Best Schezwan Chutney Brands in India - Mishry (2023)
best schezwan chutney review

Who Won The Title Of The Best Schezwan Chutney In India? (2024)

The tastiest, the spiciest – Ching’s is Mishry’s Top Pick for Schezwan Chutney brands in India. Which other brand is on the podium?

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Loved for its garlic overload and spice kick from chillies, Schezwan Chutney is India’s most loved condiment after aam ka achaar

As a dip or stir-fry sauce, or to relish your paratha with (if you haven’t, please try. You’re welcome!), Schezwan Chutney is truly versatile. After selecting six brands based on availability, we reviewed them over two days and three stages to find the best schezwan chutney brands in India.

Ching’s Schezwan Chutney is Mishry’s Top Pick. But can you guess why?

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in our search for the best schezwan chutney?

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

A full-bodied flavor profile, texture and consistency, aroma and appearance were our primary parameters.

1. Taste

Schezwan, also known as Sichuan, is an amalgamation of several varied flavors. Heavy on the spice, Schezwan is also salty, sour, a bit bitter, slightly sweet, and smoky. All these flavors along with garlic and other spices are wrapped in one lip-smacking chutney.

In the three stages of our review process, we set out to find which brand nails this flavor profile.

2. Texture + Consistency 

Since the product under the microscope is schezwan chutney, we were looking for a consistency where it can be used as a dip as well as a cooking/stir-fry sauce. 

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As for texture, was the chutney a smooth paste or could we see bits of garlic, chilli flakes and seeds?

3. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life are our set parameters that we gauged the brands across. 

Best Schezwan Chutney brands – Review Process

Our Schezwan Chutney review was conducted in three stages. Stage one was research and visually assessing each brand. 

Stage two involved using them as a dip with snack, we used Godrej Starz here. For the final test, we used the chutney as a cooking sauce with fried rice.

best schezwan chutney contenders
A look at the packaging of the six brands.
best schezwan chutney stage one
The contenders ready to be added to fried rice.
best schezwan chutney testing process
Tasting the schezwan chutneys as a dip.

Best Schezwan Chutney brands – Detailed Review

The following section lists our detailed experience with each contender.

1. Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney

Our Experience

What made Ching’s the clear winner across the three stages was its flavor profile. Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney was hands-down the tastiest. There was a desirable dose of garlicky and chilli flavors, laced with a subtle but natural sweetness of onions. 

This also showed an impeccable consistency. It was chunky enough to be used as a dip, but also drippable to be incorporated in cooking. In one word, this was excellent. 

best schezwan chutney chings secret
Ching's Secret was our Top Pick for its marvelous taste and texture.

Product Features

250 grams of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney comes in a glass jar. This is priced at Rs 85/- and has a shelf life of 18 months. The main ingredients are water, cottonseed oil, sugar, iodised salt, chilli, garlic, onion, thickener (INS 1422), ginger, acidity regulator (INS 260), flavor enhancer (INS 635), spices (white pepper, schezwan pepper, preservatives (INS 202, INS 211), natural flavoring substances. 

Taste- 4.5/5
Texture- 4.5/5
  • Excellent flavor
  • Adds a vibrant color
  • Thumbs up for the consistency

From your stir-fry dishes to fried rice, and everything in between, Ching’s is the schezwan chutney we recommend.

2. Nilon’s Schezwan Chutney

Our Experience

In terms of consistency, Nilon’s was the thickest and very vibrant. It lent an eye-catching hue to our dish. Nilon’s had a prominent aroma of ginger and vinegar. The balance of flavors here was acceptable, no complains. However, compared to our Top Pick, Nilon’s was a little low on spice and heavier on vinegar. 

best schezwan chutney nilons
Not as spicy as our Top Pick, but this had great flavors.

Product Features

250 grams of this chutney comes in a glass jar, priced at Rs 90/- It has a shelf life of 17 months and the main ingredients are water, garlic, ginger, refined sunflower oil, iodised salt, spices and condiments, sugar, cornstarch, soybean sauce (color INS 150 C), preservatives (INS 202), flavor enhancer (INS 635), acidity regulator (INS 260, INS 211)

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Vibrant
  • Priced reasonably
  • No rancid/industrial aftertaste
  • Low on spice.

For serving kids or those with a low spice tolerance, we’d suggest Nilon’s Schezwan chutney as it has a more dominant ginger flavor than that of chillies. 

3. Veeba Schezwan Chilli Chunkey Dip

Our Experience

We noticed some changes in the consistency of Veeba’s Schezwan Chilli Chutney. Initially it was slightly thick and gloopy and turned even more so once kept out for a few minutes. 

Coming to flavors (as a dip). Yes, it tasted fresh and was devoid of any artificial or synthetic mouthfeel, but the punch, the chilli kick you want from a Schezwan chutney was completely missing. It had very subtle notes of ginger and garlic with a deep red appearance. 

When used in a batch of fried rice – this performed well and we loved the prominent ginger, garlic notes. Again, the reason this did not win was because it lacks the schezwan-punch.

best schezwan chutney veeba
The texture gets a thumbs up but there was barely any spice.

