Best Vermicelli Kheer Mix Brands in India – Mishry (Mar 2024)
best vermicelli kheer mix brands in india

Best Vermicelli Kheer Mix Brands in India – Mishry (Mar 2024)

We chose Double Horse as the best vermicelli kheer mix brand in India. It was the most flavorful and creamy kheer.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Have it hot, warm or cold. Either way, it tastes delightful. Know what we are talking about? Kheer!

Vermicelli kheer is comparatively quick to make and requires just a handful of ingredients. The combination of nutty vermicelli, sweetened milk and just a hint of cardamom is superlative.

With the change in times, products that provide convenience are always appreciated like RTE meals, gravies, masala blends and even kheer mixes.

We picked up four popular brands of vermicelli kheer mixes that are easily available online. After testing them on various parameters, we chose Double Horse Kheer Mix as one of the best vermicelli kheer mix brands in India. It tasted the best and had the correct consistency. 

Here is all that you need to know about vermicelli kheer mix brands.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

1. Available Variants

Kheer mixes can be of two types based on the core ingredient used – Rice or Vermicelli.

2. Available Sizes

Vermicelli kheer mixes are available in packs of 100-500 grams.

3. Price Range

On an average a box of 100 gram kheer mix is priced between Rs 30/- to Rs 55/-. 

4. Shelf Life

The shelf life of kheer mixes is between 9-12 months.

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5. Packaging

Vermicelli kheer comes packed two ways – 

  • Pouches
  • Cartons

6. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients used in a vermicelli kheer mix include sugar, vermicelli (which can be made using semolina, wheat or refined wheat flour), nuts and flavoring agents like saffron and cardamom. 

7. Nutritional Information

100 grams of the vermicelli kheer mix provides 300-400 Kcal of energy approximately. 

Quick Comparison of Vermicelli Kheer Mix Brands

Here is a tabular comparison of all the vermicelli kheer mix brands we reviewed on the basis of their price, net weight, shelf life and rating.

Vermicelli Kheer Mix Brands Buy Now
Double Horse On Amazon 
Bambino  On Amazon 
Gits  On Amazon 
Suhana On Amazon 

Our Review Factors

Our review process was a simple one and involved three broad stages – 

Stage 1: Dry inspection

Stage 2: Cooking 

Stage 3:  Taste test

During the dry inspection stage we checked the mixes for their ingredient list, price, and how they looked in their uncooked state.

For stage 2, we cooked all the vermicelli kheer mixes as per the instructions given on the pack. This helped us test how easy or tedious are the steps to follow and the convenience attached to each brand. Once done, we conducted our taste test.

Our review parameters included – 

1. Taste

First and foremost – taste. Any packaged product that offers convenience would have no point if it’s not tasty. For our review, we wanted to find the tastiest kheer mix. 

Are the sweetness levels balanced? Does the kheer have flavoring agents like cardamom? If yes, how prominent is it? Does it have nuts and how fresh do they taste? Does the vermicelli have a prominent nutty taste? 

2. Texture + Consistency

When we say texture, we mean the bite of the vermicelli strands and the crunch the nuts add.

Consistency of the kheer directly impacts the overall experience. Creamy is what we were looking for. 

3. Appearance

How appetizing does the kheer look?

4. Ease of Cooking

Following the instructions should be an easy job and neither should the list of ingredients required from the consumers end be too long. Otherwise, that kills the whole purpose of buying a ready mix. Doesn’t it? 

5. Ingredients Used

What is the vermicelli made of? Wheat or maida? What is the type of sweetener used? If refined sugar is used, is it powdered?

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Best Vermicelli Kheer Mix Brands – Detailed Review

1. Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer Mix 

Upon dry inspection we could see castor sugar, cashews, raisins and medium sized vermicelli. There is a slight aroma of cardamom in its dry state. We cooked 37 grams of the mix in 188 ml of milk, as per the calculations given on the pack. Our cooking experience with this kheer mix was very smooth. 

The roasted cashews and vermicelli add a good bite to the kheer. The signature nutty taste of roasted sevai is delicious. Along with the cashews, the kheer contains plumped up raisins which amp up the whole experience. 

From the delicate cardamom flavor, balanced sweetness and well-cooked vermicelli with a creamy consistency, we liked everything about the Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer Mix.

