Best Tawa For Chapati: Buy Only The Best Option Suitable for You
Best Tawa For Chapati: Buy The Appropriate One Without Fail This Season

Best Tawa For Chapati: Buy Only The Best Option Suitable for You

From material to price, so many factors, and yet no knowledge! Well, not anymore because we are here, with a perfect lesson about everything you need to know to have the best Tawa for chapati. So, don’t wait up anymore and immediately start cooking!

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‘Chapati’ in Indian cuisine is one of the staple foods in many Indian states. It is prepared differently, starting with the small, hand-made rotis to the soft pita bread. In earlier days, these rotis were made in the earthen oven, where women used a wire mesh to roast both sides of the tortilla and serve them hot. But, now, there is not even a single kitchen which uses the earthen ovens. So, to prepare the dish, you will need the best Tawa for chapati.

Several variations have been introduced to the Tawa pan designs, because of which we are here today. This article will discuss various facts about this Indian cooking element, starting with explaining its uses to the top Tawas you can get in the Indian market. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the discussion about the best Tawa for chapati.

concave disc-shaped frying pan
Tawa is a flat or concave disc-shaped frying pan or griddle, usually made of cast iron, aluminum, or carbon steel.

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If you look at the utensils used in the earlier days, you will find out that the Tawas they used were made of cast iron, and it used to be a mix between a flat and a concave surface. But now, a paratha Tawa is available in two different shapes- the flat taws and concave Tawas. These are available with or without edges, thereby giving you ample opportunities to make your favorite flat-faced dish.

Since the circumference of the best Tawa for chapati doesn’t have high walls, you will have a handle on one side only. The handle is made up of the same core material as the Tawa but with the only casing difference. Since you will hold the handle for cooking, it is covered with a heat-resistant polymer, allowing you to cook conveniently with the roti Tawa without burning yourself.

Is A Tawa And A Pan Similar?

the rock tawa
The rock tawa is a vintage kitchen accessory that has been passed down from one generation to the next in South Indian kitchens.

Our next topic of discussion is the similarities or the differences between the Tawa and a roti pan. We have indeed heard many speculations about both these utensils being the same, with the word “Tawa” being used in the Indian culinary industry. At the same time, the pan is the general term popular in the internal culinary sector.

However, if you consider every single point carefully, you will see that the best chapati Tawa is far different from a pan. Here, we will discuss the points that set the pan apart from a Tawa to have a clear idea about the latter utensil without any confusion.

  1. When you buy a pan, you will be given several options, starting with the casserole pan, frying pan, grill pan, and so on. But, for a Prestige roti Tawa, you will have only one option, which comes in the exact form we have described above.
  2. Tawa is a special kind of pan having a flat or concave surface and is used to make flat-surface dishes. On the other hand, a pan means any utensil within which food can be fried, roasted, grilled, or seared.
  3. Pans come in different sizes as a grill pan will be square and small in shape while a casserole pan will be circular and larger. But, in the case of the best Tawa for chapati, you won’t have varying shapes or sizes. So, in this case, the number of options to the taws is limited.
  4. If you see the pans, you will see that most of them have a proper shoulder height, thereby making it possible for you to use a liquid medium for cooking. But, this is not possible in the case of the steel Tawa since this particular cookware doesn’t come with high or medium-walled shoulders.

What Are The Materials Used In The Making Of Tawa?

tawa pan
Tawa pans are used throughout South, Central and West Asia.

When you shop for the best Tawa for dosa, you need to carefully consider the choice of the materials. With the difference in the material, the pros and cons of the utensil will also vary.

Apart from that, the features of the cookware will vary with the material. And hence, it’s essential to consider the most common elements used in manufacturing the best Tawa for chapati.

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1. Stainless steel

One of the most common materials used in making the gas top or the induction Tava is stainless steel. Made from a combination of iron, carbon, nickel, and chromium, the alloy serves many purposes, thereby making the Tawa best for making chapatis, rotis, flatbread, pita bread, and so on.

For example, sometimes the percentage of chromium is kept higher in the alloy, because of which the Tawa can resist the damages imparted from high temperature. Hence the best Tawa for chapati can cook the dish faster by conducting a high amount of heat.

