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best snacks to get your party started

Best Snacks To Get Your Party Started: Fried & Sumptuous

Here is a list of party snacks that you can serve your guests if it is a last minute party.

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It becomes a task to decide snacks for a party that is being hosted by you either last minute or pre-planned. It doesn’t matter if it is a family get-together, an office celebration, or a spontaneous gathering of old friends. Good food is important for the success of any gathering, and that’s where good snacks come into the picture. When you are chatting, catching up, sharing jokes, and creating memories, nothing like good food for company! There are a lot of options you could go with; some cold snacks, some hot snacks, something sweet and some beverages, would typically help you create a delicious evening.

Here are some of the best party snacks reviewed and recommended by us that you can serve for a wonderful party. Every single item on this list has been reviewed by us and all recommendations are made after trying and tasting them.


Best Products To Get Your Party Started: 13 Perfect Party Snacks

Here we have curated 13 perfect party snacks to get your party started, ranging from frozen and fried snacks to different beverages. The products listed below are highly recommended by Mishry.


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

1. Frozen & Fried Snacks

These snacks are the best party starters as they are delicious and easy to cook. Snacks that can be fried are always ideal to serve as starters at a party as they can be cooked quickly and you can also enjoy the party with your guests instead of staying in the kitchen and cooking for them.


1.1 ITC Masterchef Crunchy Chicken Nuggets ( Mishry Recommendation )

Chicken nuggets are a popular party snack, made from boneless chicken. It is easily available in the market and is one of the most common snacks that are easy to make. You have to simply fry them and serve them hot!

chicken nuggets and fries
Chicken nuggets is a famous snack, made from boneless chicken.

There are a number of brands that offer frozen chicken nuggets. We tasted a large batch of chicken nuggets from different brands and concluded that chicken nuggets from ITC MasterChef are the tastiest.

itc master chef chicken nuggets
ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets – Crunchy, 450 g

The chicken nuggets by ITC turned out to be our Top Pick. These nuggets are perfectly juicy inside, and this complemented their crunchy exterior. The overall taste was exactly what we were looking for in our nuggets.


1.2 McCain Aloo Tikki – Mazedaar Masala ( Mishry Recommendation )

Ready to eat aloo-tikki is cooked in the same manner as chicken nuggets and potato cheese bites. They are also available in a similar form i.e. frozen. Aloo-tikki is an all-around snack that can be consumed alone or in homemade sandwiches, burgers, chaat, etc. All three fried snacks have a crispy exterior and a soft interior. We reviewed 4 brands that offer ready to eat aloo tikki, out of which McCain Aloo Tikki was the yummiest.

mccain aloo tikki
McCain Aloo Tikki – Mazedaar Masala

McCain has the tastiest Frozen Aloo Tikki in the market. It is consistent, crispy, and has that authentic aloo-tikki taste.

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1.3 ITC Masterchef Cheesy Corn Triangles ( Mishry Recommendation )

These frozen potato cheese bites are just like chicken nuggets, but these are liked by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The potato and cheese work together really well to make the tastiest snacks. They are also sold in frozen form and need to be fried (panfrying is fine) before eating. We picked 3 brands and found that ITC Masterchef’s cheesy corn triangles are the most delicious with an adequate quantity of potato and cheese.

itc masterchef cheesy corn triangle
ITC Masterchef Cheesy Corn Triangle

With just the right amount of potato and extra cheese, this product makes for a good appetizer and works well as a side dish as well.


1.4 ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab ( Mishry Recommendation )

Falafel is a dish from Lebanese cuisine that is enjoyed worldwide. These falafel kebabs are made from chickpea flour and are rich in spices and herbs. All these fried snacks must be stored in the deep freezer and must be consumed within 12 months of packaging. This is an innovative snack with a minty, fresh and authentic taste.

Falafel is a dish from the Lebanese cuisine that is enjoyed worldwide.

