Best Water Dispensers in India with Buying Guide
best water dispensers in india

Best Water Dispensers In India with Types & Buying Guide (2024)

Are you planning to install a dispenser for drinking water at ease? If yes, then look further into the details we have shared about the best water dispensers in India and get started with your choosing homework

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The tap water isn’t as clean and safe as you think it to be. Not only is it full of iron, arsenic, and even mercury in some areas, but also, a lot of microorganisms and other forms of impurity are present in the tap water. Since there are so many safety concerns related to tap water, several companies introduced water filters to purify the water and remove certain harmful substances based on the filtration screen’s permeability. However, the water purifiers are relatively compact, and hence it takes a longer time to produce clean and safe drinking water. That’s where the best water dispensers in India come into the scenario.

This is a specific kind of water machine which dispenses or distributes the water when operated manually. The dispenser machines have found wide use in both the commercial and residential areas. Hence, today, we will be focusing our discussion on the best water dispensers in India, their types, working, and other related things that you should know. After all, when it comes to drinking water, there is nothing like compensation or adjustments.

water dispenser
Water filters were introduced to purify the water and remove certain harmful substances based on the filtration screen’s permeability

With the increasing demand for purified water, several companies have introduced the best water dispensers in India. And most surprisingly, people are buying the dispensers on a large scale for their homes or commercial buildings. However, most of them don’t have an idea about what a dispenser is.

We all have heard about water filters, water purifiers, and even water bottles. So, what precisely is a dispenser?

A dispenser is a technology which is something, in this case, it’s water. It draws in the normal water either directly from the existing plumbing water supply or a bottled water supply. After this, the water is purified, and the temperature is altered as per the setting the user has set. The machine will then dispense water once the entire operation is over. The best thing about these dispensers is that the user can control how much water he needs.

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Best Water Dispensers in India to Buy

In this section, we will discuss some of the best water dispensers in India that will give you a little head start in making a list of the water dispensers you will need.

1. Kent gold optima water dispenser

This has become one of the most loved water dispensers for domestic uses mainly. The dispenser works on gravity filtration technique where a hollow UF membrane is used, and the water is allowed to pass through this membrane under gravity. It is one of the best water dispenser for home in India.

kent water dispenser
Kent water dispenser

The filtration is done physically, and hence no involvement of chemicals is there. You can use it anywhere in the home since the dispenser does not operate on electricity. It has a total capacity of ten liters of water, where the lower five liters chamber stores the filtered water while the unfiltered water remains in the top.

2. WELLON standing water dispenser

This is a POU automating office water cooler, which will help supply drinking water to several corporate areas. It is a freestanding dispenser, and hence, you will have to keep a note about its occupying space. In this dispenser, the filtration unit is made from RO+ technology, where an alkaline solution is used for purification. This is the best water dispenser for home in India.

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wellon standing water dispenser
WELLON standing water dispenser

There is a storage cabinet right below the basin where the taps are. Unlike other dispensers, the storage tank of the dispenser is made from stainless steel and not plastic. Hence, the water will not have any harmful particles. The water temperature can be auto-controlled.

3. Alkalisch water dispenser

If you are looking for a wall-mounted dispenser, this will be the best model. If you are running out of space and still want to install a dispenser, this will be a perfect choice as it will help save a lot more space than expected. The dispenser has four different purification technologies combined- RO, UV, UF, and alkaline. This will ensure that the water is purified with maximum efficiency. It is one of the wall mounted best water dispenser in India.

alkalisch water dispenser
Alkalisch water dispenser

The machine provides both hot and cold water. Buttons are there at the top, using which you will be able to operate it easily. It has a total water capacity of around twenty-five liters.

4. Eureka Forbes water purifier and dispenser

This is a top load dispenser that will provide the most purified water with no large harmful molecules, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The microfiber mesh will help in eliminating the bigger, insoluble parties present in the water. There is an activated carbon filter that will help remove smell and taste from the water and other chemicals. It is one of the best water dispenser in India.

eureka forbes water purifier and dispenser
Eureka Forbes water purifier and dispenser

The dispenser is based on the gravity purification technique. The tank has a capacity of 20 liters, which makes it perfect for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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5. Voltas mini magic water dispenser

If you are looking for a machine to be used in kitchens, you need to look into this specific tabletop mini water dispenser from Voltas.
In Voltas water dispenser, you will have three different water outlets for hot, cold, and regular water. This water dispenser is the one of the best water dispenser for home in India.

voltas mini magic water dispenser
Voltas mini magic water dispenser

The mini dispenser can be placed in the kitchen or on the dining table easily, as the size is very small as compared to other dispensers we have discussed here. The dispenser’s power consumption is around 500 watts, which is quite less than a domestic aqua guard.