2. Cast iron

The next type of material used for ages in the manufacturing of the Tawa is cast iron. Still, in many Indian homes, you will find that the cast iron Tawa is widely used for making tortillas, hand-made chapatis, etc. Made from high-quality iron material, this particular Tawa can get heat up quickly. Since its heat-retaining capacity is high, it allows the food to get cooked faster. So, if you want to cook traditionally, you can look for the best-cast iron Tawa online in India.

3. Nonstick element

Another fantastic component used in the manufacturing of the professional dosa Tawa is the nonstick materials, like Teflon. In most professional kitchens or modern homes, people are using nonstick Tawas to prepare the dishes. The Teflon is highly resistant to heat and also prevents the sticking of the food to its surface. Because of this, the nonstick roti Tawa has become so popular in recent years.

4. Aluminum

The last type of chapati stick Tawa material, which we will discuss here, is aluminum. The metal is combined with a few other elements to become heat resistant, more durable, and strong. However, since aluminum is present in the maximum percentage, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the best Tawa for chapati that you can get at a low price.

How Can You Choose The Best Roti Tawa Online?

one side tawa pan
One side is great for making leavened and unleavened flatbreads and pancakes, as well as pitas, pesarattu, and chapati.

With so many Tawas surrounding you, it is imperative to feel overwhelmed when choosing the best Tawa for chapati. Not only do you need to have a look at the price of the cookware, but you also need to think about the material, design, handle, etc.

Choosing a random-looking Tawa isn’t the best choice since then. You will be wasting money as well as your time. So, if you want to buy a functional Tawa without making a single mistake, you got to read through this buying guide. This will help you understand how to choose the best dosa Tawa in India or a simple chapati making Tawa.

1. Size

Your first job will be to look for the perfect size of the Tawa. For this, you got to understand the purpose of the utensil in your kitchen. If you want to buy an iron Tawa online only for making the hand-made rotis, you can choose the smaller-sized pan. But, in case you want the Tawa for making several other dishes like pancakes, dosa, or crepes, you need to select the bigger one.

Apart from the purpose, you have to ensure that your chosen size is compatible with your cooktop. If the Tawa size is greater than the gas or the induction oven’s total surface area, you will find it quite challenging to cook the food properly.

2. Design

The next thing to worry about before finalizing the best roti Tawa is the design of the cookware. We have already discussed that the Tawas come in different design forms. So, based on your convenience, you can choose any of these:

  • Flat Tawas with a centimeter shoulder surrounding the circumference
  • Concave Tawas with a slight depression at the middle with no shoulder to prevent the liquid from rolling down
  • A mix of flat and concave Tawas with a non-existent dent at the center

You need to choose the design based on the type of dishes you will cook. If you want the pan to prepare only the flat-foods, you need the flat Tawa. If you want to use the prestige dosa Tawa online for frying or searing the foods, you can go with the second or the third design type we have discussed here.

3. Price

Choosing the best Tawa means you have to spend a certain amount from your pocket. But, if you are not going for the utensil with a proper strategy, you will end up paying a lot more than what you have planned for. This is why you have to consider the roti Tawa price before buying one. Now, there are certain facts on which this cost depends, and they are:

  • Depending on the brand of the Tawa, the cost will change accordingly. If you choose a local Tawa, the price will be less but while choosing a branded one, like the Prestige, Hawkins, and so on.
  • Usually, when you choose a local Tawa piece, the utensil’s price will vary with the weight in grams. The higher the weight, the more will be the price and vice versa.
  • The price sometimes even depends on the finish of the utensil. So, while buying the best roti Tawa in India, make sure you consider the budget adequately based on the finishing look of the utensil.
  • Lastly, the cost of the Tawa will depend on the material with which the cookware is made. For example, nonstick cookware is way costlier than normal stainless steel or cast iron Tawa. So, be very specific about the material you need if you want to save money at the purchase time.

4. Material 

As discussed earlier, a Tawa paratha cookware is made from several materials, starting with the primary iron to the more advanced nonstick Teflon material. Each of these has its own set of pros and cons, because of which you need to buy the Tawa after many considerations. Since many of you can easily get confused when choosing the material, here, we have discussed some tips that will undoubtedly help you a lot.

