Best Hob For Indian Cooking: Reviews & Buying Guide
best hob for indian cooking

Best Hob For Indian Cooking: Reviews & Buying Guide

The article talks about the best hob for Indian cooking. If you are planning to buy one, you can gather the information from here.

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Everybody seems to be too obsessed with exquisite kitchen designs and often leaves the most important thing out of focus. What is it? – Well, your stove! The major attraction of a kitchen happens to be its stove, and if you are using one that looks dirty and greasy, then the whole charm is lost. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, we suggest beginning it by searching for the Best Hob for Indian Cooking.

The Best Hob in India can be a real game-changer for your kitchen and can add a fancy touch to it with its extended features and look. However, you must be wondering why is it so specific to Indian cooking, right? If you check out some of the famous Indian meals, you will get a scope to notice the amount of oil and spices while cooking. So, where do they go – settle on the surface of your kitchen stove. Thus, you need to choose a Kitchen Hob that comes with easy cleaning and ensures a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. But that is just not it, and there are many other factors to consider while choosing the Best Hobtop in India. What are you waiting for? Head down below and explore the guide to choose the best kitchen hobs.

Top Three Gas Hob Burners

  • Four Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Whirlpool
  • Built in Gas Stove in Glass, Black Bosch
  • Double Ring for flame for Indian Cooking Glen 

Summary Table: Best Gas Hob In India

Brand Amazon Rating  Buy Now 
Whirlpool 3.8 Check Price here
Bosch 4.2 Check Price here
Glen 3.8 Check Price here
Elica 3.7 Check Price here
Prestige 3.7 Check Price here
Sunflame 5 Check Price here

Best Gas Hobs In India

1. Elica Classic MFC 4 Burner Gas Hob

Elica is a well-recognized brand. The Elica hobs review is positive as the company offers the best with a built in gas stove and chimneys. They have come up with the best built-in hobs India, equipped with a variety of advanced features. The best Hob for Indian cooking comes in a Premium Toughened Glass material that makes it resistant to corrosion and scratch and contributes to its attractive look. It also comes with remarkable durability and longevity, so it is undoubtedly worth investing in without much maintenance.

The multi-frame brass burners present in the gas hob also make a significant difference and help to save much energy costs while ensuring rapid cooking at the same time. So, the best Hob for Indian cooking doesn’t only boast its features but allows the individual to multitask.

The safety factor in Elica built in hobs is not compromised simultaneously, and the round grid cast iron pan stabilizes the cookware, ensuring the greatest safety and hob size. Whether your cooking pots are smaller or larger, the variety of burner options will surely cater to your interests by giving the ideal stability. Lastly, the premium quality knobs are an absolute blessing that gives friction-less rotation and great control.

Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top – 2 Double Ring Brass, 1 Dual Brass Burner and 1 Mini Triple Ring Brass Gas Stove (CLASSIC MFC 4B 60 MT)

Product Features :

  • Caters to a variety of cooking needs with the multi-size ring brass burners.
  • The body is made with toughened premium glass and stainless steel.
  • Goes with the look of every premium and modern kitchen.
  • Does not attain scratches or corrosion due to the exquisite material.
  • Multi-flame control ensures faster and easy cooking.

2. Bosch PNH6B6B10I Gas Hob

Being the best hob for Indian cooking, Bosch hobs India is the particular kitchen hob that gives you ample scope to choose and cater to the needs. Quite attractive by the looks, the Bosch Gas Hob stands out because of its exquisite design.

The tempered glass-top that comes with Bosch gas stove India contributes to the kitchen’s modern look and enhances its durability. Moreover, the material of hobs India is scratch-resistant as well, so you need not worry about using it consciously. Also, the particular feature allows you to clean the house at ease.

Bosch kitchen Hob top gas stove prepared with great burners guarantees that you cook delicious nourishment for the entire family in one go. The Bosch Hobs Price in India and quality is excellent on the grounds; thus, each burner accompanies the single steel container. Moreover, the high-quality metallic handles also make it simple to utilize the gas hob.

  • Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I, 4 burners, Glass, Black

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    Product Features :

  • The appealing dark shading gives your kitchen a modern look.
  • The hob is planned quite carefully for better use.
  • Comes in two varieties 4-burners and 5-burners.
  • The safety glass of the gas kitchen hob is quite simple to clean.

3. Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen is one of the famous brands in India and assembling great home and kitchen machines. The Glen hobs review with 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob accompanies Double Brass Burners. It is the best hob for Indian cooking, and as a result of this, the kitchen hob size and thickness is just 8 mm and effectively fits every Indian kitchen.

On the off chance that you have huge estimated utensils and cookware, at that point, this is best for you since Glen gives 2-twofold metal ring burners and 2-little ring burners. It’s effectively settling your enormous cookware and utensils.

This Hob is extremely sheltered because glen offers solid glassy plated containers. It assists with forestalling the undesirable kitchen mishaps and safe your youngsters.

The most appealing element is keen Backlit control handles with a solid grasp that guarantees smooth grating, less pivot, and your kitchen looks more excellent and exceptionally alluring.

Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ HT DB

Product Features :

  • Unsupported hob oven in India.
  • Ultra Slim Floating Design.
  • Dark glass finish gives another free component.
  • This is the best inherent hob for Indian cooking.
  • 100% cast iron skillet to uphold.

4. Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burners

Sunflame is a presence in Indian kitchens for over thirty years and reliably attempted to make homemakers the most developed in innovation and gives cooking a great and agreeable experience. This is the Sunflame 4 Burner Hob model, and it’s ideal for huge families.

Sunflame hob is higher proficiency because Sunflame offers High-Efficiency Brass Burners. It burns-through less LPG and gives the most extreme warmth. Compared to aluminum composite burners and TBB burners.

If you love a more appealing hob, it is essential to purchasing the Toughened Glass Cook-top. It is break-safe and is easy to clean. The Toughened Glass kitchen hob gives an elegant kitchen look as well.

Hob solidness is more basic since Hob is among the everyday kitchen apparatuses, so Sunflame gives a High-quality non-attractive matt completion from top-notch treated steel. Another best part of this Hob accompanies High-Temperature Resistant Pan Supports. It has an enduring presentation for a long time with no support due to its Special covering that doesn’t permit stripping.


Product Features :

  • It comes with 4 High-Efficiency Brass Burners
  • Sunflame LPG gas hob is protected and easy to utilize
  • It spares a great deal of LPG gas
  • Warmth safe
  • Special Toughened Glass

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5. Prestige 40557 3-Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Hob

Prestige has been a notable brand in India’s kitchen industry, and It makes great cookware kitchen utensils and substantially more. The Prestige 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove accompanies astounding highlights in the market, and it is the ideal decision for small and medium-sized families.

The Prestige has uncommonly intended for Indian cooking due to the exquisite hob. You can utilize it as a hob and gas oven; it relies upon your decision. The Prestige hobs accompany three specially planned salaf burners and give uniform warming and devour less LPG gas. It is likewise the best for cooking Indian dishes.

The top-notch quality cast iron container upholds and gives additional strength and excellent steadiness for cookwares. Because of its profound auto-start framework, it guarantees to fire each time you turn the handle, and flash innovation helps with smoothing working and without any help.

This is one of the best kitchen hobs in India, which accompanies a two-tone and hardened Schott glass surface. It looks appealing and gives a great look to the kitchen.

Product Features :

  • Cast iron container uphold for better security and care
  • The brand reputation of Prestige is huge
  • Progressed auto-start framework
  • Working and inconvenience free assistance
  • The profoundly solid hardened Schott glass with the double shading tone.

6. Whirlpool Elite HD 704 Kitchen Gas Hob

Whirlpool is one of the main organizations in the home machines market. Their gas hob range has some advanced and imaginative innovation models. Among them, Elite 704 has snatched a spot in our rundown of the best kitchen hobs in India.