Falafel is supposed to be granular and lightly seasoned, and these falafel kebabs are prepared with adequate spices and herbs such as coriander, parsley, cumin, etc. These falafel kebabs from ITC are a great party snack along with your favorite beverages.

itc lebanese falafel kebab
ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab

Flavored with parsley, mint, and coriander, each bite of this Lebanese delicacy is perfect.


1.5 Tata Sampann Low Oil Absorb Pakoda Mix

Pakodas are the perfect snacks, especially when it’s raining. This pakoda mix from Tata Sampann is just the right pick for you. All you need is potatoes or onions and water to make some amazing pakodas for your evening chai.

tata sampann pakoda mix
Tata Sampann Pakoda Mix

The outcome is light, fluffy and spongy pakodas that will leave you asking for more.


1.6 ITC Master Chef Caribbean Chicken Pops

Craving for some Caribbean flavors? These chicken pops by ITC Master Chef are just what you need! These chicken pops crisp up from the outside, and the inside remains soft and juicy, which we totally love. The Caribbean flavors are bang on; Herbs like thyme and parsley make their presence felt, and at the same time, surprise us with a lot of spiciness from pepper and cloves.

itc master chef caribbean chicken pops
ITC Master Chef Caribbean Chicken Pops


1.7 ITC Master Chef Crispy Chicken Fries 

Who doesn’t love fries, and when it is chicken fries, it is a double bonus. These chicken fries by ITC Master Chef are not just crunchy but are delicious too. The chicken flavor added with the black pepper to taste makes for a delectable snack. The salt in it doesn’t feel overpowering and is just perfect.

itc masterchef crispy chicken fries
ITC MasterChef Crispy Chicken Fries


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2. Best Tea Time Snacks/Snacks

Any tea lover would not like to have tea without any snack and if you are one of those, these snacks are what you need. These snacks are crunchy, tasty and blend well with tea. These tea time snacks will be your savior in case you are confused about what to serve with tea.


2.1 Haldiram’s Namkeen Bhel Puri ( Mishry Recommendation )

Bhelpuri is an Indian snack that is commonly consumed during tea time or on a rainy day. It is a form of chaat and is made of puffed rice, vegetables, and a tangy tamarind sauce. It has different variations as well. It is a delicious tea time snack and is very easy to make.

bhel puri
Bhel puri is a form of chaat and is made of puffed rice, vegetables, and a tangy tamarind sauce.

Haldiram and Garden are two popular brands that are believed to have the tastiest bhel puris. We did a face-off among the two and we believe Haldiram’s bhel puri is better than Garden’s bhel puri because it has a more crunchy, sour-spicy flavor along with extra peanuts and papdi.

haldirams namkeen, bhelpuri
Haldirams Namkeen, Bhelpuri, 200 g

Haldiram Bhel Puri has a balanced sweet-sour-spicy flavor, it is crunchy, has lots of peanuts, and papdi added to the mix.


2.2 Haldiram’s Tea Time Khari ( Mishry Recommendation )

Khari is a flaky puff pastry that is popularly consumed with tea. It has a crunchy, flaky texture and blends perfectly with the strong flavor of the tea. Khari and tea together create a creamy flavor. Before you give this to your guests, you must know that each Khari has approximately 100 calories with no sugar. It also has wheat gluten, sesame, and soy in it. Khari by Haldiram’s is available in different flavors such as:

  • Original
  • Jeera
  • Masala
  • Methi
  • Multigrain

We tasted the masala flavor and multigrain flavor. Our top pick was the multigrain flavor. Though it is less crunchy than the masala flavor it reminds you of the old times when Khari was only available in local bakeries. These are crispy savory puffs with a hint of zeera.


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3. Chips

Chips are the most loved snack by all. They are the ultimate alternative if it is a last-minute party and you don’t have anything to serve. The best part is, now there are different types of chips available in the market. And people like it when chips are consumed with dips. How would you like it if you get both chips and dips in the same pack? That would just decrease your workload and that’s how Wingreens Farm’s chips and dips are the ideal solutions.


