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5 Best Mocktail Syrups in India For The Tastiest Beverages (May 2024)

Get these yummy mocktail syrups for easy preparation of mocktail at home. Here we got you the best brands.

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Drinks are a crucial element for any social event, be it a housewarming party or a small get-together. The two most popular drink options at parties are cocktails and mocktails. The primary difference between these two is that cocktails contain alcohol, whereas mocktails don’t.

If you’re looking to serve non-alcoholic drinks, mocktails are the perfect choice! They are made using different fruit juices, iced teas, etc. The name “mocktail” signifies how these drinks are designed to look like cocktails.

The best way to prepare café-style mocktails at home is by using mocktail syrup. Below, we have listed the top five mocktail syrups in India that you should check out.

Summary Table: Top 5 Mocktail Syrups brands in India

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Top 5 Mocktail Syrups Brands In India

Mocktail syrups provide a quick and convenient way to prepare mocktails at home. Check the 5 different brands that we have listed here and why we recommend you to buy that product:

1. Mala’s Fruit Mocktail Syrup

Mala's blue curacao syrup

This mocktail syrup from Mala’s comes in the flavor Blue Curacao. It comes in a 750 ml bottle. 

Made using quality ingredients, it contains no added artificial flavors. It has a tangy orange flavor that makes it perfect for preparing mocktails. 

Product Features –

  • It contains no added artificial flavors.
  • Includes quality ingredients.
  • Perfect tangy drink for parties.

2. Manama Flavoured Fruit Twist Syrup

Manama lime & mint mojito and curacao blue syrup

This pack includes two different flavored syrups – Lime & Mint and Blue Curacao. Both the flavors come in a quantity of 750 ml bottles. 

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For best results, it is best to add 1 part of the syrup to 4 parts of chilled water or soda. It makes for a refreshing serving drink at parties.   

Product Features –

  • It is a value for money deal.
  • These mocktail syrups are easy to prepare.
  • It is a premium quality product.

3. Swa Artisanal Syrups

Swa artisanal mojito mint

This syrup comes in Mojito Mint flavor. It is available in the quantity of 250 ml. It is a multipurpose syrup ideal for preparations of mocktails, cocktails and cold brews. 

This syrup is made using all natural ingredients. It is handcrafted and packed in a glass bottle and is a highly aromatic syrup. 

Product Features –

  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • It is carefully handcrafted and has a refreshing taste.
  • It comes packed in a sustainable glass bottle.

4. Sancheti Shree Ganesh Dadaji Chotu Mocktail Pack

sancheti mocktail syrup

It is a set of mocktail mix that comes in 4 different flavors – Blue Lagoon, Green Mint, Blood Orange and Mojito. 

It comes packed in a jute bag that makes it convenient to store after every use. Each of these individual flavors comes in a quantity of 250 ml. 

Product Features –

  • This set contains different flavors.
  • It is an ideal gift option to present during housewarming parties.

5. Monin Blue Curacao Bottle

Monin curacao blue syrup

It is a 250 ml bottle of Blue Curacao flavor from Monin. This mocktail when prepared has a blue color appearance and contains a tart orange flavor. The ingredients used here include – sugar, water, natural flavoring, and the coloring agent (E133). 

This syrup is flavored with the dry peel of the green oranges that are descended from Valencia oranges from the West Indian Island of Curacao.  

Product Features –

  • This syrup has a mild orange flavor that has a delicious taste.
  • It contains no high fructose corn syrup.
  • No artificial flavours and colouring.

Mocktail Syrup Brands – Everything You Need To Know

Here is everything that you need to know about the different mocktail syrup brands in India. 

1. Packaging

Mocktail syrups usually come packed in glass bottles. The packaging of these mocktail syrups also depends upon the quantity purchased. 

2. Flavor

There are many flavors available when it comes to mocktail syrups. Classic flavors in mocktail syrups include – fresh mint, blue curacao, green apple, fruit mocktail syrup and lime flavor. 

3. Consistency

The consistency factor highlights how thick or thin is the appearance of any mocktail syrup. Mocktail syrup usually tends to have a thick consistency. 

4. Refreshing Factor

Refreshing factor covers the ingredient used that adds a burst of flavor to these mocktail syrups. Popular refreshing factors include – lime, lemon, cucumber and mint. 

5. Price

The price of any mocktail syrup will differ for different brands and will depend upon the quantity purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mocktail Syrups 

1. Are these mocktail syrup bottles made of plastic or glass?

These mocktail syrup bottles are made using glass. 

2. How many drinks can be served from one bottle of syrup?

The number of drinks that can be served from one bottle will depend upon the quantity purchased. For instance, a 750ml bottle will get you around 25 to 30 glasses of the drink whereas a 250 ml bottle will get you around 10 to 12 glasses of the drink. 

3. Do these syrups contain preservatives?

These mocktail syrups do contain natural preservatives. 

4. Does it contain any amount of alcohol? 

These mocktail syrups do not contain any alcohol.

5. Can these syrups be mixed with soda?

Yes, you can mix these mocktail syrups with soda.

Final Words

From a simple get together to a hard core party at home, mocktails make up for a delicious addition to your drinks list. The above mentioned brands are easy to prepare and an economical option to buy. 

Which brand will you prefer to buy from the above list? Drop in your comments below and let us know.

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