This gas hob is planned to not take a lot of room over the kitchen stage. Along these lines, it is ideal for homes with little kitchens. It accompanies four burners, which makes it suitable for medium to huge families. These burners offer multi-control fire at high proficiency, making it ideal for Indian kind of cooking.

Wonderfully planned handles accompany auto-start. In this way, you need not bother with any additional assistance with matches or lighters to turn on the gas hob. These handles are heat safe so that you can deal with the warmth created by the burners.

Hardened glass is given to this gas hob, which adds more polish to your stone kitchen stage. The glass is heat safe, so it will keep going for quite a while with legitimate upkeep.

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid 704 MT Brass Gas Hob)

Product Features :

  • High proficiency multi-ring burner
  • Reasonable for Indian cooking needs
  • Warmth safe handles
  • Strong materials
  • Hardened glass
  • Auto-start
  • Long guarantee term

What is Hob?

The discovery of hobs in India first came into existence, holding the hands of Indian cooking. Yes, that’s true. Indian cooking majorly involves phulkas, chapatis, and paranthas, which require the right amount of direct heat. However, in gas stoves or traditional ovens, the heat is often too high or too low and never right, making a difference in taste. So, why take the chance when you can replace them with the Best Kitchen Hob in India.

Best Hob For Indian Cooking
Best hobs for easy cooking

Why is Hob preferred?

Now, you are probably wondering what makes everyone go gaga to look for the Best Hob For Indian Cooking – right? It is the quick responsiveness and even flame option that makes it count among the priorities. Moreover, the traditional stoves and ovens come in either one or two flame options, and thus, you cannot cook more than two dishes at a time. While in the Best Hob, you can cook three to four dishes at a time that does justice to the ones who have busy schedules.

However, there is quite a variety in the types of Best Kitchen Hobs In India. So, before you purchase, look around to explore, compare, and know about the benefits each can reap for you.

Best Hob For Indian Cooking
It is the quick responsiveness and even flame option that makes it count among the priorities.

Types of Best Hob for Indian Cooking

Before you settle for the Best Hob for Indian Cooking, it is important to know about the variety and types available in the market. Undoubtedly, the number goes on and on, but it is only you who can decide the one that fits your preferences.

1. Gas Hobs

The majority of the Indians prefer Gas Hob Top over anything for justified reasons. Unlike other hobs, the particular one allows the users to have good control and perfect heat and a generous, responsive nature. These cooking hobs usually come with the button ignition feature to turn it on and off when required, ensuring easy cleaning.

The particular hob top also allows you to explore another type: the Gas on Glass Hobs. Also, the hob has burners on the top of the glass and ensures fast cleaning.

2. Electric Hobs

With the initiation of the induction ovens, the popularity of looking for the best hob for Indian cooking have spiked up. The heating pad is present below the ceramic glass that ensures easy but controlled heating. It usually comes with three ovens, which can be used to bake, cook, and much more.

It accommodates a variety of Gas Hobs India in it, including Solid plate hobs, Ceramic hobs, Induction hobs, and many more.

How to Choose the Best Hob for Indian Cooking – Buying Guide

Guiding the buyer on the right path to purchase the best hob for Indian cooking is very important because nobody in the world wants to invest their money in the wrong object. So you must be wondering which guide to follow while choosing the best hob for kitchen. Head down below to read our fully curated buying guide for you.

1. Consider the Type of Hob

When you are about to purchase a gas stove hob for Indian cooking, the hob type is very important. The type of gas stove hobtop you choose according to your users can make a significant difference. So, first, think of the purposes of usage and then make a choice.

2. Go For A Trustworthy Brand

Going for one of the best hob brands in India that has a good history and great customer relationship is the best decision you can make. So, it is great to go for a brand that has already served customers for a long time and has ideally catered to their innate interests for choosing the best hob for Indian cooking.

