The Best Tomato Sauce Brands That You Must Try
The Best Tomato Sauce Brands That You Must Try

The Best Tomato Sauce Brands That You Must Try

This article contains all the best tomato sauce brands that one must try. The tomato Ketchup price of each brand is also provided on the list. You can easily compare different brands and select the most suitable one for you.

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No doubt that tomato ketchup makes food tastier. Side dishes, starters, and snacks are incomplete without tomato ketchup. We can find tomato ketchup in every household. Its demand is growing with time. That is why different ketchup brands were launched selling tomato ketchup. All the top tomato sauce brands are giving each other a tough competition. Some brands are local, and some are international brands. Now, we also get tomato sauce with different flavors. 

Tomato ketchup is made of fresh tomato pulp, which gives it a tangy and sweet taste. As we are becoming more inclined to fast foods, the demand for tomato products is raining higher. 

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Tomato Ketchup Brands in India

Now the question is which tomato ketchup brand to choose for your snacks. Here, some of the top brands are listed that may help you to select the best brand.

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  1. Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack Pouch 

Delmonte is one of the best tomato sauce brands in India. It is great tangy ketchup that has a very thick consistency. That is why it goes well with sandwiches. If you like something tangy mixed with a mildly sweet taste, this one’s for you.

Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack Pouch 
Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack Pouch

It has an easy squeezing bag, which makes it more convenient to use. Even a kid can apply the sauce on his or her snacks without messing the food up. The thickness makes it great for burgers, grilled food, and fries. 

But if you want a sauce that goes with spicy food like kachori or samosa, you may not like it. This sauce is a bit too tangy to suit those spicy snacks. Though its pouch is very children-friendly, the taste may not suit them. So, keep this in mind while you are buying it. One Delmonte Tomato Ketchup Pack Pouch costs Rs.120.

  1. Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic 

This tomato sauce has no onions or garlic. Its flavor and consistency are great. People who want to avoid onions and garlic because of some festival, fast, or diet plan, can easily use this sauce and enjoy their favorite meals.

Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic is also cheaper than other tomato sauces that do not include garlic or onion. That is why this sauce has become popular among all. Even though there is no onion or garlic in this sauce, it tastes as good as other sauces available in the market. The thick consistency makes it a great dip for pakoras, fried, or grilled dishes. One bottle of Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic costs Rs.110. 

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Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic 
Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic
  1. Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle

Its spicy taste matches different types of food items. You can have it with grilled dishes as well as deep-fried foods. This sauce is quite thinner in texture. But the thinness does not make it any less tasty. If you want a sweet but spicy sauce that goes with your kebabs, pakoras, and tikkas, this will be the best option for you. Though the consistency is not that thick, you can still have them with sandwiches. It does not make them soggy.

Its spice level adds the perfect flavor to your food items. If you are a pure spice lover, you can use the sauce in different dishes and take them to a different level. 

Maggi ketchup comes in a bottle made of glass. The glass jar holds the flavors intact and keeps it fresh for a longer time. One 500g bottle of Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce costs Rs.110, making it one of the economically priced and best tomato sauce brands available in the market.

Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle
Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle
  1. Heinz Tomato Ketchup 

This is the best tomato sauce currently available in the market. The taste is neither too sweet nor too tangy. So, you get a balanced flavor. Its consistency makes it delicious for all kinds of foods. We can use Heinz Tomato Ketchup as a dip for both, Indian starters and Western snacks.

The ketchup has a plastic container, so even if you drop the bottle, do not worry; it won’t break. Its nozzle cap is beneficial. You can put the desired amount of ketchup on your food. One bottle of Heinz Ketchup price is Rs.200, which may seem costly at first, but the taste, consistency, and usability make it one of the best tomato sauce brands that are worth the price.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
  1. Cremica Ketchup

Ceramic ketchup is the best tomato sauce that you can ever get in the market. It has a tangy flavor that everyone loves. Because of this different taste, it is popular in the Indian market. The sauce has different types of spices along with garlic. Its tangy taste and the hint of acidic flavor make your food taste delicious. Ceramic is one of the best and top-rated food manufacturing brands in India. They also make mayo sauce, sandwich spreads, cakes, dips for snacks, dessert fillings, and many others. Due to their consistency and quality, they have become very popular within a short period. 

Cremica Ketchup is made of pure tomato pump, water, salt, water, and liquid glucose. So, the sauce has no side effects. The brand guarantees the quality and quantity of every product they manufacture. So, this is the best tomato ketchup you can get in the market. One 100g pouch of Ceramica ketchup costs Rs.107.

Cremica Ketchup
Cremica Ketchup
  1. Tops Ketchup

Tops sauce is one of the commonest Indian tomato sauce brands in the market. It was launched in Indian in 1984 and slowly climbed the ladder. Now it is one of the biggest brands in India. Tops have broadened the range of its products with time. While it continues to sell ketchup, you can also get jelly, custard paste, cake mix, jam, vinegar, and other food products. 

