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manual vegetable chopper review

Your Search For The Best Manual Vegetable Chopper Ends Here (2024)

Six contenders, one exceptional, the others a hit and miss. Our parameters, review process, and verdict for the best manual vegetable chopper in India explained in this review.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Cooking involves tons of steps, off the flame too. What ready-to-use mixes are to seasoning and sauteeing, electric and manual choppers are to the preparation process.

In  2019, Team Mishry intensively reviewed TEN manual choppers to find the best. Three years later, with several new contenders in the market (and a lot of the old ones discontinued), Mishry is set to find the Best Manual Vegetable Chopper Brands in India again. Our parameters, our reviewing process, what did we expect, and more explained in the review.

We tested all the choppers over 15 days and chose Solimo as our Top Pick. Not only is the mechanism smooth and efficient, the cuts are precise and uniform as well. More about the process down below.

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Time-efficiency and overall convenience are two of the primary reasons someone would prefer using a manual vegetable chopper to a knife and board. In addition to these, our verdict is based on parameters like the noise generated, the effort required, cleaning and maintenance, appearance of the tool, capacity, and aspects that make it stand out.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

1. Performance 

The aim of the game under this parameter was to check how uniformly the chopper works. Diced or finely chopped, does the chopper provide consistent results at each use?

2. Speed

Choppers are supposed to reduce time and effort you put in the kitchen for prep-work. We checked all the choppers for two interconnected parameters – speed and performance. In case of manual choppers, speed is a parameter that would somewhat be user-subjective keeping in mind how fast you pull. We checked the status of the veggies after 10 and 20 pulls.

3.  Ease

It’s manual, yes, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. While testing, we noticed a significant difference between how smoothly the string-pulley action works in some.

Questions we answered:

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  • How smooth is the pull mechanism?
  • Is the pull-motion swift?
  • How easy is it to set up the chopper?
  • Are peeling and large chunks the only two steps to be followed before adding veggies to the chopper container?
  • What about cleaning and maintenance?

    4. Other Parameters

    The price, capacity, construction, and material were other factors that we took into account.

    Noise – Vegetable choppers are small handy devices, but some of them can be noisy. And by noise we mean not the natural sounds of blades cutting chunks of onion, tomatoes, ginger or garlic. We mean noise that emanates from the pulling action. A constant noise that would indicate a design or alignment issue. Such products were ranked low by us.

    Attachments – Does the chopper come with additional attachments – if yes, do they add value?  In a vegetable chopper, an additional lid that fits well can be a handy accessory that helps you store leftovers.

    Design and look – Pleasing colors and design always make a difference. While the final, and most crucial, parameter was how well the choppers cut and diced, and if they are easy to use, at the end if you had two products with exactly same parameters and results, you would buy the one that looked visually more pleasing.

Can’t do with manual? Check these electric vegetable choppers. 

manual vegetable chopper blades
The design, blades, and overall appearance of these manual choppers.

Our Review Process

How did we pick brands? We chose brands with a capacity between 300-500 ml and are easily available online and offline. These choppers are meant for a small family. We did not consider choppers with more than 3 blades/higher capacity.

  • For a fair, unbiased verdict, we reviewed the six contenders for over 15 days, at both, the Mishry HQ, and our personal kitchens. 
  • The testing processes were fairly simple. We chose some soft veggies, some hard ones, and nuts.
  • Day one was testing the choppers with diced onions and for day two, we used tomatoes. To check for all the set parameters our reviewers chopped and diced a total of over 5 kgs of vegetables to come to the final winner.
  • Day three was the day of durability testing where the choppers were put to test in kitchens of a regular Indian home where three meals are cooked everyday and a lot of chopping is required. The efficiency was tested with veggies like carrots and beans and even some nuts.
  • The onions and tomatoes were peeled and cut into four large chunks before adding to the chopper. To ensure the choppers have sufficient space for blades to rotate and function, we chopped carrots into two thick pieces while the beans were cut into eight halves. 
  • The results of chopped nuts are inconclusive because not one chopper chopped the nuts well or uniformly. The nuts kept getting stuck in the blade. We suggest a separate tool for chopping nuts.
manual vegetable chopper test day one
This was the first phase of our reviewing process where we used onions.
manual vegetable chopper test day two 10 pulls
The tomatoes, 10 pulls later.
manual vegetable chopper 20 pulls
Tomatoes after 20 pulls in the six manual choppers.

Manual Vegetable Chopper – Detailed Review

Details of our review, what worked, what didn’t are mentioned in the following section – 

1. Amazon Solimo Vegetable Chopper – Mishry Top Pick

Our Experience

Our experience with Amazon Solimo Vegetable chopper was impressive, to say the least. 

When testing the chopper with onions, it yielded fairly good results. In around 10 pulls, the onions were nicely chopped. On testing further with 10 more pulls (total 20 pulls now), the onions were finely chopped (like those you would use for stuffing). Our experience with Solimo Vegetable Chopper was similar in case of tomatoes too. They were chopped well, without too much work. 

To no one’s surprise, the third day of testing was a delight too. In under 10 pulls, Solimo did not just provide us with uniformly chopped veggies, but the pulling motion was swift, convenient, and the cord worked smoothly. All requirements met!

manual vegetable chopper top pick solimo
An impressive experience with Amazon Solimo manual chopper.

Product Features

Amazon Solimo Vegetable chopper is priced at Rs 249/- and has a 350-ml capacity. The jar is made of plastic and has three stainless steel blades. The jar has a grip at the bottom that prevents sliding of the chopper. 

