Top Products From Kay Beauty That Are A Must-Buy
best products from kay beauty

Top Products From Kay Beauty That Are A Must-Buy

Your hunt for the best beauty products from Kay Beauty ends here!

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Kay Beauty, owned by Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, has emerged as a prominent makeup and beauty brand.

Launched in 2019, it focuses on creating makeup that caters to a wide range of Indian skin tones. It offers everything from lip makeup to eye makeup products. 

Their collection of beauty products offers long-lasting wear time without compromising on the required care for the skin. Infused with nourishing ingredients, these products are devoid of cruelty. If you are hunting for the best beauty products from Kay Beauty, we are here to help you! 

Explore the list below and elevate your look now!

Top Products From Kay Beauty To Pick From

Mishry has meticulously prepared a list of the best products from Kay Beauty that you must definitely give a try:

1. Kay Beauty Lip Tint

lip tint

It is a lightweight tint that is high on shine and offers a long-lasting wear time. The best part is that it is smooth to layer, thanks to its highly pigmented formula. It has the goodness of grape seed oil and red raspberry. Apart from adding colour, it is super hydrating and comfortable to wear. Available in 8 stunning and glossy shades.

Why choose this lip tint? 

  1. Non sticky 
  2. The infusion of red raspberry protects lips from external damage. 
  3. Vegan

2. Kay Beauty Hydrating Lip Oil Gloss

hydrating lip gloss

Kay Beauty’s lip oil gloss is a perfect solution to deal with dry lips. Crafted using nourishing oils, it provides instant moisturization to your lips. This lip gloss has the goodness of Chamomile oil and Kakadu Plum oil. 

Why choose this lip oil gloss? 

  1. Perfect for day as well as night use
  2. Devoid of parabens 
  3. Provides hydration to the lips

3. Kay Beauty Creme Blush

creme blush

This creme blush by Kay Beauty does not feel heavy on application, thanks to its super lightweight texture. The creme blush is absolutely quick to blend without any effort. The best part is that you can simply use your fingers to apply this. Its formula is highly pigmented and the mousse-like texture does not result in a cakey effect. 

Why choose this creme blush?  

  1. Extremely lightweight 
  2. Travel-friendly 
  3. Does not transfer easily 

4. Kay Beauty Multi Texture Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow palette

Kay Beauty’s eyeshadow palette is another popular beauty product from its diverse product range. This Multi Texture Eyeshadow palette has a fantastic collection of colours, formulas and finishes. The palette covers different textures – velvety mattes and rich metallics which allows to craft a different look whenever required. Infused with the goodness of Squalane and Vitamin E, it helps maintain hydration and prevents skin from drying. 

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Why choose this eyeshadow palette? 

  1. Collection of attractive shade 
  2. Perfect for creating different looks 
  3. Highly pigmented

5. Kay Beauty Matte Blush

matte blush

This Kay Beauty Matte Blush gives an extreme matte finish and is curated to cater your natural skin tone. Crafted with a weightless formula, it feels extremely light on the skin and blending this blush is an absolute breeze. Infused with the benefits of avocado and mango butter, it has hydrating properties and intense moisturization. 

Why choose this matte blush? 

  1. Long wear time 

2.Does not cause drying 

  1. Transfer proof

6. Kay Beauty Hydrating Foundation

hydrating foundation

This hydrating foundation from Kay Beauty is available in 15+ shades. Infused with a hydrating formula, it helps you set the perfect base for makeup. The multiple shades available cater to different Indian skin tones from light to deep. The fact that it is easy to build up is another plus point. You can opt for achieving a natural or high coverage, the choice is yours! 

Why choose this foundation? 

  1. Super creamy texture 
  2. Ideal for different skin types 
  3. Comfortable to wear

7. Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Nail Enamel Polish

nail enamel

Kay Beauty’s unique nail enamel is available in 36 stunning shades. It has the goodness of lemon peel water and Avocado oil that improves the overall conduction of the nails and prevents chipping. What’s the best part? It dries up quickly in 2 minutes, thanks to its super enriching formulation. 

Why choose this nail enamel polish? 