  • Always choose the material based on the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a traditional kitchen, aluminum, or a cast iron Tawa online will be more efficient. But, in case you are looking for cookware to suit a modern kitchen setting, we think it would be best to go for a nonstick Tawa. As far as the stainless steel material is considered, it suits both styles of the kitchens, especially a contemporary setup.
  • Now, if you have two material options in your hand, you can choose anyone based on your budget. For example, let’s say that you can either have aluminum Tawa or the best non-stick Tawa for your kitchen. Now, unfortunately, you are running low on your budget. So, for that, you have to go with the aluminum material. But, if the budget limit does not restrict you, you can easily choose the nonstick material.
  • Lastly, you have to consider the heating capacity of the material. If you are a lover of slow cooking techniques, the best Tawa for chapati will be nonstick cookware. But, if you want your rotis to be made fast, you need either the stainless steel one or the iron Tawa.

5. Brand

In case you are looking for a branded Tawa, you need to ensure that the chosen brand is a proper one. We understand that sometimes you worry about the price and other factors. But, buying a branded nonstick or an iron roti Tawa online has its perks. Let’s see how a branded Tawa will help you in cooking your favorite dishes in the kitchen:

  • With a brand name, you will have assurance about the cookware. This way, if something goes wrong with the Tawa, you can claim your money back or a replacement, which wouldn’t be possible if you are buying regular cookware.
  • Buying a Futura roti Tawa or one from Nirlon or Prestige will help you cook your dishes safely without fear of accidents. The screws and other annealed hardware parts are perfect and are fitted firmly so that no accidents can occur. But, this guarantee won’t be there in the case of a local Tawa.
  • In case you are buying a nonstick Tawa, you will have two options. You can either buy a branded one like the Hawkins, nonstick Futura Tawa, or the Nirlon Tawa, or you can get a local one. Now, the problem with a local one is that they don’t provide a guarantee on the nonstick layer. So, after using it for a few days, you will find that the nonstick layer is peeling off, thereby rendering the cookware useless.

6. Cooktop compatibility 

When you want to get the best Tawa for chapati, you need to look for the cooktop compatibility without fail. If you have only a gas stove and are not planning to buy an electric oven, you can choose any Tawa. But, if you have an induction, you need to be sure that the Tawa you have chosen is compatible with the induction cooktop. Most of the stainless steel and non-stick Tawa online are perfect for the induction cooktops since they are heat-resistant and have high conductivity. So, they won’t burn the food or cause any accident when placed upon the electric oven’s glass cooktop.

7. Handle

Lastly, you have to choose a proper handle of the induction base dosa Tawa or the normal one. For the handles, you will have the following options:

  • Stainless steel handle in a wire form
  • Iron handle with a plastic polymeric cover over the top
  • Stainless steel wire handle with plastic cover partway
  • Stainless steel wired handle with a wooden rolling cover
  • Two side handles placed along a horizontal axis

What Are The Dishes One Can Cook With A Chapati Tawa Online?

cooking tawa pan
Cooking the chicken in the tawa gives a unique taste wherein the chicken is kind of roasted with the masala sticking all over.

After choosing the best Tawa for chapati, you need to know the amazing dishes you can cook using this amazing cookware. So, let’s see the foods that can be cooked on this new utensil.

  • Parathas like aloo paratha, dal paratha, and so on.
  • Pancakes, both sweet and savory ones
  • Crepes
  • Garlic bread
  • Pizza
  • Roti
  • Bada paw
  • Paneer bhurji
  • Dosa
  • Ragi dosa
  • Rawa dosa
  • Oat pancakes
  • Uttapam
  • Frankies
  • Tortilla wraps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about the best tawa for chapati.

Iron chapati tawa is an excellent choice, as iron material distributes heat evenly and is very durable. Iron material has good heat retaining capacity, which makes cooking faster.

Cast iron and aluminum tawas are good for cooking as they conduct heat in a mannered fashion, which cooks chapati evenly. Besides this, the material is durable and does not break easily.

Try some of the popular brands for tawa.

  • Vinod
  • Wonderchef
  • Cello
  • Prestige
  • Rock Tawa
  • Solimo 
  • Meyer

Cast iron tawas are better than non-stick tawa as non-stick tawas have a teflon coating which is harmful to your health when used in the long term.

Aluminum tawas are sturdy, durable and last longer. They spread heat across the tawa which helps in cooking rotis evenly. Aluminum tawas are easy to maintain.


iron tawa pan
Iron tawa is made of Iron sheets which are cut into shapes of the Tawa.

In conclusion, we can say that you will have to follow a certain amount of rules that we have mentioned here for choosing the best Tawa for chapati. So, make sure you are going through the points we have mentioned here so that you won’t have to face any hassle in the later future.

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