3.1 Wingreens Farm’s Chips And Dips ( Mishry Recommendation )

This is an innovative snack where you don’t have to worry about making the dip separately for your snacks. These chips come with dips which you can also eat while traveling. This range has crunchy pita chips with mouth-watering dips. Wingreens Farms is known for its diverse range of sauces, hummus, dips, and mayos.

chips and dips
This is an innovative snack where you don’t have to worry about making the dip separately for your snacks.

This Wingreens Farm’s chips and dips are free from trans-fat, are baked, have the permitted amount of preservatives and have added flavorings that are identical to natural flavors. We tasted 3 flavors of these chips and dips where we liked parmesan and herbs pita chips with jalapeno dip the most. That dip has a perfect combination of cheese and salt and it goes well with the parmesan chips.

parmesan and herbs pita chips with cheesy jalapeno dip
Parmesan And Herbs Pita Chips With Cheesy Jalapeno Dip

The creamy and cheesy dip goes well with the pita chips in order to create an appetizing snack.


3.2 Coconut Chips From By Nature ( Mishry Recommendation )

If you want to add a dash of coconut flavor to your snacks, then these chips are an ideal choice.

These are baked coconut chips and are made using only coconut without any sugar. They have a mild flavor of sea salt and are a healthy addition to your diet. These chips are also gluten-free and have no oil, trans-fat and cholesterol. They have a shelf life of 12 months as they come in a packet that can be resealed. These chips are crunchy and can also be used as toppings. They are available in 2 flavors:

  • Classic
  • Chocolate
These chips made from coconut are free from gluten and cholesterol, crunchy and pocket-friendly at the same time.

We tasted the classic flavor, and we liked it as they are crunchy and delicately flavored. The classic version of these coconut chips is addictive as they are not thin like wafers and they don’t taste like they are ready-made.

by nature baked coconut chips
By Nature Baked Coconut Chips (Classic)

A gluten-free crunchy treat that’ll satisfy hunger.


4. Dips & Sauces

To give your guests the taste of an achar flavored dip with plain chips, Wingreens Farm’s Achari Sauce is the perfect desi sauce. It adds a twist to your snacks. On the other hand, tomato ketchup is ideal to eat with chips and fried snacks as well. You can’t eat fried snacks without tomato ketchup, as they may feel too dry. Hence, tomato ketchup is a must!


4.1 Wingreens Farm’s Achari Sauce ( Mishry Recommendation )

This achari sauce is a desi version of the sauce. This sauce can be eaten with meals or chips as well. It has an achaari flavor and is handmade in India. It has an adequate amount of sunflower oil along with antioxidants. In 100g of achaari sauce, there is 56.58 g of fat and there is no trans-fat. You must store this sauce in the refrigerator and it has a shelf life of approximately 6 months. We tasted this achari sauce and to a large extent, it gives you a flavor of homemade achar and is creamy at the same time. It is a thick non-sticky sauce, which can even be eaten with paranthas.

wingreens farms achaari sauce
Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce

The tangy and spicy flavor of the new achaari variant would surely add a desi twist to your meals.


4.2 Del Monte’s Tomato Ketchup (Original) ( Mishry Recommendation )

Tomato ketchup is a commonly consumed sauce worldwide. It can be eaten with dishes from multiple cuisines. But there are a number of brands that offer tomato ketchup and to select the best from these brands, you need to do a little thinking depending on your taste and preference. We made this process easier for you as we tasted and reviewed tomato ketchup from the top 6 brands including:

  • Mrs. Bector
  • Kissan
  • Wingreens
  • Maggi
  • Del Monte’s
  • Heinz
Tomato ketchup is a commonly consumed sauce worldwide that can be eaten with dishes from multiple cuisines.