6. Blue star BWD3BLGA water dispenser

This is one of the best bottom load dispensers available in the market. A twenty-liter water jar is placed at the bottom because it’s more flexible in offices. Moreover, Blue Star water dispenser spare parts are easily available. The water dispenser Blue Star works on reverse feed technology.

blue star bwd3blga water dispenser
Blue star BWD3BLGA water dispenser

The water is pumped to the top filtration unit using an in-build pump. There are two temperature control settings to generate both the hot and cold water according to the user’s instruction.

How to Select the Best Water Dispenser in India?

There are many different types of water dispensers with purifiers, and hence, choosing the perfect one is next to impossible. Since you are not a pro in handling the technical parts of a water dispenser, you wouldn’t know which particular model of which brand will work.
However, you can’t just let the matter go because dispensers are necessary, and we think that the reasons explained above are enough to let you know. So, the ultimate solution to get the correct water purifier for office come dispenser is to follow a buying guide. Here we have described some of the essential ways you have to keep in mind when purchasing to ease your tensions.

1. Size

The first thing which will affect your decision will be the size of the water dispenser. In the market, you will have a lot of size options. But to choose the perfect size, you need to consider a few things, and we will discuss it here.
First, you need to consider the purpose for which you are buying the machine. If it’s for a residential purpose, a maximum of twenty-liter volume will be the best. However, if it concerns a commercial space, you will have to go for a bigger size depending on the number of employees using the machine.
The next factor which will affect the size is the price. Based on your budget, you will have to choose the size. For people who are more concerned about money, a smaller size will work. However, if you don’t have any restrictions regarding this fund matter, you can get any size.

2. Type

We have already discussed that the best water dispensers in India can be divided into five different types. Based on your convenience, you will have to make the perfect selection. For your convenience, here we have given some tips which will indeed help you a lot.

2.1 Wall-mounted dispensers

Wall-mounted dispensers are best for areas where there is a way of connecting the water reservoir to the main water plumbing system. Also, it’s an idea for areas where there is a shortage of space. With this, you won’t have to worry about the water supply as it’s connected to the main supply.

2.2 Point of use dispensers

The point of the use machine design is the best water dispenser to get in the market. It’s almost similar to the wall-mounted machines, with the only difference that the POU is freestanding.

2.3 Top load and bottom load dispenser machines

The top load dispenser uses the twenty-liter water jars that are then inverted and connected with the dispenser’s top mouth. In the case of the bottom load dispensers, the jars are kept in.

3. Brand

Third, you need to work on the brand of the best water dispensers in India. There are many popular brands that you can find in the market, starting from Kent to Eureka and so on. Choosing the perfect one from these is not easy. One single mistake, and you will end up losing a great deal of money. This is why we have provided a certain number of ideas that will help you select the brand name perfectly.

Reviews will also help you to understand whether your chosen brand is trustworthy at all or not. Ensure what the reviews are saying about the brand names you have picked out from the list. If the pros outweigh the cons, then the brand name can stay on your list, and vice versa.

The brand choice will also depend on the price. If you are running low on money, you need to choose a brand whose models are within an affordable range set by you. But if your concern is about the brand only without any fund worries, always for the popular names.

4. Price

It doesn’t matter which particular model you want to buy; there are many things you need to understand about the water dispenser price. Without knowing this information, it will be practically impossible to have the best water dispenser at your home or office premises.

The price is highly dependent on the brand. Eureka, Kent, and other well-established brands are always costly, and hence it might be a little bit problematic for those who have a set budget. As for the local brands, the price fluctuates, and therefore you need to be cautious more.
Next, the price will also depend on the size. More the size more will be the cost. Hence, you will have to choose the size as per your budget restrictions.
When it comes to types, there are considerable differences in the prices. For example, the bottle-less dispenser is costly as compared to the bottled water dispenser.

