Best Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Maker

We did it! We found the Best Sandwich Maker for you. Seven brands of sandwich makers – both Grill and Cut & Seal – were tested and reviewed in the Mishry kitchen. The winner is…

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Sandwiches are both convenient and customizable. No breakfast table is complete with some grilled and toasted sandwiches. Add fillings of your choice and you will never be disappointed. Some like to add paneer, some love adding chicken fillings and some like them with cheese and vegetables. Just pick your favorite and grill away!

To review the different types of sandwich makers available in India, we divided them into categories – Grill Sandwich Maker and Four Triangle Sandwich Maker or the Cut & Seal Sandwich Maker. After making sandwiches with more than 2 large loaves of bread over two days, we can tell you that Cello GM-700 700 Watt Grill and Sandwich Maker gives you the tastiest grilled sandwiches in this category. Amongst the cut and seal variety, we found Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker to be the stand-out sandwich maker in our review. The brands that were a part of the reviews included some of the most well-known appliance-makers in India like Pigeon, Philips, Cello, Bajaj, Morphy Richards and more.


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Mishry Reviews: Best Grill Sandwich Maker


Top Pick (Grill): Cello GM-700 700 Watt Grill and Sandwich Maker


cello sandwich maker

Cello GM-700 700 Watt Grill and Sandwich Maker

Cello’s grill sandwich maker produced uniform results and has a cord winder too.

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Model number – GM-700

MRP – Rs 1,599/-

*Price at the time of review


Why Cello Grill Sandwich Maker is our top pick

Cello’s Grill Sandwich Maker won the most points in the ‘how well were the sandwiches toasted‘ section. The sandwiches came out super toasty and the edges were well sealed. Overall, the toasting was very uniform and even.

Features that you should know about – It has a grill plate and a push down button. It has a cord winder, plus no exposed wires can be spotted anywhere. It has a power-on-and ready light indicator.

The body has a sleek steel finish that does not get hot even with repeated use.

There one downside we noticed in the product we purchased for this review – there is a gap between the lower base and the cover. Due to this the cover doesn’t close completely. And the handles don’t sit well together even after the clasps are on.


Also recommended: Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster



Why we recommend Bajaj Grill Sandwich Maker

Bajaj’s sandwich maker came in second in the toasting department. The sandwiches came out crispy. Even though it is a grill sandwich maker, the edges were sealed properly, with crunchy edges that are always enjoyable.

It is a sturdy product, but has a short wire. The inside of the appliance is has good finishing.

Features you should know about: Bajaj Grill Sandwich Maker has a grill plate and manual clasps.

It has a plastic body. You can spot the exposed wire at the back.


Mishry Reviews: Best Four Triangle Sandwich Maker (Cut And Seal)


Top Pick (Four Triangle/Cut And Seal): Philips Sandwich Maker


Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

Best and uniform toasting, with crispy sealed edges, made Philips Sandwich Maker our Top Pick.

Model number – HD2393/99

MRP – Rs 2,195/-

*Price at the time of review


Why Philips Sandwich Maker is our top pick

Philips Sandwich Maker toasted the slices of bread very well, from both top and bottom sides. The edges were very well sealed. In fact, Philips produced the crunchiest edges, and the most uniform toastng across all contenders.

Features you should know about: Philips Sandwich Maker has a push down button and manual clasps. It has a cut and seal plate. The plates are well-defined, and have a deeper cavity.

The appliance is very sturdy and has cord winder too.

It has a standard square design and is meant for smaller breads. The big sized breads won’t fit properly. We faced a mild problem with the lighting, as it is a little unpredictable.


Also recommended: Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker



Why we recommend Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker

We recommend Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker because of the shape of the mould. Due to the mould’s shape the outcome was plump sandwiches with thin and crisp edges. This kind of sandwich moulds allow you to put in more filling between two slices of bread. The shape of the moulds allows that very easily, without breaking, or squeezing the filling out.

This sandwich maker had the longest cord making it convenient to plug it in anywhere.

Features you should know about – Morphy Richards SM3006 750-Watt Sandwich Maker has a non-stick cut and seal plate and a push down button.

It has a steel finish body. The finish is good – inside and outside. It has rubber coating under the legs to make it sturdy and scratch free.

No cables are exposed.


Best Sandwich Makers in India


Did you know how sandwiches got this name?

Sandwiches were invented in London by an English nobleman, John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was a gambler. He was so busy gambling all the time that he wouldn’t even stop to eat his meal. So, he would ask his servants to bring him sliced bread with pieces of meat in between. That’s how Sandwiches got their name.


