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Best Potato Ricer

Looking for the Best Potato Ricers? Your Search Ends Here! (May 2024)

Get creamy, smooth mashed potatoes in minutes with these best potato ricers. Our list unveils below:

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What’s a potato ricer and why do you need it? Well, to simplify it’s a tool to mash potatoes without extra effort. Yes, although there are a lot of mashing tools available, a ricer’s mechanism ensures that the process is not too laborious.

In addition to mashed potatoes, these can be used to make homemade baby food, applesauce, and extract fresh fruit juices.

To help make your decision easier, take a look at our selection of the best potato ricers below.

1. Best Potato Ricer With a Stainless Steel Build: OXO Potato Ricer

2. Easy to Maintain Potato Ricer: Joseph Joseph Potato Ricer

3. Best Dual Bladed Potato Masher: Harold Import Company, Inc. Potato Ricer

Best Potato Ricers – Quick Glance

Everything You Need To Know Regarding How To Dehydrate Potatoes.

Best Quality Potato Ricers

All of the potato ricers have different features; some have twin blades, some have ergonomic handles, and some have inventive twisting actions. 

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Here’s a curated list of the best potato ricers for your kitchen:

1. OXO Potato Ricer

The Oxo stainless steel potato ricer is built to last and can withstand years of use. Its soft, non-slip handles make it easy to use, and it is an excellent kitchen tool for quickly achieving smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes in just a few minutes.


Product Details 

  • Durable build. 
  • Non-slip handles. 
  • Dishwasher safe.

2. Joseph Joseph Potato Ricer

Joseph Joseph’s potato ricer is a great tool for quickly and easily preparing mashed potatoes. Its innovative twisting action makes the crushing process simple and effortless. In addition to potatoes, it can be used for pureeing vegetables. The fact that it’s dishwasher safe is also a great advantage.

joseph joseph potato ricer

Product Details 

  • Safe to use. 
  • Long-lasting. 
  • Ergonomic design.

3. Harold Import Company, Inc. Potato Masher and Ricer

This potato ricer is a versatile tool that is nine inches long and has two blades, making it perfect for both mashing and ricing. Its spring-loaded design helps to easily transform tough and uneven potatoes into smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes. The greatest advantage of this tool is its simple and straightforward usability, making it effortless to use.

the world's greatest

Product Details 

  • Safe to use. 
  • Long-lasting. 
  • Ergonomic design.

4. Chef’n Potato Ricer

This potato ricer press has a dual-gear mechanism that improves its pressing power. What makes it unique is the removable stainless steel basket that makes cleaning easy. It is not limited to potatoes but can also be used for ricing cauliflower, yams, and even making egg salad.


Product Details 

  • BPA-free. 
  • Equipped with a dual gear mechanism. 
  • Easy to squeeze handle.

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5. LHS Potato Ricer

The LHS potato ricer has an ergonomic rubber handle that provides a slip-resistant grip while in use. It has perforations on both sides, making it easy to squeeze potatoes smoothly. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is thick, strong, and highly durable. The two-part design not only makes it simple to use but also easy to clean and maintain.


Product Details 

  • Quick cleanup. 
  • Ergonomic rubber handle. 
  • High-quality stainless steel.

6. MyLifeUNIT Potato Ricer

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this potato masher is easy to clean and built to last. It can also be used to mash cooked pumpkins and carrots.

mylife unit

Product Details 

  • Works as a masher and ricer. 
  • Heavy duty. 
  • Ideal for commercial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best potato ricers

To use a potato ricer, place boiled potatoes into a chamber that has tiny openings in it. Potatoes are crushed into fine mashed texture when pressure is applied, either by pressing a lever or by squeezing handles.

A potato ricer is a multipurpose kitchen tool that’s usually used for mashing potatoes, but it can also be used for other purposes like squeezing extra liquid out of potatoes, pureeing vegetables, and preparing baby food. 

Potato ricers are meant to be used with cooked potatoes. Using raw potatoes could lead to tool damage and result in a texture that is not as desired.

Cleaning potato ricers is usually not difficult. Many are dishwasher safe and can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. However, it’s important to clean them immediately after use to prevent food from drying out and sticking.

The main factors to consider while buying potato ricers are : the material, the size of the holes, and the ease of cleaning.

Final Words

Here are the top-rated potato ricers that you can find online. These exceptional potato ricers make mashed potatoes a breeze to prepare, thanks to their redefined ease of use. They offer the perfect balance between convenience and functionality, making tedious kitchen tasks effortless. By choosing wisely and investing in one of these ricers, you can improve your culinary skills and elevate your potato preparation game.

Our top three recommendations include: OXO Potato Ricer, Joseph Joseph Potato Ricer and Harold Import Company, Inc. Potato Ricer.

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