5. Settings

Lastly, if the features of the dispenser are complex and more Settings, then for choosing one of the best water dispensers in India, you will have to look into the settings properly. When we are talking about the settings, we focus on the temperature and other options present in the machine.

Some of the common settings that you will find in the dispenser machines are:

  • Heating of the water with the help of the heating coil present in the dispenser
  • Cooling the water to normal cold temperature or ice-cold temperature with the help of refrigeration techniques
  • Beverage dispenser features are also available in certain models from where you can get tea and coffee
  • Sometimes, there will be an option of normal water, which is yet another benefit of having the dispenser machine

6. Purpose

The last thing you need to be cautious about the water cooler machine is the purpose you are buying. For example, the wall-mounted or the POU dispensers aren’t exactly suitable for home purposes. But, if it concerns a commercial space, using the POU or the wall-mounted will be ideal.

If only a few people are going to use the machine, the tabletop water dispenser is ideal since you will only have to use a five-liter water can. For commercial spaces having less usability, you can use the bottom load or the top load water dispenser machines.

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What are the common water dispensers handling mistakes to avoid?

Lastly, we have to discuss the common mistakes people make in using the home or office water cooler. Since the price of the machine is not very little, being extra cautious is essential and quite expected too.

Hence, here we have presented a list of things you need to be aware of while handling one of the best water dispensers in India.

1. Water tank

The dispenser machine will have a water tank, no matter what type you are buying. Now, initially, the tank remains clean for a couple of weeks. As time goes on, it starts getting dirty. In the bottled dispenser case, rusting is the common problem one needs to be aware of. However, if it’s a bottle dispenser, you need to look out for iron deposition, calcium, and magnesium deposition.

2. Electrical setup

If you are buying a hot or cold water dispenser, you will need an electric supply for the operation. The electrical connection needs to be made carefully since you will be handling water, which is a good conductor of electricity, especially if we consider the involvement of tap water.

3. Deposition of BPA molecules

When you are using the water bottles as the supply system, there will be a high chance of BPA polymeric compounds being deposited in the water tanks and the taps. This is something you have to keep in mind since the polymer is not safe for humans. And hence, if the polymer is present in the filtered dispensed water, you will have to call the mechanic to remove the polymers.

4. Water bottle condition

In the case of the top load dispensers, the pressure plays an important role in balancing the water in the bottle and the tank present in the machine. This is why you cannot use a cracked or deformed water bottle as the supply system in the top load machines.

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What are the different types of water dispensers model?

water dispenser with user controls
The best thing about these dispensers is that the user can control how much water he needs.

Over recent years, several modifications and improvements have been introduced in the designs of the water dispenser India models. In some cases, the filtration unit has been modified, while in some, more temperature features have been added. Some models have changed their water source supply also.

Based on these transitions, one can classify the best water dispensers in India  into several types. Before buying the dispenser, you should at least have an idea about the classifications so that you don’t make a mistake at the time of purchase.

1. Table top water dispensers

It’s clear from the name that these kinds of dispensers can be used in residential kitchens easily. The machine’s size isn’t quite big, and hence they can be placed on the kitchen countertops easily for better access.


  • Such a water dispenser for a home can handle a water capacity of up to five liters.
  • There are no such variations in the temperature settings, and hence you will get only the cold water.
  • Since the size is small, one can keep it on the kitchen countertop or the island top.
  • The installation and maintenance of such machines are relatively easy, because of which these have become popular for domestic use.
  • It won’t require any technical knowledge, thereby making it possible for you to easily deal with the problems.

2. Wall mounted water dispensers

This is the most preferred water dispenser for the office. Hence, many companies have topped their manufacturing rate so that every commercial building can have an abundant number of wall-mounted dispensers.


  • These dispensers are connected with the main building water supply via a direct pipeline.
  • The water supply is continuous, and one doesn’t have to rely on others for supplying the water source.
  • Since they are mounted on the walls, they occupy less space.
  • The dispensed water volume has no restrictions, and hence, employees can have as much water as they want.

3. Top load water dispensers

This is one of the best water dispensers in India that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Here, the main water supply comes from the twenty-liter humongous water bottles. The bottles are inverted so that the mouth will contact the water reservoir tank of the dispenser.


