Top 9 Festive Outfits For Men From AKS! (Jun 2024)
Festive Outfits For Men From AKS

Top 9 Festive Outfits For Men From AKS! (Jun 2024)

Here is a list of the best kurtas for men from AKS.

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The kurta is the most popular traditional clothing option for men as it combines comfort, style, and cultural identity.

Whether it’s for a big celebration or casual wear, finding the perfect kurta may require some effort. But don’t worry! We have selected a collection of ethnic kurtas from AKS and compiled a list of the 9 best festive outfits for men that are suitable for any occasion.

Let’s explore them together!

The Best Festive Outfits For Men From Aks

AKS offers a diverse range of kurtas featuring various prints, patterns, and styles. To facilitate your search, we have thoughtfully categorized these kurtas. Let’s us quickly look into each category below:

Regular Kurtas

1. AKS Geomertic Printed Kurta

kurta 1

This kurta is machine-woven and has a modern geometric design. It is made of regular cotton and has a band collar design. The kurta has a straight hem that ends just above the knee. Depending on the situation, the sleeves can be folded or left extended.

2. AKS Ethnic Motifs Embroidered Kurta

kurta 2

With its beautiful embroidery, this white kurta looks great with jeans or pajamas. Featuring beautiful embroidery, it has a straight, elegant fit. Made from Chanderi silk that is machine-woven, it lends a touch of refinement to the entire look.

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3. AKS Geometric Woven Design

kurta 3

This chic geometric woven kurta is perfect for a brief dinner date or casual trip. It is made of cotton silk and feels both elegant and comfortable. This kurta’s shorter length makes it the ideal choice for a stylish and adaptable outfit whether worn with pants or jeans.

Kurtas Under Rs. 699

4. AKS Ethnic Motifs Straight Kurta

kurta 4

This kurta features a sophisticated straight-fit design in a gorgeous blue and white color scheme. It has two handy side pockets that make it easy to store necessities like your phone and handkerchief. It also features a mandarin collar and long, normal sleeves.

5. AKS Cotton Straight Kurta

kurta 5

This kurta with an abstract design appears incredibly colorful. Its sleeves are regular and long. The kurta has a straight hem and is knee-length. This kurta to wear for a traditional event at office, or any special day time occasion.

6. AKS Pure Cotton Straight Kurta

kurta 6

This can be a worthwhile choice to think about if you’re searching for a kurta for daily use. It is perfect for a casual occasion because of its sophisticated yellow and white color scheme. In addition, it comes with mandarin style collar, and long sleeves.

Special Occasion Kurtas

7. AKS Chanderi Silk Kurta

kurta 7

The color combination of this silk kurta is cream and rust. It has a knee-length kurta with long sleeves. It’s an ethnic theme printed kurta made of chanderi silk.

8. AKS Floral Printed Pure Cotton Kurta

kurta 8

It is a kurta with a Nehru-style jacket made of pure cotton. It uses the color combinations of cream, green, and red. It has long sleeves and a normal, straight fit. For festive events and other special occasions, this floral kurta is ideal.

9. AKS Straight Cotton Kurta

kurta 9

This cotton kurta has a straight fit and a simple color scheme of blue and white. It is a machine-woven garment made of premium cotton. Further, it has a trendy mandarin collar that adds to its overall charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best kurtas for men from Aks: 

Here are few tips to make your outfit look expensive: 

  •  Ensure that the kurta fits well. 
  •  Opt for neutral colors. 
  •  Invest in quality fabrics.
  • Accessorize well: brooches, stoles and correct footwear

There are several different styles of men’s kurtas, such as A-line, Pathani, Angrakha, and straight-cut kurtas. The occasion’s formality and one’s own preferences will determine the style to wear.

Men should own the following essential items to complete and elevate a variety of looks: Watch, Belt, Tie, Scarf, Brooch, Cufflinks, and Pocket Square.

Final Words

Here are the best kurtas for men by AKS. These can be worn for everyday wear, festive occasions and other events.

These are our top three picks from the list: AKS Geometric Woven Design, AKS Pure Cotton Straight Kurta and AKS Chanderi Silk Kurta.

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