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Mishry’s Curated List Of The Best Kitchen Tongs Is Here! (Apr 2024)

Finding the best kitchen tongs for grilling, cooking and serving had never been this easy! We have covered the best ones below.

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Chefs and home cooks alike would agree that a decent-quality tong is an essential culinary tool. The usage of kitchen tongs is limitless, whether it’s flipping chicken, tossing spaghetti, mixing noodles, pulling a hot burger bun from the oven, or scooping up a boiled potato from the water. 

From lifting to grilling to adjusting different food items, this versatile kitchen tool makes everything easier. Kitchen tongs are constructed using different materials, from stainless steel to non-stick. The choice of the appropriate one will depend upon personal preferences. 

Are you on a hunt to find out the best kitchen tongs? If yes, we have got your back. Read on below and find out the best kitchen tongs right away!

1. Best Kitchen Tongs For Safe Cooking Experience : Femora Silicone Food Tongs

2. Best User-Friendly Kitchen Tong : Baskety German Stainless Steel Tong

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3. Best Kitchen Tongs With Convenient Storage : P-Plus International Tongs

List of Tongs Kitchen Tool

Here’s a list of the best kitchen tongs available online :

1. Femora Premium Virgin Silicone Food Tongs

This kitchen tong is heat resistant up to 480 degrees F. The best part is that it can be used on a non-stick surface with ease, as it prevents any formation of scratches. In addition, it is stain and odor resistant. Furthermore, it is constructed using 1.00 mm extra thick stainless steel.

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Femora Silicone Food Tongs
Femora Silicone Food Tongs

Product Features

  • It comes with a ring pull locking system. 
  • Premium and durable spring. 
  • Excellent grip and control.

2. Sms Homeware Tong

This kitchen tong is an excellent way to turn around food during cooking. With a size of 9.5 inches, it is perfect for kitchen tasks. Made using food-level stainless steel, it is highly durable and will last you through years of usage. A good thing is that the vinyl-coated handle offers a firm and secure grip.

Sms Homeware Tong
Sms Homeware Tong

Product Features

  • It is made using stainless steel. 
  • Long-lasting. 
  • It features a vinyl coated handle.

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3. Dynore Tong

It is a stainless steel kitchen tong featuring a size of 25 cm x 3 cm. The size of this tong is long enough and enables easy lifting and serving of food items. In addition, it also prevents spillage while serving. From serving to grilling, you can use this tong for multiple purposes.

Dynore Tong
Dynore Tong

Product Features

  • It has a size of 25 x 3 cm. 
  • Prevents spilling while serving.

4. Baskety German Stainless Steel Tong

This kitchen tong has a beautiful and eye-catching design. The handle has a new design pattern that provides good hand protection and eliminates wobbling. It has silicone tips that provide a good grip and are resistant to melting.  It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Baskety German Stainless Steel Tong
Baskety German Stainless Steel Tong

Product Features

  • This tong is user-friendly. 
  • It is lightweight. 
  • It is a premium quality product.

5. P-Plus International Tongs

It is an ideal kitchen tong for serving, cooking, and grilling. It has scalloped silicone-coated heads that provide superb control while in use. The ring pull locking feature at the end makes storing extremely convenient. Furthermore, that stand offers support to keep the tongs off the countertop.

P-Plus International Tongs
P-Plus International Tongs

Product Features

  • Features high-quality non-stick silicone tips. 
  • It is ergonomically designed. 
  • Easy to clean.

6. Clazkit Tongs

Clazkit’s kitchen tongs are composed of stainless steel and have vinyl-coated tips. It can be used for multiple purposes, including – turning meats, tossing salads, picking ice cubes, and serving salads. The silicone tips will not scratch the cookware or the grill grates. 

Clazkit Tong
Clazkit Tong

Product Features

  • It is BPA-free. 
  • It is resistant to rusting. 
  • Convenient to store.

7. Karp Cooking Tong

It is a set of three kitchen tongs of varying sizes. This set has a 7-inch kitchen tong, a 9-inch kitchen tong, and a 12-inch kitchen tong. The different sizes make it ideal for multipurpose use. Moreover, these are made using premium quality silicone and come with rigid stainless steel frames. In addition, it is rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Karp Cooking Tong
Karp Cooking Tong

Product Features

  • It is a set of three tongs of different sizes. 
  • These are made of premium quality silicone and have stainless steel frames. 
  • User-friendly.
  • These are dishwasher safe.

8. Shapes Serving Tong

This stainless steel tong features a comfortable and non-slip handle. The best part is that it does not react to food and has a smooth finish. The overall build of this tong is sturdy and durable. Moreover, the finish of this tong will not rust over time despite repeated use.

Shapes Serving Tong
Shapes Serving Tong

Product Features

  • This has a premium design. 
  • It is dishwasher safe. 
  • The grip is soft and comfortable.

9. Steelish Stainless Steel Utility Tong

This Steelish multipurpose tong is 9.5 inches long and fits well in the hands. It comes with a ring pull locking system, which is equipped with good-quality brackets. It ensures convenient storage and easy locking. The fact that this product complies with both FDA and BPA-free safety certificates is its best feature.

Steelish Stainless Steel Utility Tong
Steelish Stainless Steel Utility Tong

Product Features

  • It has a size of 9.5 inches. 
  • Quick clean up. 
  • Serves multipurpose use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Cooking Tongs

There are several materials of tongs available including – stainless steel, silicone, wood, and nylon. 

Stainless steel tongs are the best ones for grilling, cooking and serving.

Generally, the ideal size of tongs perfect for different kitchen tasks is 12 inches. The 12 inch size is long enough to keep your hands safe and is also comfortable to handle.

Tongs made of wood and silicone can be used with non-stick cookware. 

A good pair of tongs would cost anywhere between INR 499 to INR 1599 . 

Final Words

Here we have listed the best kitchen tongs that are a must in every modern kitchen. From grilling to serving, these are ideal for multiple purposes. To get one for your kitchen, search the list above and quickly grab your choice now!

Our top three recommendations from the above list are : Femora Silicone Food Tongs, Baskety German Stainless Steel Tong and P-Plus International Tongs.

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