  • These dispensers can handle a twenty-liter volume of water, and hence, they are placed in small commercial areas.
  • The main disadvantage of using these dispensers is that one has to have the water bottles handy.
  • The top-load dispensers usually have two options for temperature- normal water and ice-cold water.
  • The machine will work on electricity, and hence it should be placed in an area where the main electric supply port is present.

4. Base load water dispensers

The bottom load water dispensers usually have the water supply chamber in the lower part of the tall column. The dispensing taps are present on the top, and hence it dispenses the water in a fountain form. You can easily avail this water dispenser online.


  • In most cases, the water supply bottles are kept within a closed chamber in the machine’s downward portion.
  • A motor helps lift the water from the bottom water supply tank to the upper refrigeration and filter room.

Such dispensers usually don’t provide too much flexibility, and hence, they are not quite used in commercial places.

5. Point of use water dispensers

Point of Use or POU dispensers works the same way as the wall-mounted dispensers. The only difference between these two types is the structure. The POU dispensers are freestanding, and hence they have to be placed on the floor. However, this is not the case with the wall-mounted machines.


  • The POU automatic water dispenser is usually connected to the building’s main water supply system.
  • Since it’s free-standing, it will occupy a small amount of space.
  • Most dispensers come with different temperature settings, making it one of the best water dispensers in India for offices and other commercial places.

How does the bottle water dispenser work?

design water dispenser
Over recent years, several modifications and improvements have been introduced in the designs of the water dispenser India models.

The working of the bottled hot and cold water dispenser is quite easy to understand. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t pay any attention to the working and will go on using the machine.

Here, we have discussed the basic method in which such a water dispensing machine works.

First of all, in the bottle dispensers, a five to twenty-liter water can is essential since it’s the source of the liquid. The volume of the water jar will depend on the type of bottled dispenser you have.

Once the bottle is connected with the dispenser machine’s reservoir, you will be able to get the water after pressing the button of the setting you like to have.

The water is filtered inside, and based on the temperature setting you have chosen, the water will either be heated or cooled before dispensing.

What is the working mechanism of a mounted water dispenser in India?

As for the best water dispensers in India with a wall-mounted feature, the working mechanism is slightly different.

Here we have described the functioning of the mounted dispensers in brief so that you can at least have a basic idea.

  • The wall-mounted dispenser is connected to the main supply system, which provides drinking water in the whole building or house.
  • With a direct connection, the dispenser will have a continuous water supply.
  • The filtration systems present in such dispensers are of high quality, because of which you can have the cleanest water.
  • Also, the temperature setting features are more in number in this dispenser machine than the bottled one.

How water is purified in the best water dispensers in India?

lemon detox water in transparent water dispenser
The dispensers’ purification mechanism is different from the normal water purifier you install in the house or small commercial areas


Even though the dispenser machine is used to distribute the water at any time from a particular water source, we cannot ignore knowing more about the machine’s filtration mechanism.

No matter which type of dispenser you are buying for the office or the home, the machine will have a purification unit to produce clean water for whoever is using it. However, the dispensers’ purification mechanism is different from the normal water purifier you install in the house or in small commercial areas.

1. Filtration of water

The supplied water filtration involves three different steps- reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and activated carbon filters. Each of these steps works differently to remove the different kinds of impurities from the water.

2. Reverse osmosis

In most of the best water dispensers in India, reverse osmosis is done naturally to avoid the extra expenditure on an additional pump. The RO process indicates the passing of the water through a semipermeable membrane. The pores present in the membrane are designed in a way where the large molecules can be blocked. Only the water molecules, essential ions, nutrients, and a small number of microorganisms can pass.

3. Ion exchange

Some ions get filtered in the RO process, which is not at all suitable for drinking. Hence, using the deionizers, these ions are removed, making the water further clean and ideal for safe drinking.

4. Carbon filtration

When the carbon compound is activated, it becomes quite an amazing natural water filter. Several kinds of carbon materials are used in the dispensers, starting with charcoal, coconut shells, coal, and even lignite. In the more modern water machine for the office, the granulated activated charcoal form is used since it increases the surface area, further increasing the absorption of the harmful chemicals and microorganisms from the water.