  1. Dries quickly 
  2. Promotes nail nourishment

8. Kay Beauty Kajals

kay beauty kajal

This kajal from Kay Beauty provides 24-hour wear time and delivers matte finish. Its highly pigmented formula enables smooth and effortless application. Available in four fantastic shades, it will cater to different Indian skin tones. Furthermore, this kajal supports easy removal too. This has the goodness of Chamomile and Ceramide. 

Why choose this kajal?

  1. Smooth to apply 
  2. Easy to remove
  3. Lasts up to 24 hours

9. Kay Beauty Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick

kay beauty lip crayon

Kay Beauty’s lip crayon is a perfect add on if you do a lot of on the go makeup. This lip crayon stays on for 18 long hours without any discomfort. The presence of Chamomile oil provides proper hydration and nourishment to your lips. The best part is that the multiple shades of this lip crayon are crafted by Katrina Kaif keeping in mind the different Indian skin tones. 

Why choose this lip crayon lipstick? 

  1. Crafted in Europe 
  2. Stays for 18 long hours 
  3. Provides intense hydration

10. Kay Beauty Metallic Eyeshadow Stick Pencil

kay beauty metallic eyeshadow stick

This metallic eyeshadow stick is perfect to prep up for that party look. It is available in 12 bold and stunning shades to choose from. The infusion of Ceramide and Macadamia oil in this eyeshadow pencil provide excellent nourishment. Be it day time look or night time look, this eyeshadow pencil can do it all. 

Why choose this eyeshadow stick pencil? 

  1. Eye-catching metallic finish
  2. Highly portable 
  3. Transfer proof 

11. Kay Beauty Illuminating Primer Drops

kay beauty primer drops

This primer drop beauty product from Kay Beauty lets you achieve a perfect and smooth base for makeup application. Infused with hyaluronic acid, this provides the much needed hydration to your skin. Depending upon your skin tone you can choose among four different shades. 

Why choose this primer drop? 

  1. Glides smoothly 
  2. Has the goodness of hyaluronic acid
  3. It has a lightweight formula

12. Kay Beauty HD Liquid Concealer

kay beauty liquid concealer

Kay Beauty’s liquid concealer has the goodness of Marula oil and Rosehip oil. The best part is that it is devoid of – parabens and cruelty and is a vegan product. With a super lightweight formula, it does not feel heavy and is available in 13 different shades. This concealer does not take time to build up and provides excellent coverage. 

Why choose this liquid concealer? 

  1. Lightweight 
  2. Comfortable to wear 
  3. Available in 13 shades 

13. Kay Beauty Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner

kay beauty liquid eyeliner

This liquid eyeliner doesn’t smudge off nor does it transfer easily. Filled with the goodness of chamomile and eucalyptus extract, this eyeliner is an effective way to help you define your eyes. This has the infusion of cool ingredients including Chamomile and Eucalyptus extract that provides a comfortable wear time. 

Why choose this liquid eyeliner? 

  1. Smooth application 
  2. Comfortable on the eyes
  3. Crafted from rich formulation 

14. Kay Beauty Matte HD Setting Loose Powder

kay beauty loose powder

Looking to extend the wear time of your makeup? Grab this loose powder now! How does this powder help? It locks in your makeup, provides a minimum shine and helps soak up the sweat and oil. It is enriched with the goodness of Avocado and Mango Butter and comes in 8 different shades. The best part is that it is easy to blend and comes with a long wear time. 

Why choose this loose powder? 

  1. Delivers matte finish
  2. It has a weightless formula
  3. Available in 8 shades 

15. Kay Beauty Matte Compact

kay beauty matte compact

Kay Beauty’s compact has a nice matte finish. This light powder eliminates the production of oil and helps smoothen out imperfections. From light to deep shades, there are 10 different shades you can pick from. It lasts for a long time and does not transfer easily. 

Why choose this compact? 

  1. This is non-transferable 
  2. Helps deal with excess oil production 
  3. Provides medium to high coverage


Kay Beauty is a rapidly emerging makeup brand in India that is receiving a lot of praise for its focus on inclusivity. If you are in search of a cruelty-free, skin-friendly, and high-quality makeup brand, then Kay Beauty should be your go-to choice. This was our carefully curated list of the best beauty products from Kay Beauty.

Feel free to share your favorite picks with us in the comments section!

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