They take care of the food consistency which makes it one of the greatest options for us. Fresh tomato pulps are used to make this sauce. The tomatoes are pre-cleaned and well tested. One bottle of Tops tomato ketchup costs Rs.112 and is undoubtedly one of the best tomato sauce brands.

Tops Ketchup
Tops Ketchup
  1. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup

If you are looking for ketchup that tastes great, you should try Kissan Tomato ketchup. The consistency and the flavor of this ketchup are its two major selling points. It has a robust flavor and a thick consistency. Kissan tomato sauce is not at all watery like most other ketchup. 

Kissan company uses fresh tomatoes to make this ketchup so that the customers can enjoy the authentic flavors of tomatoes. The taste of Kissan ketchup makes your meals super delicious, mainly for fussy eaters, the Kissan brand ketchup helps those children to enjoy their food thoroughly. That is why Kissan is considered one of the best tomato sauce brands in India.

Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup
Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup

Kissan tomato ketchup is made of 100% organic tomatoes. We can put it to any dish, be it Indian snacks like pakora or samosa, or fancy Italian dishes like pizza or pasta. It just goes with everything.

You also get different flavors with Kissan, like chili tomato sauce, spicy sauce, onion and garlic sauce, hot tangy sauce, Chatakdaar sauce, and others. One 100 g pouch of Kissan Fresh Tomato Sauce price is Rs.106.

  1. Smith and Jones ketchup

Smith and Jones is a reputed food production company under Capital Foods Private Limited India. It produces a wide variety of food products. We get the different flavors in Smith and Jones ketchup and all of them can be used as a dip to different dishes.

There is also a “No Onion and No Garlic” version of this sauce. That is for people who have several food restrictions. Thus, the company takes advantage of every type of consumer.

The ketchup is made of fresh and ripe tomato pulps, along with spices and herbs. You can use it with any Indian snacks like cutlet, Pakodas, or samosas.

There are different Smith and Jones ketchup flavors available in the market like sweet and hot sauce, garlic sauce, masala chili sauce, chutney, pizza chili sauce, and others. It has become one of the most favored tomato sauce brands and Indian and has enriched Indian dishes. Single 1kg pouch of Smith and Jones Tomato Ketchup price Rs.120.

  1. Ching’s Ketchup

Chin’s ketchup has a ‘Desi Chinese’ tagline. The products remain true to the tagline. The brand has added different flavors to meet the needs of our taste buds. Chin’s also make vinegar and chili sauce in different forms. Any Chinese side dish or snacks are incomplete without Ching’s products.

They also make instant noodles, which are very tasty. The Schezwen sauce made by Ching’s is very popular. Ching’s is a top-rated brand in India because of its wide variety of products. You can buy Thai noodles, instant soups, sauces like hot tomato, sweet chili, and Schezwen from Ching’s brand. 

The brand uses fresh and original ingredients in every product so they are one of the best food brands available in the market. One bottle of Chin’s ketchup costs Rs.130.

  1. Everest Ketchup

The Everest brand was founded in Uttar Pradesh in 1986. We can get glass bottles, sachets, and pouches according to our requirements. Everest India also produces other goods apart from ketchup which is of high quality. You can also buy different size tomato ketchup. We can also buy pickles, hot sauce, and vinegar from this brand. One bottle of Everest ketchup costs Rs.120.

So, these are the top brands that you must try. 

Tomato Ketchup Buying Guide

Before buying any ketchup, there are certain things you should consider. For example:

  • The flavor

Flavour is everything when you are buying food. If you want your ketchup to be too tangy then you should go for pure tomato ketchup. If you spice up your food, then hot and chili ketchup are for you. different kinds of ketchup have different taste. So keep this in mind while you are buying. 

  • Ingredients

Different brands use different ingredients to make ketchup. Always check the ingredients before you buy one. If you are allergic to garlic and onion, then you should go for ‘No onion-No garlic’ ketchup.

tomato sauce brands
Tomato Sauce with Fries
  • Price

Though most of the ketchup has a quite similar price, to buy the most economically priced ketchup, you should check other ketchup and compare their price and quantity before buying one.

  • Usage

Some ketchup comes into glass jars and some have easy squeeze tubes. The tubes are very easy for us. Even your kids can use it. But the glass jars keep the flavor of your sauce intact. So you should consider these before buying any. 

tomato sauce brands made from fresh tomatoes


Tomato ketchup is favored by most of us. We cannot enjoy pakora, samosas, or other snacks without tomato sauce. That is why you must buy the tomato sauce that goes perfectly without favorite snacks. So, consider all these tomato sauce brands and tips before buying a tomato sauce to enjoy your food.

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