.

Final Words

Here we have the list of the best yogurt makers in India. If you are a new home cook or find it difficult to make homemade yogurt, it is time that you consider investing in a good-quality yogurt maker. These are compact, easy to operate, and a convenient way to prepare multiple varieties of homemade yogurts.  

From the above list, these are our three top picks: HSR Automatic Yogurt Maker, AGARO Yogurt Maker, and InstaCuppa Yogurt Maker.

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