5. Disinfection of the water

The filtered water lacks the bigger chemical molecules and ions. However, the concentration of microorganisms isn’t reduced because the water isn’t a hundred percent safe for drinking. So, to make the water completely safe and remove the germs, the disinfection process is included in the best water dispensers in India.

There are several ways in which the water is disinfected. UV radiations are used in some dispensers, and it is one of the most efficient ways of killing microorganisms without a doubt. Chemicals are also used for killing protozoa and bacteria effectively.

What are the different ways of heating and cooling the water?

Two different mechanisms will follow the disinfection stage if you are buying a cold and hot water dispenser.

For the cooling mechanism, two different ways are implemented in the structure of the water dispensers. These are:

1. Vapour Compression

Vapor compression refrigeration where a coolant is used to reduce the temperature of the disinfected water. One can either use the reservoir system or the pressure vessel direct chill system to cool down the water to the desired temperature setting in the VCR technique.

1. Thermo Cooling Process

Another method of cooling the water is the Thermo cooling process, where a group of semiconductors is used to transfer the heat from the water to the external ambiance. This is more eco-friendly as compared to the VCR process, and hence most of the modern dispensers use the Thermo cooling mechanism for lowering the water temperature.

As for the dispensers having the heating mechanism, a coil is made up of a heating element that follows Joule’s law. The water is heated once the current will flow through the heating coil, and then it is dispensed from the hot water tap.

What are the benefits of having the best water dispensers in India?

We have indeed learned a lot of things about the best water dispensers in India. However, now it’s time to understand the reasons for the increasing popularity of machines in recent times.

People usually believed that the benefits of the dispensers are very limited, and hence it’s better to use the purifiers. However, with the new modifications now in place, it’s clear that the benefits have increased in numbers. So, let’s find out what is the current status of the water dispenser machines.

1. Improved water taste

If you take a sip of the tap water, it will taste sour or sweet. However, this is not a taste that you should enjoy because the taste comes from impurities. When you are using the best water dispensers in India, you will get the proper water taste, almost nonexistent. After all, pure water is indeed tasteless and odorless too.

2. Highly safe for the health

The dispensers have both a filtration and disinfection system loaded within the purification part of the water dispenser. This makes the water healthier and perfect for drinking. The heavier molecules like arsenic, iron, and mercury are removed, and the bacteria and other microorganisms get killed. This is why the water coming out of the dispensers is indeed very safe for drinking.

3. Easy to get potable water supply

With the dispenser machine installed in your home or any commercial place, you would never have to worry about getting purified water bottles from the store. This way, neither will you have to leave a meeting midway to get a bottle from the store or roam around an entire shopping mall for a glass of water without any cost.

4. Available in different types

With the water dispensers, you will be able to choose from a wide range. Starting with the wall-mounted dispensers to the top load dispensers, there are several types. Each of them has different features, and hence you will be able to choose the one you think will be convenient for your place.

5. Highly cost-efficient

Believe it or not, the home or office water dispenser is highly cost efficient. You might have to spend a lot at the beginning during the purchase and the installation. But in the long term, having a water dispenser is certainly a cost-effective solution. After all, the freezing of the water can be done in the refrigeration unit of the dispenser. The water can be heated via the heating coil. The purification unit is also there, which means no more installation of another purifier or buying of water bottles.

6. Space efficient

Since the need for a refrigerator or a water heater is eliminated, one can save a lot of space in the commercial hallways, in your kitchen, near the cafeteria, etc. Because of this particular benefit, most offices and commercial areas are now looking to install one of the best water dispensers in India.

7. Instant preparation of beverages

Lastly, some water dispensers are there from where beverages are dispensed also. This has added an extra advantage for private offices where beverages are supplied to the employees without any cost.

8. Temperature can be altered

The best part about having a dispenser is the temperature alteration settings. In a standard purifier, you can never alter the temperature of the water produced. But in the best water dispensers in India, you will be able to get hot water, normal water at room temperature, cold water, and ice-cold water.

Final Words

Here, we have learned a lot of things about the best water dispensers in India. Starting with the machine types to the buying guide, a lot of information pieces are here. But it would be best if you are extra cautious when you choose the dispenser. Make sure you are making the perfect choice after contemplating a lot according to the buying guide mentioned here.

With proper care, you will have the best water dispenser for your home and office.

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