Our Review Process

The filling – For our review, we decided to make sandwiches with a soft filling. Our sandwich filling was made with boiled potatoes, cheese, salt and a pinch of red chili powder. We chose a softer filling as that would allow the edges of the bread to seal well. If we would have chosen a harder filling like capsicums/onions, then these harder fillings would have hindered in the sealing of the edges of the bread.


sandwich filling - best sandwich maker
Best sandwich maker – The review process: the potato and cheese filling used in the review

The bread – We took normal white sandwich bread. We observed that none of the cut and seal plate toasters are large enough for jumbo-sized sandwich bread. The grill plates, on the other hand, would be fine for them.


prepared sandwich - best sandwich maker
Best sandwich maker – The review process, sandwiches all set to be toasted

The appliances – We preheated all of the appliances before placing the sandwiches. Sandwiches were placed and the sandwich maker was closed. We opened the appliance ONLY when the indicator light on the sandwich maker went out.

For the results, we picked our winner after carefully gauging all the parameters – design, ease of use, length of cord, sturdiness. But the most high ranking parameter in our review was – How well were the sandwiches toasted.


Final results - best sandwich maker
Best Sandwich Maker – Behind the scenes of the testing process in the Mishry review lab.


The Brands We Picked

Three grill sandwich makers and four cut and seal sandwich makers were tried and tested. The contenders are as follows –


Mishry Reviews – The contenders of the best sandwich makers.

Brands for the Four Triangle Sandwich Maker (Cut and seal)


Brands for the Grill Sandwich Maker



Brand Of Sandwich Maker Type Of Plate Model Number Price Wattage Cord Winder Others
Cello Grill GM-700 Rs 1,599/- 700 Watts Yes Shortest cord
Bajaj Grill Majesty SWX400 Rs 1,675/- 700 Watts No Short cord
Prestige Grill PGMFB Rs 1,495/- 800 Watts No Long cord, sturdy and easy to store vertically
Pigeon Cut and Seal Egnite Plus Sandwich Toaster_14238 Rs 1,499/- 750 Watts No Short cord, wobbly lid
Philips Cut and Seal HD2393/99 Rs 2,195/- 820 Watts Yes Short wire
Morphy Richards Cut and Seal SM3006 Rs 2345/- 750 Watts Yes Longest cord
Solimo Cut and Seal SOL_KA_SMT Rs 1.495/- 750 Watts No Long cord, the wire is exposed at the back, very shallow sandwich cases


Who Is This Review For?

This review is for –


  • Every household has its version of a grilled or toasted sandwich and this review is for everyone who loves a well-toasted, crisp sandwich.
  • If you are looking for a new sandwich maker for your home – Grill or Cut & Seal – this review will definitely come in use.
  • If you have a small kitchen space and need reviews on handy space-saving appliances, our sandwich maker review is the perfect answer to all your queries.


The Parameters

For every review, we set a few parameters that we know will help in deciding the winner. For sandwich makers, we set 6 parameters:

How well were the sandwiches toasted – Our prime deciding factor was how well did the sandwiches toast in the appliance, how crisp they were and how well did the edges seal after round one of grilling them.

Design of the sandwich maker – What was the type of handle used, manual or push? Did the appliance have a cord winder?

Length of cord – If the length of the cord is long enough, it can be plugged in anywhere and set on the counter. With short wires, there is always a hassle of the plug reaching the switch and setting down the appliance on the counter safely. We noted this and measured the length of the cord for all the appliances.

Ease to use – How easy is the appliance to store and handle. Can it be stored vertically/standing position in a kitchen cabinet? Is it space-saving?

Safety features – Did the body become hot during the process? Were the edges and handles hot? Were there any exposed wires?

Sturdiness – Is the sandwich maker wobbly or sturdy?


Results of Our Review

For the grill plates – Cello’s Sandwich Maker did a wonderful job of toasting the sandwiches, which is why it was the clear winner even if the cord was shorter. Bajaj Sandwich Maker was a close second and that’s why we also recommend it.


Best Grill Sandwich Maker
First position: Cello Sandwich Maker
Also recommended: Bajaj Sandwich Maker

For the four triangle sandwich maker or the cut and seal sandwich maker, Philips Sandwich Maker won hands down and Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker came second and that is why we also recommend it.


Best Four Triangle Sandwich Maker
First position: Philips Sandwich Maker
Also recommended: Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker

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