3. Check the Warranty and Policies

You must never decide to buy kitchen hobs without checking the warranty and policies that the company or the brand has to offer. As the cooking hob is quite costly, purchasing them without much warranty period isn’t a great decision to consider. Also, some brands of best built in hobs in India have complex policies, which are better to avoid.

4. Set a Budget

Setting a kitchen hob price before you go ahead and purchasing a kitchen hob counts as one of the most important steps. There are quite various hob tops in India, and the price range hardly has an end to it. So, fixing the budget beforehand will also help you shortlist the items much faster.

5. Read the Customer Reviews

Nowadays, knowing about one of the best Hob for Indian cooking without actually buying it becomes very difficult. Thus, customer reviews come to the rescue. Only by reading the genuine customer reviews can you have an idea about which Hob in kitchen to purchase and which one to reject.

Features to Look for in the best Hob for Indian Cooking

Nowadays, we want every item that we are surrounded with to be top-notch, so why not the same with a hob top stove? The hob stove has been made to make cooking easy and fast, and thus, looking out for some great features in it seems to be a great deal of curiosity.

While buying a gas hob, we often end up muddling up things and overlook the important features. To ensure that you purchase the best hob for Indian cooking, consider the ones we mentioned below as the priority features.

1. Auto-Ignition

Who likes to keep a gaslighter handy when you are investing in one of the best hob for Indian cooking? Nobody. So, the auto-ignition feature cooker hob the list anyway. With the particular feature, you wouldn’t need a lighter to light up the hobs, and just turning up the regulator would do the job.

2. Glass Material

One major thought behind designing the best hob for Indian cooking has also been to make it look sleek and fit the modern kitchen look. With a toughened glass covering on the top of the inbuilt hob, it would be absolutely a beauty to look at. Moreover, glass makes cleaning the inbuilt gas stove hob surface easy and does not tolerate scratches.

3. Types of Burner

You are certainly not going to use the 4 Burner Hob at the same time to make the same dish – right? Then, why choose a similar hob burner? Instead, go ahead and explore various of them before you land upon the best hob for Indian cooking, which has got multiple numbers of burners to cook different types of food.

4. Timers

If you are going to choose the best hob for Indian cooking, then it is always a good decision to go for the one where you can set timers to start and stop the cooking. By setting timers on the best hob stove India, your food can be ready even when you are not at home. Also, timers help you save some great energy costs, which would have otherwise wasted.

5. Child-safety lock

When you have children at home, you may dream of having a special feature in every gadget that wouldn’t come to their use. Even though we do not know about other gadgets, the Best Hob For Indian Cooking has got that on point. The advanced kitchen hobs come with a child-safety lock that allows you to keep it locked in such a way that your child cannot result in any danger.

Find out the best Auto Ignition Gas Stove for your kitchen here.

What are the Best Hobs For Indian Cooking?

Given so many options to choose the best hob for Indian cooking nowadays, going for the best hobs in India can be a real head over heels situation for you. Here we have sorted some of the best options for you, considering the best features.

Factors to Consider

No matter how many gas stove burners and microwave ovens you have stuffed your home with, nothing can come into comparing the kitchen hobs. The Kitchen Hobs India comes in a great variety of choices, and thus, going for a single choice would be very difficult. It would help if you took certain things into concern: the size, hob types, type of surface, pan support, burners, and more advanced features. Considering them helps you to think of your requirements and then choose the ideal fit for you.

1. Pan Support

Before you buy a kitchen hob, knowing whether it can support the pans you have is very important. Some hobs come with flimsy pan rings, which cannot give much support to the pans. However, if you invest in a good kitchen hob, it may come with cast iron material pan supports that can withstand great weights and ensure an even heat distribution.

2. Advanced Features

A kitchen hob that lacks advanced features and can be compared to any gas stove features out there can hardly be of any use. So, always go for the one which can accommodate much room for up-gradation and changes.