Product Features

This comes in a glass jar. The net weight is 250 grams and this is priced at Rs 80/- Fruits and vegetables (41%- tomatoes, red chillies (14%), garlic, onion, ginger), water, sugar, refined soybean oil, liquid glucose, iodised salt, stabilizers (INS 1422, INS 415), flavor enhancers (621), acidity regulator (INS 260), flavor enhancer (INS 627, INS 631), preservative (INS 202), natural flavoring substances, schezwan pepper (0.1%), preservative (INS 211), and white pepper powder are the key ingredients.

Taste- 3.5/5
Texture- 3.5/5
  • Fresh tasting dip
  • Better when used as a cooking sauce.
  • Lacks the chilli heat

4. Mothers Recipe Desi Szechwan Chutney

Our Experience

As soon as we unscrewed the lid, a sharp vinegar aroma hit us. Spice and ginger were present too, but not as intense.

Mother’s Recipe Desi Schezwan Chutney had a thick consistency, but it wasn’t gloopy making it ideal to be used as a dip. Staying true to its aroma, this contender was primarily sour, not spicy like Schezwan chutney is expected to be. It had a generous proportion of onions, garlic, and red chilli bits. We could taste more of the onions than garlic, but this didn’t get a place on the podium as it was high on sourness and not spice. 

best schezwan chutney mothers recipe
This would be best suited as a dip.

Product Features

Offered in a pouch with a lid, 200 grams of this chutney is priced at Rs 55/- with a shelf life of 12 months. The main ingredients are water, onion, sugar, sunflower oil, red chilli, ginger, garlic, iodised salt, cornstarch, celery, acidity regulator (INS 260), preservative (INS 211), stabilizer (INS 415), soybean. 

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 3/5
  • Ideal consistency for a dip
  • Convenient packing
  • Low on spice, high on sourness

5. Wingreens Farms Schezwan Chilli Garlic Sauce

Our Experience

Wingreens Farms Schezwan Chilli Garlic Sauce didn’t make it to the top three due to its taste and texture. This had a smooth, ketchup-like appearance with no visible chilli flakes or garlic bits, or other staple components of a schezwan chutney. Moreover, it had no prominent garlic or chilli flavors. Like its appearance, this was sweet like ketchup, too. 

best schezwan chutney wingreens
This tasted more like ketchup, owing to the sweetness.

Product Features

Like most Wingreens Farms sauces and dips, this comes in a tube. A tube holding 180 grams of the chutney is priced at Rs 99/- with a nine-month shelf life. The main ingredients are water, sugar, garlic (8.5%), iodised salt, red chilli powder (4.5%), red chilli paste (4%), acidity regulator (INS 260, INS 330), thickener (INS 1422, INS 415), mixed spices, preservative (INS 211), common natural flavoring substances. 

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 2.5/5
  • Too smooth
  • Extra sweet
  • Lacked the heat

6. Keya Schezwan Chilli Garlic Chutney

Our Experience

The rancid smell brought Keya Schezwan Chilli Garlic Chutney to the last position. As for the flavor, there were subtle notes of ginger and garlic, but the innate spice kick, chilli flavor were missing completely. 

best schezwan chutney keya
This was dominant on flavors of ginger and garlic.

Product Features

Keya Schezwan Chutney comes in a PET squeezy bottle. 300 grams is priced ar Rs 120/- and it has a shelf life of 1 year and 6 months (18 months).

The main ingredients are water, red chilli, tomato, refined sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, iodised salt, sugar, celery, spices and condiments, thickeners (INS 415), stabilizers (INS 1422), acidity regulators (INS 260), preservatives (INS 211), flavor enhancer (INS 627 and INS 631), paprika oleoresin (INS 160 c-i).

Taste- 2.5/5
Texture- 2.5/5

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why is Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney our Top Pick?

Not one, but in all three testing stages, Ching’s performed commendably. The flavors and texture were a delight. With the right amount of spice, the ideal consistency, Ching’s also had a vibrant appearance, making it our Top Pick.

best schezwan chutney cooking test
An overview of the final stage of testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best schezwan chutney 

Condiments are consumed in small quantities. These wouldn’t have a significant impact on health.

However, as usual, we recommend mindful, monitored consumption of packaged foods.

Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney is quite spicy, however, there are other brands that offer chutneys with a lower spice quotient.

Yes, onion and garlic are inevitable ingredients.

Yes, these do contain preservatives like INS 202, INS 211. 

The difference lies primarily in the texture. While schezwan chutney is thicker and spicier, schezwan sauce is smoother, relatively thinner, and sour, in addition to being spicy. 

Wrapping Up…

Multiple rounds of tasting later, we arrived at the same conclusion. When it comes to Schezwan Chutney in India, Ching’s is the best. Be it flavor or texture, as a dip or as a cooking sauce, Ching’s delighted us in every stage of reviewing.

Which condiment you can’t do without? Let us know. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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