At 31 Rupees for 100 grams, this is also value for money.

double horse vermicelli kheer in a bowl
Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer Mix is out Top Pick.
closer look at the double horse vermicelli kheer
Closer look at Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer.
  • This is a value for money pick.
  • The sweetness levels are balanced.
  • We liked the nutty taste of sevai.
  • The roasted cashews and plump raisins are delicious.

Quick dessert fixes don’t just mean ordering in. If you’re looking for a vermicelli kheer mix that provides taste and convenience, this one is a good option.

2. Bambino Vermicelli Instant Kheer Mix

Upon dry inspection we could see small, thick strands of vermicelli, sugar powder and tiny bits of almonds. The powder dissolved with ease but took longer in comparison to our Top Pick. We used 1 cup milk for 45 grams of the kheer mix. 

The sevai are thick and have a nice bite to them. The aroma of cardamom is very inviting. The kheer made using Bambino’s mix, although decent to taste, wasn’t fresh. The sweet whole raisins were appreciated, but the stale tasting rancid almonds ruined the entire experience. The dry fruits were lesser in comparison.

bambino vermicelli kheer in a bowl
Bambino Vermicelli kheer has balanced sweetness levels.
closer look at the bambino vermicelli kheer
Closer look at the Bambino Vermicelli Kheer.
  • The sweetness is balanced.
  • Sevai strands are not mushy, they have a nice bite to them.
  • The raisins taste fresh and are plump.
  • The almond bits are rancid tasting and significantly lower the overall experience.

3. Suhana Vermicelli Kheer Mix

During our dry inspection stage we could see long, thin strands of vermicelli with white powdered sugar. There’s a delicate cardamom aroma in its dry state. We could also see dry fruits like raisins and almond slices. 

Once we started cooking this, we noticed a lot of saffron strands which add a light yellow color to the kheer. The almond chunks taste delicious and fresh. The sweetness is balanced. 

The taste of saffron is dominant, followed by cardamom. Instead of enhancing the flavor of the kheer, it overwhelms the palette and lowers the overall experience. 

suhana vermicelli kheer in a bowl
The kheer has an overpowering flavor of saffron and cardamom.
closer look at suhana vermicelli kheer
Closer look at Suhana Vermicelli Kheer.
  • We liked the balanced sweetness, and fresh tasting dry fruits.
  • The dominant flavor of saffron and cardamom are overwhelming.
  • The nutty taste of vermicelli is missing.

4. Gits Instant Vermicelli Kheer Dessert Mix

We could see a lot of plump raisins, chopped pista and almond pieces, semi-coarse sugar, and a mix of roasted-unroasted vermicelli.

The reason why Gits did not win was due to the lack of any flavoring. The signature nutty bite we were looking for from the vermicelli strands was also missing. 

gits vermicelli kheer in a bowl
Gits vermicelli kheer lacks the flavor of any aromatics like cardamom.
closer look at the gits vermicelli kheer
Closer look at Gits Vermicelli Kheer.
  • We liked the fresh tasting nuts.
  • This lacks flavoring agents like saffron or cardamom.
  • The texture of vermicelli is not upto the mark.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we pick Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer Mix as our Top Pick?

We were looking for the kheer mix with a pleasant cardamom or saffron flavor along with balanced sweetness and a significant nutty taste and bite of the vermicelli.

We chose Double Horse Vermicelli Kheer Mix as our Top Pick because it performed the best on all the above mentioned parameters. Moreover it has a clean ingredient list, is value for money and provided us with the best overall experience. None of the other brands came close to the taste this brand delivered on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on vermicelli kheer mix brands.

Not all brands have added flavors. Only one of the above mentioned brands contains added artificial flavor like almond.

No. None of the brands we reviewed contain any MSG.

The answer to this question depends on the quantity of milk added and the pack size. On an average a 100 gram pack will make 4-5 servings.

No. None of the brands contain any preservatives.

Once opened, re-seal the pouch pack well. If you cannot re-seal, transfer the vermicelli kheer mix in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place.

Final Words

The tastiest and most balanced vermicelli kheer mix is by Double Horse. From the fresh tasting nuts to the delicate cardamom flavor and texture of the vermicelli, we loved it all.

Have you used kheer mixes before? If yes, tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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