3. Size of the Hob

You cannot definitely go for a huge hob for your five-foot kitchen – right? So, before you go out to purchase a kitchen hob, it is better to measure the size of your kitchen and look around its interior. Doing this will help you pick the hob that comes in the ideal kitchen size.

4. Number of Burners

The major point of getting a kitchen hob is to ensure fast cooking among the busy schedules. So, having more number of burners is always an ideal point to consider. The more the burners, the more the number of dishes you can cook, especially if you prefer batch cooking. Also, the brass burner hobs are recommendable.

5. Type of Material

The material of the kitchen hob makes a great difference and also answers for its durability. Most of the kitchen hobs come in the toughened glass material that would neither break easily nor tolerate scratches and corrosion.

6. Control Mechanism

Unlike the gas stoves, the gas hobs usually come with an outstanding and smooth rotation feature. There are hardly any sounds while rotating and ensures great control over the flame while cooking.

7. Amount of Space Provided

Getting a hob doesn’t mean crowding itself with burners. You need ample space to put to use and carry on flexibility while cooking. Given ample space, you need not worry about multi-tasking. Also, if you are batch-cooking, the space between the burners can be put to great use.

8. Cleaning Options

While buying a kitchen hob, it’s cleaning options must be explored. Some hobs come up with cleaning options that are way too complex and consume too much of your time. While in some hobs, the cleaning options are comparatively simpler and get the job done faster.

Hob Vs Stove – The Difference between a hob and a regular gas stove

You must be wondering what can be the difference between hob and stove that has resulted in such hype – right? Well, there are quite some differences that can convince you to get a hob over gas stoves anytime. Wondering how? Then read on below.

  • Unlike the traditional gas ovens, the hobs are fixed to the kitchen platforms and cannot be moved.
  • Kitchen hobs call for external help and installation while the gas stoves are ready to use.
  • The even distribution of the heat might not be possible in the gas stoves while the hobs ensure that feature.
  • Unlike the gas stoves, hobs come with a smoother surface that ensures easy cleaning after the cooking.
  • As some gas ovens can get larger than expected, they tend to take up more space, but the hobs end up saving a lot of space, which can be used for other purposes.

Advantages of Having a Hob

Nobody in the world would undoubtedly opt for an appliance from which they cannot derive any fruitful advantages. Kitchen hobs come expensive, and thus they must do justice to the amount of money you are investing in it. Some of the most significant advantages of getting hobs are:

1. Ensures Faster Cooking

With a kitchen hob at your disposal, you can profit from it by providing faster cooking. The hobs can distribute even heat throughout the pan, thus ensuring speedier cooking.

2. Cooks Food Evenly

To eat and digest the foods, you need to cook them evenly. The kitchen hobs are equipped with stabilized and cast iron pan supports that can cook the food faster and wholly. So, there are no chances of you getting a bite of uncooked food.

3. Easy Installation

If you are up to renovating your kitchen space, getting a hob installed can be really easy. You do not need to employ any extra specifications, and the hob can be placed on the kitchen platform at ease. Unlike a gas oven, it does not need to be moved or shifted from one place to another.

4. Great Savings

Though you need to invest a lump sum amount while purchasing a kitchen hob, you will reap significant savings later. These hobs with advanced features save your LPG and add to the durability of the pans and other cookware.

5. Looks Very Elegant

Undoubtedly, nothing can defeat the kitchen hobs as far as its looks are concerned. The sleek design and toughened glass coating on the top, indeed, makes it count amongst the best features. If you have always dreamt of having a modern kitchen, then do not leave the kitchen hob behind.

Brass vs. Aluminium Burners – Which one to choose?

If you think that the hob burners make no difference at all, then you are wrong. Whether you choose a brass burner or an aluminum one, each will work accordingly.

Brass is a combination made by blending copper and zinc. The most advantageous trait of the metal is that it doesn’t accumulate rust and is likewise truly strong. These properties make it an ideal pair for the gas burner and will, in general, serve you for a significant time.