Performance- 4/5
Speed- 4/5
Ease- 4/5
  • Even, consistent cuts
  • Smooth pulling motion
  • Decent capacity
  • Steady grip (jar doesn’t move a lot)
  • Priced economically

Paratha, chillas, homemade momos and spring rolls- if your menu at home looks a lot like this, Solimo chopper would be a worthwhile investment. 

2. Signoraware Quick Chopper

Our Experience

We had mixed reviews with Signoraware Chopper. Testing this with onions on day one was a mediocre experience. The pulling motion was not as smooth and the onions were getting stuck between the blades at times. However, day two brought Signoraware back on the podium. When it came to tomatoes, Signoraware was, though just slightly, better than our Top Pick too! Uniform chops, efficient results. 

Our experience on the third was quite similar to day one. In simple words, Signoraware chopper isn’t meant for hard vegetables. It works best with soft veggies that have a higher water content. But would someone buy a chopper just for soft vegetables? We think not. Which is why this is not our Top Pick or recommendation.

manual vegetable chopper signoraware
Thumbs up for the uniform cuts it provided.

Product Features

Priced like our Top Pick, at Rs 349/-, Signoraware chopper also has three stainless steel blades and a plastic jar. 

Performance- 3/5
Speed- 4/5
Ease- 4/5
  • Uniform cuts
  • Best for soft veggies
  • Pulling doesn’t require a lot of efforts
  • Not suitable for harder vegetables

Large batches of salsa? Pizza sauce? Gravies? Signoraware does the job. 

3. Pigeon Mini Handy Chopper

Our Experience

Almost as good as our Top Pick…at least during the first stage of testing. Pigeon chopper showed excellent results with onions. We first tried chopping onions with only 10 pulls. Impressed by the results, we went ahead with 20, and had perfectly, finely chopped onions.

On day two with tomatoes, the results weren’t half as decent. There were uneven, large blob-like chunks in between some finely chopped ones. It wasn’t smooth or uniform, so a thumbs down. 

Making its way back to the Top Three, Pigeon shined during the third day of testing. With carrots and beans, this gave us almost identical, uniform cuts. The pulling motion was smooth, no major issues here. 

Pigeon has over FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND reviews online. Here’s our detailed take on it.

manual vegetable chopper pigeon
The pulling motion was fine but the blades weren't.

Product Features

This manual chopper with a 400-ml capacity is priced at Rs 545/- It has three stainless steel blades and a plastic body. 

Performance- 3.5/5
Speed- 3.5/5
Ease- 4/5
  • Smooth operation
  • Great with harder vegetables. More pulls = finer cuts
  • Tomatoes weren’t chopped evenly.

4. Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper

Our Experience

First things first, Wonderchef does not have a smooth functioning pulley motion. So the veggies (both hard and soft) weren’t chopped evenly or well. There were large, uneven chunks. Since uniformity in cuts is a significant parameter, we do not recommend this chopper. 

manual vegetable chopper prestige
The pulling motion was a task.

Product Features

Priced at Rs 700/-, the capacity of this chopper is not specified. Just like the contenders above, this had three stainless steel blades and a plastic body. 

Performance- 2.5/5
Speed- 2.5/5
Ease- 2.5/5
  • Cannot pull effortlessly
  • Uneven cuts

5. Prestige Plastic Cutter

Our Experience

Our experience with Prestige was more or less identical to that of Wonderchef.

Like Wonderchef, Prestige did not really have a smooth motion. It did not give us consistent cuts. Moreover, onions and tomatoes were both left in large chunks, even after 10 + pulls. 

manual vegetable chopper prestige
We were left with large chunks.

Product Features

Prestige Plastic Cutter is priced at Rs 595/-. A plastic body, stainless steel bladed and a grip at the bottom are notable features.

Performance- 2.5/5
Speed- 2.5/5
Ease- 2.5/5
  • Large chunks remain
  • Too difficult to use

6. Milton Xpress Safe Chopper

Our Experience

Milton is placed at the sixth position because it didn’t add convenience. Instead, it added a few more tasks to our list. Not only was the pulley motion a challenge, but it was too noisy to operate. The blades do not help in achieving consistent or fine cuts, we had too many large dices. Moreover, there were instances where we had to manually reel the string back in.

Not as easy as pulling some strings may sound like. 

manual vegetable chopper milton
Chopping veggies in the Milton chopper was more challenging than with a knife and board.

Product Features

This chopper had a capacity of 465 ml and priced at Rs 849/- Stainless steel blades and a plastic body, the construction is fairly similar. One pro would be it comes with a storage lid. This eliminates the need to transfer contents, if needed. 

Performance- 1/5
Speed- 1/5
Ease- 1/5
  • Doubles as storage container
  • Expensive 
  • Very challenging to achieve consistent results
  • Difficult to use as well. The pulley motion is not smooth and the string gets stuck.
  • Noisy

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why is Solimo’s Manual Chopper our Top Pick?

Not just design and construction, but Solimo is an easy-to-use, versatile, and efficient manual chopper. In all three stages of our review process, Solimo delivered results consistently. The smooth pulling motion, even cuts, and a clean, simple design were praiseworthy qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the best manual vegetable chopper.

No. We would suggest cleaning the choppers manually. 

As per our experience the design of these blades is not ideal for whipping cream. And, we did not try whipping cream in this. 

A little noise is definitely generated, which is natural. However, it isn’t too bothersome. That said, Milton was the only chopper that created too much noise when in use. 

Yes, our Top Pick is definitely worth the price.

Yes, these are lightweight tools that you can move from the kitchen to another room, if needed. 

Our Verdict

We LITERALLY pulled too many strings to conclude which brand has the best manual vegetable chopper in India. Efficiency, ease, economic value- our Top Pick Solimo impressed us across parameters.

Have you used a manual chopper before? If yes, which brand do you use and why? Tell us down below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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