We tasted tomato ketchup from all the brands and our top pick was Del Monte’s tomato ketchup as it is consistent and gives you the taste of real tomatoes.

del monte's tomato ketchup
Del Monte’s Tomato Ketchup

Del Monte’s Tomato Ketchup (Original Blend) rated highest across all our blind tastings. The ketchup’s balanced tangy and sweet flavor was loved by all. It has a smooth, creamy, and thick consistency and has a fresh, sweet and tangy aroma.


5. Ready-To-Eat Curries

These are your best friends when you have unexpected guests and you don’t have much time to prepare an authentic Indian meal. The ready to eat curries that we tasted and reviewed were:


5.1 Haldiram’s Minute Khana Dilli Style Choley ( Mishry Recommendation )

Haldiram is a famous brand for regional Indian dishes. Choley Masala is a traditional Indian dish that is cooked with a variety of spices and Indian traditions. It is a north Indian dish and takes time to cook it perfectly.

chole masala
Choley masala is a traditional Indian dish which is cooked with a variety of spices and Indian traditions.

Hence, for your rescue, Haldiram offers ready to eat Dilli style choley masala which can be cooked easily in 5-10 minutes. We cooked and tasted this ready to eat choley masala and we liked the taste.

haldiram minute khana dilli style choley
Haldirams Minute Khana Dilli Style Choley

A Dilli style chickpea curry mixed with herbs and spices, thus giving you an authentic Indian Taste.


5.2 MTR Ready To Eat Paneer Butter Masala ( Mishry Recommendation)

Paneer butter masala is loved by everyone due to its sweet and spicy taste. The cooking of paneer butter masala is time-consuming. The best flavor of this dish comes when it is cooked at home. But if you want to cook paneer butter masala in 5-10 minutes, then could be the best solution for you. There are no hydrogenated fats, trans-fat or added preservatives in this ready to eat paneer butter masala. We tasted this MTR Mix- Peanut Butter Masala, and absolutely love it.

mtr paneer butter masala mix
MTR Mix – Paneer Butter Masala

A perfect blend of sweet and spicy with creamy chunks of cottage cheese.


6. Beverages

Beverages are a must when hosting a party. You cannot host without any liquid refreshments for the guests. That just feels incomplete. The perfect non-alcoholic beverage for your guests to enjoy is:


6.1 Kingfisher Non Alcoholic Beverage ( Mishry Recommendation )

Kingfisher is a known brand for manufacturing beer. Even though this drink is manufactured by Kingfisher, it is a non-alcoholic beverage. It is made with 100 % natural ingredients and 30 % less sugar. It has 3 lemon based flavors:

  • Mint & Lime
  • Lemon
  • Ginger & Lime
kingfisher radler review
Kingfisher Non Alcoholic Beer In India

This drink is available in bottles as well as cans. We tasted all the 3 flavors and we liked the ginger & lime flavor as it has a rich taste. It tastes zingy and is similar to chilled ginger ale. This drink is perfect if you are hosting a party in the summer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs asked by our readers, we answered.

1. What is the most popular party food?

Ever thought of a party without food? Never, right! So, for your next party, you can try these popular party foods to please your crowd. 

  • Potato and Cheese Bites
  • Garlic Bread
  • Crunchy Chicken Nuggets
  • Falafel Kebab
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage
  • Aloo Tikki

2. What should I bring to a last-minute party?

Planning a last-minute party? Worry not. Try these quick recipes to satisfy the taste bud.

  • Nachos with salsa and cheese dips
  • Pita Bread with Hummus
  • Cheesy French fries
  • Mini CheeseBurgers
  • Garlic Bread
  • Baked garlic and cheese potato wedges
  • Chicken Tikka

3. What do you serve for an afternoon party?

Try these tea party snacks for an afternoon party.

  • Coconut Chips
  • Chips and Dips
  • Khari
  • Bhel Puri Namkeen
  • Cookies


Final Words

In conclusion, this was a list of some of the party snacks that you can add to your food list whenever you are hosting a party. These are pocket friendly snacks and your guests will definitely love this variety of options. 

Let us know in the comment section how helpful this guide was for you. Also, let us know if we missed any popular party snacks.

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