The softening purpose of pure aluminum is lower contrasted with metal. The upside of aluminum is that it is less expensive contrasted with metal, and second, it chills off a lot quicker contrasted with metal and makes cleaning the gas hob simpler. It additionally makes it more secure if you have goofs-off your home. If your burner builds up any issues, you ought to have the option to effectively supplant the equivalent if you have a hob from a trustworthy brand.

Built in hobs Disadvantages

  • The Built-in hobs are not only filled with advantages, but there are quite some disadvantages as well that come along with them.Costs Quite Expensive
  • Undoubtedly, the built-in hobs cost quite expensive, comparatively much more than the traditional ones. So, if you can spare a great budget, then only consider getting a kitchen hob.
  • Complex Installation Procedure
  • As the built-in hobs are the permanent fixtures on the kitchen platform, the installation procedure can be quite complex. You cannot just call up any layman out there and ask them to install it because it requires quite some knowledge and practice.
  • Fixes Permanently To Kitchen Platform
  • The major disadvantage of the kitchen hob is that it is not portable and cannot be shifted from one place to another. So, even if you are shifting from one place to another or selling the house, there is no way you can take the kitchen hob with yourself.
  • Hard To Clean Regularly
  • As the gas ovens can be shifted and cleaned regularly, the kitchen hobs lack the feature. These are fixed to the kitchen platform and thus cannot be removed or cleaned thoroughly.

Things to Keep In Mind While Using Kitchen Hobs

The precautions and procedures that we tend to use for the traditional gas burners are not the same for the kitchen hobs. If you do not have an idea about the things that must be taken care of, then read on further.

  • Make sure that the rubber grommets are fixed ideally.
  • While cooking, do not allow your children near the kitchen platform.
  • Switch off the knob before you remove any container.
  • While igniting the burner, you should turn on the applicable knob after opening the gas valve.
  • When you switch off the burner, you must close the variable valve and then switch off the knob on the gas stove.
Best Hob For Indian Cooking
Best Hob For Indian Cooking

How to Clean Your Kitchen Hobs?

Whichever sort of hobs you have at your home, day by day upkeep is an ideal approach to keep your hob clean and not burn through additional time than would normally be appropriate. Despite that, on the off chance that you wish to profound clean your hob some time you can follow a couple of these additional hob cleaning tips for your kitchen:

  • Heat your burners with a thick combination of preparing pop and water to take care of business.
  • Cover the parts with the consumption of the marks.
  • The frizzing response is the thing that will help in separating the buildup.
  • Leave it on for some time.
  • Rub utilizing a fabric or paper. This will assist you with disposing of the soil in a simple swipe.

As you can’t utilize steel fleece or scours on certain burners, have a go at utilizing an unused toothbrush to clean off escalated food stains.

There are different kinds of hobs on the lookout. However, the performance of your hob is contingent upon your cooking style and the time you spend in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Hobs For Indian Cooking :

Stoves offered by brands Prestige, Elica and Butterfly are the best ones for Indian cooking.

No. Stove grates should not be placed in the dishwasher. These should be washed regularly with soapy water and then rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

Most of the built-in hobs are designed as per European standards where the intensity of the flame is low. However, there are many brands that have come up with double ring burners with a high flame which are ideally perfect for Indian cooking.

If you have a newly furnished modern kitchen, it is better choice to go for a built-in hob than a gas stove. Built-in hobs looks stylish, easy to install and deliver excellent performance.


With the finish of the far-reaching and itemized item surveys area, we guess that you have discovered the ideal cooking partner that would coordinate the general feel of your kitchen. All the kitchen hobs in this article are strengthened with the important highlights and advances to convey the cooking execution needed in an Indian family. Along these lines, presently, we can expect and feel that our endeavors have made the purchase of the best hob for Indian cooking simpler for every one of you and would help you settle on a more brilliant and savvy choice!

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