8 Best Gas Lighters in India : Reviews & Buying Guide (2023)
best gas lighter in india

6 Best Gas Lighters in India : Reviews & Buying Guide (2024)

The article talks about the best gas lighter in India. Our list of the best lighter brands that you should check out before purchasing.

The cooktops are very different in India from the ones used in other countries. Here, the flammable gas or the butane is exposed to the outer environment via a regulator, and then, we have to light it up using a light source like a gas lighter or matchstick. In earlier days, people used matchsticks to light up the stoves, which was harmful rather than safe. This is why now we only look for the best lighter for gas stove to ensure safety and easy usage.

Now, the flame gas lighter has become quite useful in lighting up the stoves compared to the matches. This is why today we will describe the functioning of this kitchen element, the parts with which the lighter is made, a brief buying guide which will prevent you from making a mistake, and so on. The main thing we will talk about is the top 6 gas lighter in India. 

1. Best Gas Lighter With Stainless Steel Material: Crystal Stainless Steel Lighter

2. Best Electric Gas Lighter: DOCOSS Electric Gas Lighter

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3. Best Gas Lighter That Is Safe To Use: VR Gas Lighter

Top Gas Lighters – Quick Glance

List Of Top Gas Lighters In India

To help make your shopping easy, we have curated a rundown of the best gas lighter brands in India. Have a look!

1. Crystal Stainless Steel Lighter

This gas lighter from Crystal is made of unbreakable abs. This is the best gas lighter for kitchen and comes with stainless steel material. It equips with water proof feature. Moreover, it is also available in attractive colors and a stylish design.

Crystal Stainless Steel Lighter

Product Features:

  • Comes with a German piezo igniter
  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to use

2. TULMAN Regular Gas Lighter

This spark lighter is available in stainless iron material. The material is long lasting and rustproof. This lighter is easy to use and does not need any liquid or battery to help with sparking. This is ideal to be used over any gas appliance such as gas barbecues, grills, fireplaces and furnaces.

TULMAN Regular Gas Lighter

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel material
  • Ideal for any gas appliance
  • Rustproof

3. DOCOSS Electric Gas Lighter

Get the best lighter for gas stove with this one! It is electric and comes with a huge battery capacity. It features a long flexible neck that can be rotated 360 degrees according to your requirements. This lighter is flameless and windproof to ensure easy and safe use.  This lighter can be used in the kitchen, camping, and outdoor services too.

DOCOSS Electric Gas Lighter

Product Features:

  • Electric and rechargeable gas lighter
  • Includes flexible long neck
  • Flameless

4. Generic Kitchen Lighter

This gas lighter is capable of providing non stop spark. It has a plastic body. This lighter is a perfect choice to be used during camping. This electric lighter also comes with a LED torch. To generate the spark, all you need to do is click on the soft touch switch.

Generic Kitchen Lighter

Product Features:

  • Plastic body
  • Electric gas lighter
  • Includes LED torch for convenience

5. DEBIRE Kitchen Gas Lighter

This gas lighter from DEBIRE is available in two materials – plastic and stainless steel. The lighter is easy to use and is compatible with kitchen stoves and candles both. To ensure safety, this product also has extra child lock protection too. This lighter is available in black color. 

DEBIRE Kitchen Gas Lighter

Product Features:

  • Plastic and stainless steel material
  • Includes child lock protection
  • Compatible with kitchen stoves and candles

6. VR Gas Lighter

Get a sturdy gas lighter with stainless steel material. It comprises of high quality plastic and steel material to ensure its safety while using. This economic lighter lasts for a long time.

VR Gas Lighter

Product Features:

  • Economic choice
  • Plastic and stainless steel material
  • Safe to use

What Is A Gas Lighter? 

The modern-day gas lighter with a flame that you use every day works on the science of piezoelectricity. It is a concept based on how sparks can be generated with the help of pressure, and it was discovered by none other than the Currie brothers.

Before describing how the best gas lighter in India works, you need to have a brief idea of the various components present in this kitchen accessory. So, here is an explanation of the structure of the gas lighter you use every day.


1. Outer body 

The outer body of the gas lighter is made of stainless steel. Usually, high-grade steel is used to manufacture the chassis where the alloy is given a tubular shape with a small radius. Right on one end, there is a piston-like push button that has a spring-loaded hammer on the insides. At the mid-length of this piston, two side handles are used for gripping the lighter.

The other end of the lighter is known as the ignition head, where a thin metal rod is present. This rod is covered with a high-density polymer casing.


2. Inner plastic tube casing

On opening the crystal lighter, you will find a plastic tubular structure enclosing the spring and hammerlock system. The plastic tube is made from a high-quality polymer, which protects the hammer system every time the piston is pushed. The tubular structure has a varying radius, with one end being tapered more than the other, thereby giving it a telescopic structure.


3. Hammer and spring system

This is the core system of any of the best gas lighter in India. It consists of a loosely packed outer spring, a tightly coiled innerspring, a strong and sturdy metal rod, and a hammer. The springs work in coordination to push the metal rod with a high force so that the hammer can strike the crystal easily, helping you to light the stove with the kitchen gas lighter.



Gas Lighter Components
The modern-day gas lighter with a flame that you use every day works on the science of piezoelectricity.


4. Latch

Every appliance has a safety mechanism that protects the object from being harmed by any external force. The latch system is the failsafe trigger in the gas lighters. It is present near the mouth of the hammer assembly. When the piston is pressed hard and the plastic casing comes down, its collision with the latch generates the click sound. A metal ring is there right above this latch block, which protects the plastic tube from damaging the latch.


5. Piezo assembly 

In this, you will have three parts- the ignition pad, which bears the collision force from the above piston and hammer assembly. This piezoelectric crystal generates the voltage when subjected to high pressure and the ignition head, which carries the spark and generates it near the butane gas. This is how the best gas lighter in India works and helps you to light up a stove.

How Gas Lighter Works?

As you now know about the various parts of the accessory, you can now learn more about gas lighter working. This will help you detect any problem occurring with the lighter or fix the issue if you don’t have an extra one in your kitchen.

When you are pushing the piston from the outside, it generates a force on the outer spring. This, in turn, pushes the hammer and spring assembly into the plastic casing shape, where the hammer is extended, and it strikes the impact pad with a generous amount of force. The impact pad then relays the collision force to the crystal, which under pressure generates a voltage.

Because of the potential difference, a static spark charge is produced in the ignition head, helping you light up the gas. This is a generalized working mechanism of the best gas lighter in India, using which you can safely light up the stove for your cooking.


How To Choose The Best Lighter For Gas In India?

Since we have discussed so many different gas lighters online in India, it can be quite hard for you to choose the perfect one. Moreover, even though the working of the lighters seems to be easy, a wrong choice can put you in jeopardy. Here we have described a few pointers that will help you pick the best gas lighter in India from the lot.

1. Brand

The first thing you will have to pay attention to is the brand of the gas lighter. When you buy something for your kitchen, you always choose a branded element to avoid any further complications. Similarly, when you buy the gas lighter, you need to choose a branded one because with a name comes to guarantee and assurance. From our list above, you now know that several brands manufacture some of the best gas stove lighter. So, choose the brand wisely, and if you are confused, make sure you read the reviews before buying a gas lighter.

2. Price

The next thing you will have to keep a note of is the price of the accessory. For this, you have to scour through the various products and then understand how the pricing varies. This way, you will be able to buy the best gas lighter in India without it being heavy on the pocket.



best Gas Lighter
Stainless Steel Gas Lighter


3. Size

Most of the lighters seem to be of the same size, but there are slight differences in length and diameter in reality. If you take a close look at the best gas stove in India reviews, you will understand that some lighters are thinner than others while some are longer. With these variations, you have to ensure that your choice is perfect for your purpose and kitchen.


4. Material

Lastly, you need to choose the material of the lighter gas refill. Some lighters are made from stainless steel entirely, while in some lighters, you can see a plastic covering the handle and the top piston with a stainless steel body.


5. Type 

There are two different types of gas lighters that you can find in the market. The conventional gas lighter uses the push system to generate the spark. But in the electronic lighters, you will have the battery.


Is Working With A Stove Lighter Safe?

One of the significant questions we have faced to date is the safety concerns of the best gas lighter in India. Many people think that since lighters are so paltry in size, it wouldn’t cause any harm, no matter how you use it. That’s the reason why today we will talk about the safety tips which you should follow at the time of using the gas lighter refill online.




gas lighter
gas lighter


  • Always check the ignition rod before use to ensure that it is not blocked off by grease or oil deposition.
  • The piston should work properly and if it is jammed, either replace the lighter or fix the issue.
  • Make sure you hear the click sound when you have pushed the piston to the maximum level.
  • If the spark isn’t generated for the first time when pushing the piston, switch off the gas and then redo the process again. Check whether you can see the blue sparks coming out of the ignition tube.


When you are about to buy the best gas lighter brands in India, you will find yourself in a considerable dilemma, owing to the very reason for the abundance and variations of this product.

Our top picks from our list of top 6 gas lighter in India are Crystal Stainless Steel LighterDOCOSS Electric Gas Lighter and VR Gas Lighter.

This is where this article will help you to understand which lighter will be perfect for your kitchen. Do consider brand value, price and usage while buying a gas lighter.

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